Synthesizers/Racks/Modules reviews

  • When the analog flows in the stream!

    When the analog flows in the stream! - Review of the Baloran The River analog synthesizer


    35 years after the release of The Moog Source, the young French company Baloran pushes the concept to the next level. The River, much more than a polyphonic multitimbral analog synth, is made with pragmatism, modesty, talent and innovation. An outstanding musical instrument!

  • Little Bad Boy

    Little Bad Boy - Review of the Ploytec Pi L Squared Leukos Synth


    The Ploytec Pi L Squared Leukos (PL2 Leukos) is a hardware synthesizer module that fits in the palm of your hand, and can plug into your computer and respond to your DAW. Its analog pulse wave oscillators and analog and digital filters can create some pretty impressive synth textures. All parameters are edited via MIDI control change messages or u…

  • Fat Strings

    Fat Strings - Waldorf Streichfett Review


    Unveiled last spring at Frankfurt, it wasn't until mid-summer that the Streichfett was to be seen in stores. As soon as it came out, we grabbed one and stripped it down!

  • Entry-Level Redefined

    Entry-Level Redefined - Korg Kross Review


    Two years after Kronos, Korg keeps on developing its workstation range ─ this time with its most affordable model yet.

  • Life in Red

    Life in Red - Nord Lead 4 Review


    Five years after launching Nord Wave, Clavia has once again updated its stage-synth range. What surprises does the Nord Lead 4 offer?

  • Monster Sound

    Monster Sound - Waldorf Rocket Review


    While we impatiently waited over a year for the Pulse 2, this small module named Rocket came out offering us an open sound buffet in early 2013. Fire it up!

  • Ace Of Hearts…

    Ace Of Hearts… - Waldorf Pulse 2 Review


    Introduced in Frankfurt 2013 in its almost final version, Pulse 2 marks the return of Waldorf to its analog passions. The brand recently lent us one, just when its first commercial models are hitting the market... gulp!

  • The Magnificent!

    The Magnificent! - Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 Review


    During the NAMM 2013, the Prophet 12 swept all other synths. It took DSI more than six months to finish it. Let's see if it was worth the wait or not so...

  • Genetically gifted!

    Genetically gifted! - Arturia MicroBrute Review


    Less than two years after the introduction of the MiniBrute, the MicroBrute has set out to conquer the electronic music world with even more aggressive price and dimensions. But how far will it go?

  • Nice Little Fatty

    Nice Little Fatty - Novation Bass Station II Review


    Introduced in Frankfurt last spring, the Bass Station II marks the return of Novation to the analog world. Let's find out if the brand was able to retain its know-how.