Schecter Omen-6
Schecter Omen-6

Omen-6, STC-Shaped Guitar from Schecter in the Omen series.

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 14 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/Anonymous's review"Schecter Omen 6 2003"

Schecter Omen-6
I bought this guitar without playing it first and found it to have an amazing action for a guitar of the price. I paid $800 australian.

It plays very well, a great action and a great feel to the neck. Looks awesome, feels solid and is well constructed. The pickups are very versatile and sound really good for a guitar in this price range. Holds tune for days aswell.

In the last few months I have found a few frets higher up on the neck that fret out on bending the 1st string, but I think this may just be due to the weather. I also run the action low, not very low but lower than most other guitars. It was perfect when I first got it... so I think I will take it in and get it looked at. Otherwise nothing... this is an all round fantastic guitar. One thing that would make it better would be a push/pull pot to split the pickups, that would really add to the range of sounds that you can get out of it.

As I said a really well constructed guitar, with many things you would only get with a more expensive guitar. Things like grover tuners, good pickups and a great playing neck make this a fantastic guitar.

A really good guitar. I recommend it to anyone who needs a guitar better than a beginner's model, but doesn't want to spend too much but still get a much better guitar.

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MGR/simon cottenham04/07/2004

MGR/simon cottenham's review"Schecter Omen-6"

Schecter Omen-6
i am from england so i probably paid a bit more than most. £300 from soundcontrol.

i the sound quality is great. some people said the quality was bad. it isnt bad. even though i paid more than you it is still value for money.

the only thing which is a bit bad is the weight if the thing.

it is great. just try and find anything better. nothingS gone wrong.

it only needs one word, brilliant.

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MGR/Steve's review"Schecter Omen 6 String"

Schecter Omen-6
$299 at Guitar Center, Memphis TN.

This is by far the best bolt on I have ever played. Great for a distorted sound and rock/metal, but could be used for anything. The neck is great, and there are 24 frets. Wood is awesome, ive dropped it and ran into many things and still have no dings or scratches on it. It is light weight.

There is one flaw on this guitar, and that would be he tuning. It will stay in tune, but the high E string will occasionally go down to Eb.

Quality is beyond high, aside from the tuners.
Body: Basswood
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Scale: 25-1/2"
Inlays: Dot
Hardware: Chrome
Bridge: Tune-o-matic
Tuners: Chrome
Frets: 24 Jumbo

For the money, this is the best guitar you can buy. I would reccommend it to anyone.

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MGR/BluesmanJed's review"Schecter Omen 6"

Schecter Omen-6
I bought this guitar at Crazy Horse Music for $300.00 US. I wanted a no nonsense hardtail guitar with dual humbuckers, and this was perfect.

The construction is super. Neck joint is super tight, fretwork is great, finish is flawless. The bridge had to be raised a little to get rid of the fret buzz, but the intonation is perfect. The pickups produce a nice warm jazzy tone, but will shred it up when cranked.

I don't have any gripes about the guitar yet.

Like I said previously, the construction of this guitar is super.

This guitar plays great for the price. If it wasn't basswood or made in Korea, I'm sure it could easily sell for twice the price. Don't get me wrong, though, as I love this guitar as is.

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MGR/Glen's review"Schecter Omen 6"

Schecter Omen-6
I got this off eBay for $230US including a bag and strap. I heard very good things about Schecter Omen 6s (and other Schecter guitars for that matter) from my friends and tons of other guitar reviews, so I got one myself.

It kicks ass. It's great in dropped tuning, can play anything from clean to heavy metal. Except Indian and cult music. It has great playability, pretty good pickups (H-H configuration), great looking satin black finish. The tuners are excellent as well. I can play for days without tuning it. I mean her.
It sounds excellent for music like Metallica, Blink 182, Sum 41, Disturbed and bands like that. Since it has 24 frets, you can play many solos other 21 or 22 fret guitars can't.
I raised my bridge pickup with those to height adjustment screw things (those who know what they are will know what I'm talking about) and ever since then, I have loved my guitar more than ever. And I didnt think that was even possible.

Without raising the pickups, they are a bit weak, but still sound great. Since the body is made of basswood, it is pretty heavy compared to most guitars. Also, as cool as the satin black looks, it's also kinda bad because fingerprints show very easily on the finish. Nothing really "bad" about this guitar.

Schecter is known for good construction and quality. The finish holds up pretty well. I've had my guitar bumped around a bit, and little or no damage has been shown.
However, since it was shipped, the idiot post office people were probably playing catch with it or something, so I had to fix some of the wiring when I got it.
Anyway, all in all, it's great quality and construction. It should outlast me.

This is a great guitar. It sells at $300 at, why not buy it? It costs around the same as a Fender Strat, and hell of a lot better. There's a reason why Terry Corso from Alien Ant Farm, Tommy Lee, Rob Zombie's bassist, the bassist from Stone Temple Pilots, Jerry Horton from Papa Roach and many others play Schecter.
Great guitar, great price. What more could you ask for?

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MGR/BrianTheButt's review"Schecter Omen 6 2003"

Schecter Omen-6
I bought this guitar at a local Guitar Center for $300. Once I tried it out I liked the sound.

The bridge pickup is amazing when distorted, even though it is a "no name" pickup. When you use both the neck and bridge it give you a deep yet high quolity distortion. The neck has a bass like kind of feel to it. Overall I think this is a good guitar for metal or rock players, beginner or pro, but I still think this guitar needs some killer pickups. This guitar looks like its really outta hell, whoever named it was right. The neck is kind of big, if you have small fingers you have to reatch to go to E. The tuners are great, stable, smooth, nice looking. Only thing about this guitar I didnt like was If you get it in black it gets very dirty easily and shows all the finger prints.

Should have better pickups and maybe some matte colors.

Well put together. String through body is great and gives it a nice look.

Great sounds for "no name" pickups, great looks, awesome feel. GET ONE!

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MGR/Shaun's review"Schecter Omen 6 2003"

Schecter Omen-6
I previously bought a jackson dinky ds1($199.99 before discount) and a marshal MG15CDR($129.99 before discount) and wasn't happy with the guitar at all. I'm just starting out and had to tune the guitar alot and even then the guitar just didn't sound that clean. I knew someone that happend to have last years omen 6 and I used it a few times. I loved the guitar but didn't want to pay the $100.00 price difference. So I went back to Guitar Center and returned the guitar with no hassle at all. I ended up buying the Omen 6 for $70 bucks more. After all was said and done I ended up paying $249.99 for the guitar $109.99 for the amp. In the deal I got a gig bag, guitar stand, 20 foot cable, extra strings, 3 free lessons, dozen picks, polishing cloth, string winder, and a chromitc tuner(Korg CA-30) for $460.00 out the door. Nothing was on sale they work with your budget and I went in telling them what I could spend and I came out without spending an extra penny.

I can play it day after day and it stays in tune. Sounds like what you would expect from a $700.00 Electric guitar. A friend of mine has played for 20 years been in a few bands. He owns about 30 guitars ranging from $600-4,000 and he says that he likes the guitar so much he is looking to add it to his collection. The sound is very clean. Price is great. The strings are now threw the body. Chrome setup with the blue color looks clean.

The only thing I didn't like on the new model are the tuners. They were all chrome on the last model and this model they are chrome and a white color.

The unit is a little heavy feels very sturdy. Dual Humbuckers, chrome knobs for volume etc. 24 Jumbo Frets, Basswood Body, Bolt-On Maple Neck, & rosewood finger board.

For beginner and intermediate players this guitar is a best buy. I wouldn't by anything less for my children. Especially after playing the last guitar it would be a waste of money. Sounds great, cost is minimal. You could go and buy the $199.99 guitar deal but you'll regret it. It was actually frustrating. I didn't want to pick it up because everything I played sounded like crap. It actually made me feel like practicing was a chore. Made me feel like I was 12 again and my mom was saying I bought that thing for you and your going to learn how to play it. Except this time it was me saying this thing was $200 bucks and I'm going to play it. The minute I played the same stuff on the Omen 6 it was like night and day difference. Now I really enjoy picking up the guitar just to try new things because everything sounds good. Practicing is fun now because I can hear the progress. $100.00 dollar difference is alot of money but anything less and your wasting at least $100.00 on something that will sound terrible and you won't want to play.

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MGR/Rwilson's review"Schecter OMEN-6"

Schecter Omen-6
I purchased this guitar at a music store in Pittsburgh, PA, for $300 (money well spent).

This guitar is not only a real bargain, offering such features as Grover brand tuners, a 24- fret fretboard, and Duncan-designed humbuckers, but it has a beautiful action which is perfect for playing lead riffs (this guitar is also capable of playing great rhythm parts- the primary use I have it for is playing rhythm). It is also equipped with a tune-o-matic bridge and stop-bar tailpiece, and for controls it offers a three way toggle switch and one tone & one volume potentiometer. Finally, to top it all off, this guitar comes with a lifetime waranty.

There is not much that this guitar is lacking, but if I had a say in redesigning it, i would have an individual volume and tone pot for each pickup.

The construction and quality can be defined in one word: excellant. No complaints about how it is put together, from the bolt-on satin-finished neck to the beautiful carved top on the body. (The body of the guitar has a Stratocaster-like outline; but a Les-Paul like carved top, dual humbuckers, three-way switch, and stop bar/ tune-o-matic setup.)

It is overall a very well-built and well-designed guitar. From punk to vintage tones, this guitar is capable of it all.

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MGR/Mike Shpunt12/13/2002

MGR/Mike Shpunt's review"Schecter Omen 6"

Schecter Omen-6
I got this guitar at Guitar center for about 320 and and i got it because out of many offordable guitars there, this was by far one of the best ones.

well for starters the satin finish is awesome and it gives it a nice vibe. The pick-ups are a bit wobbly but they absorb sound really well. Also the uneven double cut-out is pretty cool. The bass setting works great and you can actually tell what happens when you switch it unlike that shitty ass squier strat! It an overall awesome intermediate/beginner guitar and i recommend it for everybody that is deciding to puchase a guitar, it also stays in tune for a while without having to retune the thing. I used to have a shitty squier strat, it pretty damn good...FOR MASTURBATING!!!

Well i dont really think there is anything to not like about it...sounds great...lasts a long time...nice colors...
and everything else you can think of is good about it.

Great, the neck is awesome how it opens up, and the strings dont go into the guitar, they float above it, its anuique design but its sweet ass.

Great guitar...i recommend it.

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MGR/Jayson's review"Schecter Omen-6"

Schecter Omen-6
Got it at guitar center in Seattle, Wa, for around 300...

Great playability. Very versatile. Metal to rock to alt. to jazz... anything goes.. the Duncan in the bridge gives you amazing punch, and the Duncan in the neck gives you some ubelievable warmth. Slick neck, but not slippery. All in all, a very tightly knit guitar.

No slope on the upper back end of the body. I don't know about you, but I like a spot to rest my fore-arm when playing. The washburn bt-2 is a very good example of this. Other than that, I can't find any issues with this one.

Very tightly made. Schecter obviously took alot of different variable into consideration when making this axe. Definately good for ANY style or skill level.

It's a kick ass guitar. Drop tuned, standard, it's all very clean. I've been as far as Drop Ab on this with very minimal buzz, if any at all. Solid body build, solid neck build, it's just a solid guitar. I'd swear by it.

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