Access Music Virus TI Desktop
Access Music Virus TI Desktop

Virus TI Desktop, Analog Modeling Synth Rack/Sound Module from Access Music in the Virus TI series.

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cess01 05/13/2013

Access Music Virus TI Desktop : cess01's user review

«  The synth! »

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Buy Used Rack version any Ti is a facade (really all) a small sound card directly on the virus, which can in some cases repaired!
The sound is infinite because we can import patch as we want!
All the parameter and its effect editable + a game.

Mac / PC software allows editing sounds or patch management and a parameter related to the sound card.

But the virus is used at 100% without a computer connected to ...


In use it is the total was up to everything (even too much for those who started) knows really nice e triturated modulation at your fingertips! :)

The manual is very clear and precise with a touch of humor really an example that every machine builder / synth and another should follow because it really is a pleasure to read and learn a lot of things!


I dub / dubstep and a little jungle / hardtek with, and sounds really corresponds to my kind of music, but viewed from the side of the patch download and I'm sure you go and find something that suits you ... GO or otherwise for the trituration and knows really big ones that can get out!
For me all is good in this synth no downside! If that can be done since I was I can not sleep! :)


I try to synth A MS2000R a RADIAS R R3 and if a lot of drum machine kind Groovebox Elektron ...

Those I like + The possibility of any edited front ergonomics, and especially the sound reproduction that frankly well worth the 900 euro invested!

The least - I'm still looking!

I repeated the same choice tomorrow without problem! You really have to taste it to believe it!