Access Music Virus TI Desktop
Access Music Virus TI Desktop

Virus TI Desktop, Analog Modeling Synth Rack/Sound Module from Access Music in the Virus TI series.

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batman14 03/05/2013

Access Music Virus TI Desktop : batman14's user review

«  I definitely am infected? »

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Check out the specs on the site Access.


The manual is excellent, it calls an update anyway to compile all the annexes were added over the updates. The guide "How to program analog synths" Howard Scarr provided side is excellent because it shows more than one hundred synthesis techniques used on the Virus TI.

Use side, almost everything is in front without submenu, except routings, parts of speech and effects. Only the last part is unfortunate, but eventually you get used to that part soon enough.

The fact that it is the knobs rather than encoders saves a lot of time editing. They are fast and accurate.

The overall architecture of the synth is traditional and that's what we expect from a VA like this.

Note that in terms of using the system internal gain can push max settings while keeping an acceptable final gain. This prevents alternate sound weak or strong editing, and it saves even more time! On editing parameters, the curves are very well thought out, and not that of the exponential or linear. The filter is for example in sub-linear, given in the lower midrange and super exponential at high frequencies. Very musical use.

This provides an excellent synth programming where we quickly disconnects the brain, automatic gestures, in the end we played with.

Least for a modulation matrix, which is boring to navigate.


Filters and Oscillators are very good. Mode analog filters are super interesting and can play with subtle saturations.

Envelopes will the nervous effete, it is very versatile.

The algorithmic reverb provided is perfect for a synth. The distortion is typed. Cool chorus. Effects are hyper adapted because they defined the genre alone!

Excellent expression and easy to program for the classics (such as velocity related to the volume or cutoff, it is a knob two buttons).

More constant so that the VST, the virus does not disappoint rarely and often surprises.

Attention in the high frequencies, it aliased sec. In addition, the fast modulations do not provide the same output as my analos. Do not make the LFOs with FM for example, it will not work as expected.


I possess 5 years. I always come over, we know by heart now :).

Dear Virus, if you could make it optional if your particular aliasing, and set your stories modulation matrices impractical, it would be the best friends in the world.

In any case, this is the best VA in the market, I do not change now, I know only too well the program. With the experience I would take probably polar version on the other hand.