Egnater Rebel 30-112

Egnater Rebel 30-112

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Rebel 30-112, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Egnater.

6 user reviews
Prices starting at $980 Average price: $980

Egnater Rebel 30-112 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Egnater
  • Model: Rebel 30-112
  • Category: Tube Combo Guitar Amps
  • Added in our database on: 09/16/2010

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Sweetwater Rebel-30 112 MKII 30-watt 1x12" Tube Combo Amp $979.99

Egnater Rebel 30-112 user reviews

Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 6 reviews )
 3 reviews50 %
 3 reviews50 %

iamqman's review"WHat a simple and refind amp"

Egnater Rebel 30-112

Egnater is one of those companies that has quickly climbed into one of the top positions of the amplifier building world. Their amps are highly sought after primarily due to there modules and small wattage amps. People have gone crazy over these modules in recent years and for good reason, they are very versatile and fantastic sounding. They have also done a spectacular job at designing small combo or head amp that are low wattage and excellently priced.

This a great voiced amp for rock and pop music. This amp has a mix of 6v6 an El84 power similar to a simul-class of a Mesa Boogie amp when they mix El34's with 6L6 power tubes. This allows the amp to bloom a little bit more in the over feel. This amp is also a recording engineer's delight. You have an optional recording simulation speaker output for going to direct into a recording session or a live PA system for gigging. This is basically the same amp as the head but just in a combo version.


Type Tube
Number of Channels 2
Power 30W
Speakers 1 x 12"
Effects No
Reverb Yes
EQ Treble, Middle, Bass
Amp Modeling No
Number of Models No Amp Models
Preamp Tubes 5 x 12AX7
Power Tubes 2 x 6V6, 2 x EL84
Inputs 1 x 1/4"
Outputs 2 x 1/4" (Speaker), 1 x XLR (DI)
Footswitch I/O Yes
Effects Loop Yes
Height 15.5"
Width 18.5"
Depth 12.75"
Weight 43 lbs.


The ton of this amp is top notch. You have a nice silky smooth clean channel ad then on top of that you have a rock roll voiced distortion channel. Both channels have a perfect balance and blend between them and really operate on their own. This isn't an amp that does one thing well while the other suffers.

The clean is a nicely voicing channel. Is has an optional reverb for that nice room filling effect and you have two individual tight and bright switches. This react to the power section by making the amp brighten up for a more top end clean tone or tightening it up for a more classic Fender clean tone that is more bottom heavy and blues oriented. The distortion channel has the exact same switches and reverb. You can have reverb on one channel and take it off for the other channel. The gain is a nice thick fat gain that makes you feel good playing it.


You can fin these amp head new right at around $899, which is a great price for a well built 30 watt multiple channel amplifier. This is a great amp for small gigs in clubs and a great amp for recording with. You get that optional recording output that helps in silent playing as well. So this is a great buy for many reasons.

PurposeToMelody's review

Egnater Rebel 30-112
Egnater Rebel-30 112 1x12 30W Tube Combo Guitar Amp Features:

* 30-Watt All-Tube 1 x 12" Combo
* Variable Wattage Control From 1w to 30w On Each Channel
* Tube Mix Blends 6V6 and EL84 Power Tubes
* Clean Channel: Volume, Bass, Treble
* Overdrive Channel: Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble
* Tight and Bright Voicing Switches On Each Channel
* Individual Reverb Level for Each Channel with "Spillover"
* Footswitch for Channel Select and Reverb On/Off
* Buffered Effects Loop
* Balanced XLR / ¼" Cabinet Voiced Line / Recording Output
* Speaker Mute Mode for Silent Recording
* Egnater Elite-80 Speaker by Celestion
* 100V / 115V / 230V Voltage Selector
* Heavy Duty Cover Included
o 5 x 12AX7
o 2 x 6V6
o 2 x EL8
Dimensions: 19"(L) x 13" (W) x 15" (H)
* Weight: 40 lbs


Pretty simple and straightforward, it might need a quick readthrough of the manual to really get how it works though, but past some "unfamiliar" knobs its pretty east to use and you can pretty much plug and play if you don't know how to use it even.


I really enjoyed this amp, Played it with a PRS Single Cut. really loved how it sounded, a tad on the dark side the Overdrive was GREAT very versatile and super easy to dial in. You could get anything from old clapton (very easy to get) all the way up to metallica levels of gain if you so wanted and it did it all WELL. maybe not amazing but definitely very well, I'd recommend it over the Tiny Terror personally, as its more of a gigging amp

The cleans are not anything amazing, but on the 6L6 side it does some passable american tones with a strat and I i really did like the slightly dirty tones on that side also

As I said I really enjoyed playing this amp it was actually fun to play. and I highly suggest playing it if you get the chance.


Overall I say if you want a small gigging amp do it, its super versatile and easy to use. AND it sounds GREAT I highly recommend it. Be sure to try it out first though!

kris86's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It really makes the job"

Egnater Rebel 30-112
30W all-tube combo (2 x 6V6, 2 x EL84, 5 x 12AX7) with equalo three bands on two channels (light and sat). Tight and Bright switch on each channel. Comes with footswitch and padded cover (very useful).
A good quality reverb for each channel. In short, a comprehensive amp without falling into the dashboard so Mesaboogie Airbus. HP is a Celestion ™ Elite-80.
Feature: knob to mix the lights in order to have a sound more Marshall or more vox, and a knob for power variation (useless for me, it is useless unless playing in background).
Special 2: XLR Direct Output to enter into a table along with a standby switch / Play / Silent (ideal for recording or on stage when we use the amp back because then the volume is independent of the lot in façade)


Easy to get a good sound, impeccable clear equalo one that is effective ... nothing to say. The manual, well, not used too. Power is! I felt lost in the register, and no, it's amazing performance it has. So in rehearsal, I 2/10 or 3/10, no more.
For sat. it means but it does not bother me since I left the light on and I manage the rest of the pedals (TS9 japan).


I play blues, rock, Motown on Fender Deluxe upgraded to U.S. Texas Special (occasionally a kind Custom 77 Lespaul he likes too) and it is well suited to the style, especially in "Marshall" position.
Before, I had a Bluesbreaker which was great! but super heavy ... This is the main reason for my change of amp. So I obviously lost in the presence (HP less that's done) and low (which are a little light for my taste) but I fucking gained weight and size!.
Comparatively, the clear sound of Egnater is brighter, sometimes a little garish but nothing insurmountable. It has a nice presence for a 1x12.


I useful all the time (and rpeter concerts) and I'm satisfied, it does the job and has nothing to envy of Kock, marshall, all for a mini size.
Price or I got very hard to do better but I'm still going to change the HP for Electrovoice EMVL 12 Classic history to have more bass and midrange definition and low .... to see.
Ah yes! it has a crazy face in the genre Vintage.
Anyway, I filled my specifications (and well stocked), namely: a lightweight, compact combo, with excellent sound and light can save me a microphone transplanted to the front.

CT-64140's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"I want one!"

Egnater Rebel 30-112
See previous reviews for the main features

Please note: there is a line XLR output accompanied by the possibility of switching to mute the amp - this also works when output amp and HP are based.


Simple setup:

Settings for channel 1 (clear): volume, treble, bass, a switch "tight" (kind of low-cut), a switch "bright" (kind of "presence") and rear combo, next connections: reverb channel 1 (1 potentiometer "mix", no other reverb settings)

Settings for channel 2 (saturated): volume, treble, mid, bass, gain, switch "tight" (kind of low-cut), a switch "bright" (kind of "presence") and the rear combo, next connections: reverb channel 2 (1 potentiometer "mix", no other reverb settings)

For keg channel: 1 potentiometer "power" tube from 1W to full power (so 2 ​​knobs in all). At moderate volume, the more pots affect the rendering of the sound volume of 1W, the color is different and has a bit more saturation.

A knob that allows you to gradually move lamps 6V6 (the "U.S.") to EL84 (the "English")

The rear connections for a loop ("send / return")

A pedal with two switches to activate / deactivate the reverb and move from one channel to another.

The manual is clear and sufficient. Anyway, with an amp like this, no need for an extensive manual ... However, it has an interesting explanation for why that is low volume does not feel that much difference between the control (using the pots for chanque channel) 1W to full power tubes and some acoustic details for beginners .

The sound is fa-bu-lous! Whether on the clean channel or the overdrive channel, it sounds! One branch, are heated, and exploring the possibilities of the two channels, one is forced to admit that it sounds beautifully with almost all settings and guitars!


In jazz, a true wonder: on the clean channel, a purity of sound ascended to heaven. All the nuances of the game stand beautifully. You can push the volume and it remains clear. I imagine with a Strat and highly crystalline sounds ...

The sound is very well defined: the treble is not screaming but may be present (like twin reverb), bass do not create noise interference with the rest of the spectrum. Whatever guitars connected (and this is also true for the other channel) their personalities are respected. It makes the most of all types of microphones (Gibson 57, Fender single coil, P90 ...). Whatever the guitar of my collection that I branch, my friends make me out "Wow, what a sound, this guitar!"

In channel 2 (saturated), a discrete saturation we go to a nice distortion (with the Les Paul from the 12 o'clock position, it starts to "avoiner hard!"). With any of my guitars, it will drool ... With my Vox SDC 55 split over humbucker, while the gain in depth, it is not very far from saturated and compressed sounds way Santana ...

On the clean channel, I put in a series Okko Diablo +. Wow! which sounds! for very bluesy and warm sounds, thrills guaranteed! This pedal also combines very well saturated channel.

To "my" music: jazz, jazz-rock, blues and a little rock (like british 70's) the Rebel fills me with pleasure. And I admit it's a little "drool" other musicians.

In the loop, I connect my Mustang Floor, mainly to add the echo, tremolo or chorus. This amp sounds so good naturally he cut me my desires to use simulation models of Floor!

Note that I experimented with Boss pedals (overdrive, chorus, delay) and they behave very well with the Rebel.

No sound will displease me! But ... I am one of those who do not spend hours adjusting their amp when I want a "different" sound, I prefer to change guitar and amp so rather than wait restores the subtleties of the instrument. And for that we can trust in this Egnater, despite this, this combo has a real personality: listen to the sounds clear and you hear what you hear!

The idea of ​​a possible gradual shift from one lamp type to another (of the "English" in the "American" for short) is gen-nia it! Whatever the choice of the type of lamps (or mixing), this little amp has a great attack, and it restores the nuances of the game perfectly ...

The reverb is digital. She has absolutely no record of a kind Spring. But it is very natural and even a mix of large mix, it is very nice. I do not deny.

It is a silent amp: low background noise and / or breath - except of course when you push the gain background on channel 2, but that is normal!

This "small" is a sin hell: 30W or 22W (depending on the choice of lamps) to shut his mouth the most excited drummer! I recently used on outdoor stage in front of 200 people, the sound (powerful) "sent" not bad, I was a little mix up in the sound output through the line, had my amp volume at 9am ( running from about 7am to 17h) and a musico who listened to me in the audience pointed out that the amp going live as well as in the sound! By the way: note that the line output that simulates a speaker is excellent, it does not quite sound the HP, but the sound is very realistic.

Small detail (but nice): Rebel comes with a well padded cover.


I've had 3 months.

I was looking for an amp that can give good clear sound with personality without depriving me of the opportunity to get good distortion.

I made two very bad experiences with two Fender Supersonic 22W combo that I made back because of major flaws (each time a different amp to another): microphonics, internal feedback effect with reverb, monstrous "cluck" in passing from one channel to another, with the feedback loop, huge background noise ...

After I made SuperSonic resume, I decided to turn to the Egnater, which seemed close enough to the "spirit" of the SuperSonic. And I do not regret it: an excellent report poids-encombrement/volume sound (the amp is fairly large, it fits easily into a small car trunk), sounds to die for a good finish (j ' like aesthetics! Egnater logo and even cream colored plastic attached to the canvas like baffle me ... This combo has the look "vintage"), it seems tough ... Anyway, the Egnater Rebel, for me it's only happiness.

The only thing I regret (but I nitpick, there!) Is that it is not equipped (as are, for example, some Laney) a device outside cash fund to tilt when is placed on the ground. But views the enormous qualities of this amp is easily bypasses!

I would do without a doubt the same choice. Ever since I (and I use extensively), I do not want another amp!

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