Access Music Virus TI Desktop
Access Music Virus TI Desktop

Virus TI Desktop, Analog Modeling Synth Rack/Sound Module from Access Music in the Virus TI series.

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goalex84 11/09/2011

Access Music Virus TI Desktop : goalex84's user review

«  I dreamed ... Access did?! »

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Audience: Advanced Users
Model desktop, rack, wooden board of good quality, nice finish, heavy and ... Beautiful!

Long synth bought "medium range" ... Understand "too expensive" and still with good sound ... I bought quite a bit since ... 1999!

Full of controllers, I hesitate to make the virus more economical snow, but having all these knob is still much more intuitive I think!


Extremely easy setup: you plug in the MacBook and its progress after the installation summary of the "suite".
Manuel succinct but a lot of video on the site access which make the machine very quickly practicable. It's better to have some basis in sound synthesis all the same.
Ultra Edition via simple knobs and all through the soft sold. I always have a MIDI keyboard connected to it I think it is essential for cons (I did not have the budget for the Polar).

Ps: when passing the virus IT "plug" the MIDI does not work!

Also serves as a sound card: we just plug in its monitoring / headphone live on!


The slap!

It's big, it's like if you got hot, cold if you let do ...
It takes very enveloping and (too) quickly from the place in the mix!
I had this synth, and after two months I sold the other (Korg Z1, Jomox Xbase, RS7000, and Casio CZ101). He is constantly connected and participates in all my components (morning full on, psy,, progressiv, wagon Dub step, a little "techno" electro same ...).
I also use some plugin and a lot of samples for my compositions.

Baucoup its site (with too many effects) Access contributes to making this instrument alive and constantly evolving. The site allows you to be aware of the opportunity and soon we drop presets and triturated at will.

Since it arrived I realized it fautpas little to dial: ideas and good material ... It only remains that this virus, a pair of speakers, a sound card and a microphone, a MIDI keyboard and a small home Korg Kontrol for the software. My "home studio" was a weight loss program!


I use it for almost a year.
I had a lot before: Quasimidi (309), Korg (Prophecy, Z1, electribe), Waldorf (micro Q), roland (SH101, JP8000) yamaha (RM1x, RS7000) jomox (xbase09), Casio CZ101 , novation supernova ...
Ben I still have more than the now. The day I sold it is that I stop the music!

Value for money: it's pro gear (follow manufacturer's finish, quality converter, available memory, publishing, power ...) so it is expensive for sure!

After once connected the synth patch and some factories tried ... We know why it's expensive ... And we ended up forgetting the price!

PS: 100% synthetic "electro music" is it really necessary to say so!

Go: file'll buy one and stop reading!