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Used Marshall Tube Combo Guitar Amps

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  • Marshall Mini Jubilee 2525c

    Marshall Mini Jubilee 2525chas images


    Great amp, really sounds like the real thing. Shockingly good cleans, tons of gain. Nice effects loop. Works perfectly and comes with footswitch.

  • Marshall SV20C

    Marshall SV20Chas images


    MARSHALL SV20CEX-Demo, 24 Mesi di Garanzia.AMPLIFICATORE COMBO VALVOLARE PER CHITARRA 10" 20/5WGli Amplificatori Studio Vintage sono basati sull'amplificatore che ha ispirato…

  • Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 601

    Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 601has images


    Vendo l’amplificatore valvolare in oggetto. Tenuto in maniera maniacale, usato poco e con cura. Svendo a questo prezzo per bisogno di liquidità.Tre canali, Clean/Crunch/Lead, riverbero a…

  • Marshall Popular 1930

    Marshall Popular 1930has images


    1969 Marshall Popular 2x10, excellent condition, all original except for a few caps, has original Celestion speakers, footswitch and cover. 240v. Conus shipping only please, feel free to ask que…