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Suhr user reviews

  • Suhr Standard Carve Top Knopfler Spec

    Suhr Standard Carve Top Knopfler Spec - "Suhr Carve Top Knopfler Spec"


    What you are paying for with this instrument is the build quality and standard of components. Don't expect any case candy or even a fancy case, just a typical g and g type job but a very big centre pocket for storing your nick nacks which is gooood. …

  • Suhr Modern HH

    Suhr Modern HH - "Mr. Suhr is putting the big guys to shame."


    American made 6 string electric guitar. Hand made in all the areas you'd want, and machine finished in all the ways that are necessary. PLEK'd as well, as all Suhrs are. Standard superstrat configuration (1 vol/tone/5 way selector). Pickup configurat…

  • Suhr Classic

    Suhr Classic - "Now that's a Super Strat!"


    Made by John Suhr from the Fender custom shop and Pensa Suhr in Lake Elsinore California. Set-up...alder body, one piece even C shape maple neck, original FLoyd Rose term, 2 Suhr JST single coils, 1 Suhr DSV Humbucker in the bridge, 5 way selector, …

  • Suhr Doug Aldrich Set

    Suhr Doug Aldrich Set - "I like em"


    The story goes something like this. The best shredder in my arsenal, an RG550 from 1993, used to be outfitted with a set of EMG's. I played it for years. I played the devil out of it. Finally one day one of my pickups went out. I knew it would h…

  • Suhr Riot

    Suhr Riot - "Great rock pedal!!"


    Handbuilt in the USA as far as I know, high gain distortion box meant to be a stack in a box. Meaning you can plug this into any small clean tube amp or big clean tube amp and still get a huge usable stack-like sound. Dist, level and tone knobs wi…

  • Suhr Doug Aldrich Bridge

    Suhr Doug Aldrich Bridge - "Aldrich knows tone"


    Suhr guitars are some of the best custom strat style guitars you can buy. They are played by people in all types of genres of music. Anyone who plays a Suhr swears by the quality of the guitars they put out. They can build you just about anything you…

  • Suhr Classic

    Suhr Classic - "A 21st century strat"


    Suhr guitars is a boutique guitar maker from California. They have taken the classic strat design and taken it into the 21st century. From the outside it looks like a standard strat but when you play it you will feel a world of difference. This one h…

  • Suhr Classic

    Suhr Classic - "Suhr's take on a strat"


    The Suhr Classic is a purely vintage style guitar with a few modern twists to it. Given that the normal Classics are custom shop guitar, there are tons of options to choose from. The one I played had an alder body, a maple neck and fretboard, 22 st…

  • Suhr Pro Series M1

    Suhr Pro Series M1 - "Suhr's Pro Series Modern"


    The Modern was invented for those looking for a 24 fret shred machine. It features a super sleek body with a great upper cutaway, special neck joint and floyd bridge. The guitar comes standard with an alder body, maple neck with rosewood fretboard,…

  • Suhr Pro Series S6

    Suhr Pro Series S6 - "Floyded model of the S4"


    The S6 is the floyd rose model of the S4. It features all the same great features that the S4 has, too. The guitar has a basswood body with a flamed maple top, a maple neck with dot inlays and 22 stainless steel frets, two humbuckers, one volume kn…