Access Music Virus TI Desktop
Access Music Virus TI Desktop

Virus TI Desktop, Analog Modeling Synth Rack/Sound Module from Access Music in the Virus TI series.

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All user reviews for the Access Music Virus TI Desktop

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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 7 reviews )
 7 reviews100 %
Audience: Advanced users Value For Money : Correct
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cess01's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The synth!"

Access Music Virus TI Desktop
Buy Used Rack version any Ti is a facade (really all) a small sound card directly on the virus, which can in some cases repaired!
The sound is infinite because we can import patch as we want!
All the parameter and its effect editable + a game.

Mac / PC software allows editing sounds or patch management and a parameter related to the sound card.

But the virus is used at 100% without a computer connected to ...


In use it is the total was up to everything (even too much for those who started) knows really nice e triturated modulation at your fingertips! :)

The manual is very clear and precise with a touch of humor really an example that every machine builder / synth and another should follow because it really is a pleasure to read and learn a lot of things!


I dub / dubstep and a little jungle / hardtek with, and sounds really corresponds to my kind of music, but viewed from the side of the patch download and I'm sure you go and find something that suits you ... GO or otherwise for the trituration and knows really big ones that can get out!
For me all is good in this synth no downside! If that can be done since I was I can not sleep! :)


I try to synth A MS2000R a RADIAS R R3 and if a lot of drum machine kind Groovebox Elektron ...

Those I like + The possibility of any edited front ergonomics, and especially the sound reproduction that frankly well worth the 900 euro invested!

The least - I'm still looking!

I repeated the same choice tomorrow without problem! You really have to taste it to believe it!

batman14's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I definitely am infected?"

Access Music Virus TI Desktop
Check out the specs on the site Access.


The manual is excellent, it calls an update anyway to compile all the annexes were added over the updates. The guide "How to program analog synths" Howard Scarr provided side is excellent because it shows more than one hundred synthesis techniques used on the Virus TI.

Use side, almost everything is in front without submenu, except routings, parts of speech and effects. Only the last part is unfortunate, but eventually you get used to that part soon enough.

The fact that it is the knobs rather than encoders saves a lot of time editing. They are fast and accurate.

The overall architecture of the synth is traditional and that's what we expect from a VA like this.

Note that in terms of using the system internal gain can push max settings while keeping an acceptable final gain. This prevents alternate sound weak or strong editing, and it saves even more time! On editing parameters, the curves are very well thought out, and not that of the exponential or linear. The filter is for example in sub-linear, given in the lower midrange and super exponential at high frequencies. Very musical use.

This provides an excellent synth programming where we quickly disconnects the brain, automatic gestures, in the end we played with.

Least for a modulation matrix, which is boring to navigate.


Filters and Oscillators are very good. Mode analog filters are super interesting and can play with subtle saturations.

Envelopes will the nervous effete, it is very versatile.

The algorithmic reverb provided is perfect for a synth. The distortion is typed. Cool chorus. Effects are hyper adapted because they defined the genre alone!

Excellent expression and easy to program for the classics (such as velocity related to the volume or cutoff, it is a knob two buttons).

More constant so that the VST, the virus does not disappoint rarely and often surprises.

Attention in the high frequencies, it aliased sec. In addition, the fast modulations do not provide the same output as my analos. Do not make the LFOs with FM for example, it will not work as expected.


I possess 5 years. I always come over, we know by heart now :).

Dear Virus, if you could make it optional if your particular aliasing, and set your stories modulation matrices impractical, it would be the best friends in the world.

In any case, this is the best VA in the market, I do not change now, I know only too well the program. With the experience I would take probably polar version on the other hand.

goalex84's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I dreamed ... Access did?!"

Access Music Virus TI Desktop
Model desktop, rack, wooden board of good quality, nice finish, heavy and ... Beautiful!

Long synth bought "medium range" ... Understand "too expensive" and still with good sound ... I bought quite a bit since ... 1999!

Full of controllers, I hesitate to make the virus more economical snow, but having all these knob is still much more intuitive I think!


Extremely easy setup: you plug in the MacBook and its progress after the installation summary of the "suite".
Manuel succinct but a lot of video on the site access which make the machine very quickly practicable. It's better to have some basis in sound synthesis all the same.
Ultra Edition via simple knobs and all through the soft sold. I always have a MIDI keyboard connected to it I think it is essential for cons (I did not have the budget for the Polar).

Ps: when passing the virus IT "plug" the MIDI does not work!

Also serves as a sound card: we just plug in its monitoring / headphone live on!


The slap!

It's big, it's like if you got hot, cold if you let do ...
It takes very enveloping and (too) quickly from the place in the mix!
I had this synth, and after two months I sold the other (Korg Z1, Jomox Xbase, RS7000, and Casio CZ101). He is constantly connected and participates in all my components (morning full on, psy,, progressiv, wagon Dub step, a little "techno" electro same ...).
I also use some plugin and a lot of samples for my compositions.

Baucoup its site (with too many effects) Access contributes to making this instrument alive and constantly evolving. The site allows you to be aware of the opportunity and soon we drop presets and triturated at will.

Since it arrived I realized it fautpas little to dial: ideas and good material ... It only remains that this virus, a pair of speakers, a sound card and a microphone, a MIDI keyboard and a small home Korg Kontrol for the software. My "home studio" was a weight loss program!


I use it for almost a year.
I had a lot before: Quasimidi (309), Korg (Prophecy, Z1, electribe), Waldorf (micro Q), roland (SH101, JP8000) yamaha (RM1x, RS7000) jomox (xbase09), Casio CZ101 , novation supernova ...
Ben I still have more than the now. The day I sold it is that I stop the music!

Value for money: it's pro gear (follow manufacturer's finish, quality converter, available memory, publishing, power ...) so it is expensive for sure!

After once connected the synth patch and some factories tried ... We know why it's expensive ... And we ended up forgetting the price!

PS: 100% synthetic "electro music" is it really necessary to say so! :-)

Go: file'll buy one and stop reading!
hairy pattern04/02/2008

hairy pattern's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Access Music Virus TI Desktop
Rack with a lot of knob and connectors that must be


Easy to use, full of effects, manual disappointingly small


C for the trance is impeccable even if some consider it as a commercial machine and they have n not been around me either and its possibilities do not stop s Audible has provided the bank; many sonnorites a strong tendency in both electronic the fx that leads, basses, arpeggios ... very homogeneous, huge range of sounds, as when the top down, good response to controls


I used the since its release in France, I bought without the try, to huge surprise elsewhere j bought a lot of material m audiofan have even said that I was organizing the World Championship machine j avai already 6 or 7 synthe the following would be a moog, ca m as is expensive but I'd rather spend my money in there in the shit, he has embellished my studio by its power and flexibility, the stability of a bone c is a bit long in coming but maintenand works well, I do not regret this choice despite the gossip of envious, my only complaint is the c leeds a bit too violent for the view

Mamattt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Access Music Virus TI Desktop
I encourage to read the details on the site access!
ct of this I see nothing wrong is a model of its kind!


Accessibility assistive level of paramtres on the front (thanks to the button notte shift knobs that allows all to have a secondary function) is at the top.
at the configuration it is not more complicated than another and yet a time FRCE secondary functions, the menu navigation is often not necessary!
thanks to the virus control (VC), the interface of the synth plug-in can easily edit each of paramtres when used with a DAW. It also allows a very easy backup and infinite patches without using the same memory of the virus.
Systm what is now almost perfectly stable (V2.5) is really ingnieu.


- The sounds they agree your style of music?
yes, I practice a lot of style with this machine, I can do everything with. to have had a virus I can say that C is much more versatile. Indeed, thanks to 3 oscillators and diffrent synthses accessible forms of cummulative, we come to a bit with whatever you want (provided, of course, a minimum matriser synthse ).
can range from low fat hope (type D & B) slender lead through groundwater body. nothing wrong to me.

- The effects are they effective and responsive?
found most of the effects that can be set aisment necessary. say nothing of the cot. over the great CONNECTIVITY (numrique, analog, USB) makes it easy to reprocess with the appropriate processor, if desired


- How long have you use it?
I use it now for almost 2 years.
I denotte no problem, maintenance is ais the front does not move!

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
yes I had the opportunity to test and compare a lot of both numrique model (NL3, B & C virus, waldorf Pulse ...) and analogue (moog, SE atc ,...)
I chose it because I found c'tait one of the most versatile, easy to use, ergonomic and also the sound taient ones I prefer (but, still a very s subjective).

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Access Music Virus TI Desktop
For features prcises I invite you see news announcement or product details, here or on the Access Music website;)

From this point of view of course, I put 10 out of 10!

16 shares, sync, USB, integration, is the ca ...


V I note the use in my context, say, home studio use, branch control via USB and Logic Studio.

Pass the first that I regret that there are two separate output (Stereo) USB, I had a rather bad surprise, the sound that comes out of the USB output is incredibly low, this is obviously to be able to mix 16 shares at the same time ....

More and use VC there are 2 volume settings to change: that of the useful part and that of the preset, one is not accessible directly from the synth as the other shift + attack by the amp. approx. short, not great practice, I prfr one adjustable controllable by the master level at the top left ...

It's not top c already, frankly, would have had power sequencer and go at least 4 Stereo outputs to take advantage of the really quite multi timbral switch FW adat or why not!

Well this problem is half solved by coupling outputs and USB Audio Outputs t but it would easier to do it all in the same way because you end up with tracks that multiplies, not the same gain settings. .. In short it is a shame ...

Then move to the use virus control mode:

This is obviously fantastic clarity and readability in simplicity ....

Someone who does not like to get their hands dirty is Racker's the virus and then use only the plug, we must admit that top c.

But for me the real advantages of VC include:

* The management of presets: Classification, Archiving, Rename, Backup
* The advanced functions like going to change the number of poles of a filter or select the audio outputs
* The automation classes by their real name, a real orgasm!

Otherwise, I think bcp easier, and quickly change sounds via the physical interface of the virus.

When I fiddle with a preset and I want to make it sound like I want with my hands I change the envelopes, filters and effects in 20 seconds, the preset I think it's longer, and then to test and make it sound a filter when c even easier to slide a touch a button with a mouse, touch brings that little something that will never replace plug ...

Finally biensur functions in addition we will not complain, it's just not super good c ...

As for the rest: arpeggiator, sync, latency it works just the hair;)

Simply put I put 8 / 10:


- Virus Control for managing presets, the publishing grows, automation, latency (we forgotten what it is) ...
- Simple configuration after reading the manual
- Complete manual in French, Songs Demos, installation tutorial, programming tutorial, really can not ask for more!


The multi timbral background is not workable, even if one uses only 2 synths via USB output level is not strong enough and it's embarrassing to the point of view mixing ...


- The sounds they agree your style of music?

Electro / house: Well yes biensur, the I think everyone agrees, the sounds are deadly ....

It is important not to rely on presets, Transy death and blind effects.
This crazy synth has resources and be limited to preset it using only 10% of the potential of the beast!

- Are they ralistes?

I do not know I'm not trying to replicate conventional instruments

- The effects are they effective and responsive?

I think we can say that yes, although I prfere use my sequencer effects that are more pousss bcp can already do things with the effects of viruses that are truly editable wish, and it quickly Virus Control via

- The expression is good? (Raction VLOC the aftertouch)?

It is enough for me because I did not consist of melodic shoots

- What are the sounds you prfrez, you dtest? ...

The ones I prfere are those of the presets that I change as often the effects are excessive utiliss and this distorts the sound that is admittedly deadly ...

The bass is deep and dense, ground fluid, powerful white noise ...

For all that is synthetic (I use it only for AC) is really the foot, a note that I believe the biggest asset of this virus is at its filters, then frankly, it ' is the best filters jai heard on a synth of this type (not analog):

It's size, ca slice, these are real razor blades that shape the sound of a really amazing way, one of the tricks to make it sound this virus is really to modulate the filter and make it live, c ' is truly the key to get alive and powerful.

From this point of view I put 10 out of 10, attention was not limited to presets and browse through the bowels of the beast to explore all oscillators, attention also to the effects that excessive utiliss make any sound look alike ...


- How long have you use it?

2 months

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?


- The look and feel
- The Virus Control, very useful for some things, less for others
- The joussif Its really, especially when one takes the time to program and explore the oscilloscope
- Filters: razor blades that give a unique texture


- Multi timbral unusable
- Level of sound using USB

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

I already have a home NR3 keyboard, I wanted qqchose more versatile and less typbr />
- How do you report qualitprix?

Excellent now because everything works, even if I pay by 16 and timbre that can only use 5 or 6 ...

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...

I do not know how long it takes to have the experince on this synth probably more than two months, but I can say that for now I have no regrets and is very enthusiastic!

- Accuracy:

My virus was sequenced in Logic Studio with which I am faced no bugs either for latency, synchro, the arpgiateur or anything else, has to consider before to qualify this opinion;)

miuzik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Access Music Virus TI Desktop
Virus Ti desktop, OS 2 (2007),
new banks of sounds (VSTi)
+ Documentation


Use gnrale is relatively simple, but it requires all the same time to adapt.
Sounds are trs Simplese edit and edit and save even more in cubase for example.
If one speaks English, the manuals (user and tutorials) are quite well done


The sounds are oriented electro course, and are fabulous: the Ti is the height of the reputable, the sounds are editable srs wishes! (I do not work for viruses) ...


No complaints, even small for now, put it. I use it only for about a month, and I did not test it live. For my use (home studio), I would do without this choice and I regret hsiter same as for waiting to buy it.