Brunetti Maranello

Brunetti Maranello

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Maranello, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Brunetti.

8 user reviews
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Brunetti Maranello tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer:Brunetti
  • Model:Maranello
  • Category:Tube Combo Guitar Amps
  • Added in our database on: 04/02/2004

We have no technical specifications for this product
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Brunetti Maranello user reviews

Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 8 reviews )
 4 reviews50 %
 1 user review13 %
 1 user review13 %
 2 reviews25 %
Value For Money :

loo.b's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Brunetti Maranello
See site notices or other Brunetti


Config. : Ultra simple
Sound: trs end in clear and saturated .... great
Manual: Reduces its simplest form, but use simplistic


Style .. a little while
Guitar: Start Lone Star frne with custom micro 69
Sounds: trs crystalline clear (the purest I've heard, and what grain ..) in saturated ...


I was 5 months (for two amps, see below)
The +: sound
the -: lack of power (20 W in class A is fine and trs IDAL to play in a room but a "push" it), I have mine in us qq month, pot. Volume Exceeds should rarely to half under penalty of rapid fatigue of the amp which then produces unwanted vibration - it becomes unusable (two amps in 5 months! - the first t me the gamment changed by the importer)

How do you report qualitprix?
good given the quality of its extreme sonoritbr />
Exprience with, you will do again this choice? ...
I have not changed against his great ERRF (Brunetti MC2: too late (what a sound ...), more sonic possibilities, much more powerful ... it's a "Rolls" of the combo )
In conclusion: trs end tudi amp for small spaces where it excels.
However, if you want CLAT go your way and see the great ts the plutt ERRF (Brunettti Mc2) is at least as late but a lot more PCHE (pr s issue of double budget, the black point ...).

Forlax's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Brunetti Maranello
What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)?
Amp Class A all-tube: 3-in preamp (12AX7) 2 power (EL84)
16 ohm mono output to connect a cab
Very good job but it apparently is not the "point by point" kind Hiwatt, the circuit is but the PCB assembly is RALIS hand with the stuff that inspires confidence.

What is the power dlivre?
Given to 22 watts if I remember, in Ralite 1 watt Class A = 5 watts conventional and therefore I would say he buried a number of more powerful amplifiers donns bcp, I never pushed over third / half and yet I have a big room, if you decide to connect a 4x12 speaker cabinet plan the earplugs. Just for group play with a drummer crazy.
In fact, it is a Class A sound is sublimisssime but it also acts as a radiator in the winter to practice my room!
Note that it is not heavy at all, another amazing fact for an amp of this class (the fault of the HP Jensen, I changed to a V30, the weight started)

What connection?
Input, between pedals to change the channel, send, return
HP Combo with 12 "Jensen Custom

What rglages the effects?
Clean channel: volume, bass, treble, middle
Distortion channel volume, bass, treble, middle, gain
On back side: image (Tone in fact, allows to "open" sound), effects loop volume
The two channels are completely independent.
Oh, no reverb on it, in addition to predict, a Holly Grail and roll!

Internal Schema type JCM 800 apparently


The configuration is it simple?
Just turn the knobs, the sound is excellent tjs head of Fawn

Do you get a good sound easy?
Without bp, one of the best amp in the world in this style in my opinion, no adjustments bizarre from another world, classical and effective!

The manual is clear and sufficient?
to explain there's enough of an amp, qq settings are on offer, except that some very interressants asked to push the volume back and ben least playing in a field of beets with anyone around ....


Is it your style of music?
A 100%, I play a little bit of everything, blues and clear the channel for this is incredible, the first time I jou above, I could not help but heave a WAAAAAAAAAAAA is sublime , cry, just like bassman with the "twang" that I find so tasty with single coils in the neck position. Its very large and dynamic. I hesitated between a bassman, vox an AC, a classic Engl, and I have heard has given me the ideas in place, it suits me better and cheaper infiment more, the sound is much better than all the amps higher deficits elsewhere, for trying ... the fender is too "cold" for me and the Vox too "boring" I do not know how to explain is the psycho-acoustic! Frankly, find an amp with a clean and as good a saturation is not as devastating ts day, a bit like a fender bassman Mesa amlior improved and had agreed to merge .... he's a real personality rather "black" I think, a little Mesa.
Note the slight crunch of the clean channel when more than half the volume, the saturation is beautiful natural lights !!!!!!!!!!!! and what about the enjoyment feel the air vibrate around each note is played, and I will not laugh, you can feel everything moving around, hang your futals guys!
I am after The big RATM fan, and with the Maranello no pb when you spend half the gain of the channel is already saturated enough to gain on Morello, for the metal to just push it very cash well (Tool, NIN), I made the Pantera mm top, surprising for a class A that are supposed to give a better sound quality at the expense of gain, it was the 2 and it's wonderful.
Weakness Still, the equalization is not super efficient in the sense that when turning the knobs, change is quite small my taste, after modification of the amp, the equation becomes effective.

With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play?
See my profile scrapes with micro SD SH4 and SH59 is done! Special mention for the clean channel with the SH59 split singles

What kind of sound you get and with what rglages ("crystalline", "bold ",....)?
In all, more blues style of SRV / Buddy Guy / metal genre to Hendrix Tool, Panterra qd mm but not Korn or Ramstein is not its purpose either, I admit that for a very very very fat like oil olive to invest in a distortion has to connect.
EQ excellent so if changes, there are many low-top, before I had a Marshall and the first time I have over jou tt immediately saw the difference! You can really get ts sounds that are desired by digging the canal turns it into a saturated amplifier metallic, with a 4x12 cabinet is transformed into a war machine, by the way they should head out version + cabinet I think.
I added a booster (banzai) to input and the sound is still beautiful sublim.


How long have you use it?
1 and tjs also happy to have bought I never thank enough the salesman who made me discover!
Brunetti to the fact it's hard to find and supply is the dropper!
Top game in my class with a crazy mtn for me Italy's Ferrari and Brunetti (by the way the designer of these amps is a former Ferrari ingnieur for the record, the first amp red were painted with paint cans "borrowing" the long term in the Ferrari factory in Maranello ... for the connoisseur!)

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
Plus, its versatile sound, very clear in the saturated background balloons like Marshall would fall into the magic potion, or playing on the Mesa EQ (note no "niu metal" qd mm!)
The least ..... faade of my knobs are plastic and metal mtn on the latest version, but who cares it mean to speak ill for so little of such jewels!

How do you report qualitprix?
I never as good a position 900

Exprience with, you will do again this choice?
No pb
Note all the same the problem (not serious) the equalization that would be most effective and SAV Frans (commercial, not the importer) in no hurry to make the individual parts, it must get crowded on the Mont Blanc tunnel to see the unfortunate delay for two power tubes.

Notes, Notices, after optimization of the amplifier by a pro (thank you Gerard NOS), version "basic" sound saturation is still pretty loud and "ratatinquot;, after it sends as ever, just excellent . The transformer is well worth the cot to be done is already a good base amp though. Think change the hp ....
Attention scores after changes

farina's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Brunetti Maranello
Forlax has described the Maranello.
For weight, it actually only 14 kilos, which is a real treat.
The lack of reverb is a way for Brunetti to sell the amp cheaper. It is a good commercial choice but I compensated by a holy grail as well. I find it a shame that there is no gain on the clean channel, it would have to have more sounds available in the foot. Class A is that the amp gets hot it is, but it's good for a good cause.


Very simple, the manual ( is succinct but hey, there's nothing complicated. The amp sounds good in most combinations. The clean channel takes a bit more attention but it's coming fast enough. I have not really tried the effects loop because I do not use it except for the Holy Grail reverb.


This is the most interesting point. I play mainly rock calm clear sound and I'm satisfied. The grain of the amp is perhaps a bit too sharp (compared to grain Mesa / Boogie DC-2, darker than I like). The amp remains very dynamic personality, bright and may not fit all. With a micro serious, we get a little round and it is the combination I use most.
Boosted channel is quite amazing. I never played with distortion before and there I discovered the pleasure of playing with the gain, the crunch is great and it pushes very hard on the end. Frankly, it is terrible that channel. It still retains the bright side, the amp retains its character it look great.


I had used on AudioFanzine two months ago. I was looking for an all-tube amp that keeps a good sound at low volume. I was not disappointed. I explored quite a small tube amps and after the classic 30, the Junior Blues, the F30, the Maranello is fine, more versatile. I also tested the fender deluxe reissue of which was a big disappointment. The sound is too slammed, crunch too quickly, in short it was not worth the sound of old that I tried at first instance. For the clean channel, I prefer the mesa but it allowed me to open my game short, an amp that makes you want to play, so an amp that makes its taf.
Later, I think complete with a mesa or a square (or Mercury Rambler). But I would do this choice because the price / quality ratio is excellent. This is a great amp worth at least trying. Brunetti is quality work and their forum is active. Marco Brunetti respond promptly to all questions.

In conclusion, the necessary + / -:

Class A + for a reasonable price. The compromise of Brunetti's interesting.
+ Yield surprisingly low volume. Sure, it sounds better but very room, you get pleasure without frustration.
+ Channel sounds full, all usable. Saturax to the crunch with amazing musicianship!
+ Clear sound is beautiful even while it is brilliant. It covers the nuances of game with great precision.
- The lack of reverb. But it is a choice assumed Brunetti, the price is fair.
- The absence of gain on the clean channel, it lacks a little.
- The presence, not convincing to me.
- The plastic knobs. It's true that it's not terrible. In addition, their course is very flexible. One quibble here, but these details matter.

barboiron's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Brunetti Maranello
Handmade in Italy.
20 W Class A
2 channel eq with spare o)
An effects loop with rglage SERIES.
Tubes: 3 12AX7 and 2 EL84.
A button "prsence" the rear
A 12 hp "Jensen. Footswitch clean / overdrive.
At the indoor chssis: as components of quality.
It lacks a rverb but wanted by the manufacturer to keep a price <1000.
Weight 14 kg.
I have the version buttons mtal, class!


In between the sound is remarkable.
J'apprcie particulirement spares the legalization of the two channels.
Rglages effective without falling into caricature.
The "prsence" is more refined but dlicate INTERESTED trs to keep the same characters high and low volume for example.
For use at home as a group.
I put a Holy Grail in the effects loop, walking trs well.
Trs good website Brunetti Marco Brunetti o rpond itself to questions and give advice.


We play in the big leagues. As clean as distortion, regardless of the channel used the sound is enjoyable, o)
Amp can be used for testing of references guitars, pickups, strings ... as it is impressive by its transparency and dynamic.

Caution volume trs important, I learned to play on the guitar volume. Volume 4 of the amp, the guitar volume 6 for a dynamic play amazing, plain as distortion, it just goes with the button lead guitar.

9.8 only to make room for the general ERRF: Brunetti MC2.


This is my quatrime amp tubes, I learned to use it, I learned what I wanted and I found! And for $ trs reasonable given the rsultat.

I have a bunch of tubes diffrent brands including NOS, I also have a hp on a Celestion V30 Tagra, I really have not proven the need to change anything on this amp, I am satisified.
I recommend anyone looking for a good sound trs lamps for home use, and it is so versatile that you Do not hesitate to either take it out in public.
Be careful, you can not support the low-end stuff APRS this experience!

9 only to leave room for other brands of prestige and MODELS.

PS: thanks to those who put in 10 MS2 and company try one day in their lives amplifier class to put things fair value!

Edit: I had the opportunity to try a Bogner Shiva 2x12: the slap! C'tait grandiose.
So should the honntet me down by the score of 2 points in comparison. But the Maranello is a good combo trs (3 times cheaper).

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