Peavey ValveKing 212
Peavey ValveKing 212

ValveKing 212, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Peavey in the ValveKing series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Peavey ValveKing 212

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 22 reviews )
 13 reviews59 %
 4 reviews18 %
 3 reviews14 %
 2 reviews9 %
Audience: Beginners

fbenoit1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Peavey ValveKing 212 amp"

Peavey ValveKing 212
100w tube amp with a quality / price ratio. certainly Asian manufacturing, but now even the good Asian hornets. setting class A or AB super practical setting résinance, reverb finally all the features on the net.


Using super simple, easy, it sounds in all directions. I think I'll invest in foothwiich rembaler and my boss GT. the light is very good, even if it is not his specialty, and the distortion is denfer. I use this tool with a musicman and the sound is incomparable to the transistor far.




qualities: the price, the sound, the settings very complete power failure that can be if you play apart.
flaws: no footwitch origin, and especially especially true ITS WEIGHT 1tonne250 cochemar.
Do not hesitate to buy this beautiful amp.

Q.Allcool's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good tube amp very nervous"

Peavey ValveKing 212
- All Tube Amplifier (4 x 3 x 12AX7 and 6L6GC)
- 100 watts
- Two HP 12''
- A channel by EQ
- Two inputs (low gain and high gain)
- Reverb built (but not switchable ...)
- Control of the texture (use more or less aggressive lamps)
- Effects loop
- Setting volume, gain, boost (switchable), and presence ... etc.
- Output footswitch (not supplied)

Ample power for any use, even a little too powerful to play at home ... Normal for a tube amp of this stature! It's a combo, it is quite heavy. The presence of the effects loop is really nice for all the modulation effects (reverb, phaser, delay ...) and will really use all your pedals transparent.

We just regret the inability to activate the reverb footswitch, and footswitch that this is not provided ... It costs 60 € and can change channels and / or activate the boost. The low-gain input is not used much, if you want an amp for sound clear it should clearly not choose this beast ..!

The texture control is significant, especially at high volume it colors the sound very well!

Finally there is a good setup complete except these few details, especially having two HP will sound more powerful and stable than its little brother the VK 112.


Setting the amp is very simple, once connected to the input and hi-gain after setting the mediums go! With the controls of presence, texture, etc. camping there to delight those who, like me, love to spend hours searching THEIR sound. In short, use simple but leaves many possibilities.


I connect over an Epiphone Les Paul Std +, and this is perfect for playing styles ranging from quiet rock hard rock, to prog rock. The amp is light enough for the metal, but depending on your guitar it is entirely possible to play the Metallica, Megadeth etc. ... However do not expect the play death metal on the ValveKing (it's good, I do not like death metal)

The clean sound is good, a typical all-tube amp. By forcing a little on the low you will get a warm and very cozy.

The lead sound meanwhile was very nervous, ideal for playing good rock, punk, grunge, prog rock ... It is clear that the chosen field of the amp is good big disco or rock and roll hard! Its only flaw is lack of precision sometimes when you turn up the gain, but for an entry level price in the lamps amp the sound is really good.


I use it for several years, rehearsal / Solo / concerts, and I'm still satisfied! For a budget of less than € 1,000 it's a great amp very powerful, hard to find a competitor in the same price / power.

I tried many amps before buying, including the equivalent in hybrid at Marshall and I much prefer the Peavey.

I will change soon as I can give myself a budget amp higher, like a head with an Orange 4x12 (that's another price range!).

Very good sound and excellent quality / price for this combo 100% adrenaline!

ericv's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 212
see other reviews.


very simple.


I play mainly blues rock funky finally whether to define the dominant styles.
I play on stratovolcano with a veil digitech multi effect c535q 14rd and wha.
On the HP amp were changed by a no name and an Eminent, lights are electro harmonix, the wiring of HP has been scaled (the original was just a little taste of the former to Own), two side handles and added feet changed his opinion it would change the transformer which is a little cheap.
One of his death, heard the scratch which remained cons (c whore what is your amp!), Yet they were playing on the "big stuff".
n I use the clean, clear sound warm and round, nothing to envy of the side has a twin too aggressive to my ears .. Be careful not to clean cruncher! The s must move towards another product of the same brand j test on the channel distortion with the drive to zero to see what it says in passing on the double-coil strat. . Distos The Multi enough for me, and for the multi crunch the fact that many are put before the wah and boost the bottom was a treat.
For beginners beware AC restores your entire game especially the Philippines (good as any good amp), notes that AC can improve s, it becomes cleaner.


AC is 4 months since I 'm used only for the concert (rehearsal room equipped and far), that is too good. It is well worth a twin that is even more versatile with the nice texture setting.
The weight c is that of a lamp and a 2x12 c is its main fault.
You can change the lights without having to settle the biassssss.
If he dies I resumed the same but I will put casters for transport.
Addition of September 20, 2010.
So after reading other reviews, I believe that c is that of the notice below that I have bought (morphus), as what follows the use and scratches that you have the satisfaction may vary, again ca still sends the beautiful clear sounds in this config and I add that even the former owner have been surprised at the test with my strat over by the sound that came out (if you read you confirm this is not.) Brief c in my opinion is a really good deal.

titicolibri's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 212
-Tube amp (6L6 power, 12AX7 preamp)
100 watts-
Texture-button selection amps class a / ab
-Loop effects
-2 + Separate channels and a boost switch lead in bright clear sound


Setup is simple we put the branch in its class (texture) for crystal clear sound for playing jazz / blues and ab class if you want a sound like heavy distortion with beautiful harmonics and adjusted the gain in the style ... I always leave the ab class because I like the sound crystal clear and slamming both the distortion and dynamic ... jadore


Suitable for all styles: as versatile amp that's why it was designed ... (see texture button to switch the amplifier class ab-class) to me is the metal and the gojira pop muse ... perfect for playing rock

amp very friendly tone of the guitar ... does not alter the sound of microphones


I have this amp for a year and a half for the price and believe me there is nothing better for a 100w tube with both super clean sounds and sounds super saturated y 'is not much ...
So it's peavey for its saturated fat is the potato with beautiful harmonics (friends metalheads hellos!) I also invite you to go on youtube and see the demos jamie oldfield peavey and for once gives us a real clean sound (nothing to do with the poverty of its clear the 5150 or 6505 amps ... I know very well to have had ... I sold it because I want to move to a system and head + cabinet surely I'll buy the head ...

quick and versatile super value for money

grass's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 212
See opinion pcdents
missing an exit line ...


Super simple! I like the plug-and-play, especially for the live.
is easily obtained a rock sound
sufficient manual


The clean sound is warm and dynamic, the diffrence with my old 100W hybrid means!
saturation for me for the great big rock, boost offers the flexibility of a 3rd channel
So for now, no distortion pedals, it will use.
I play LAG Roxanne Pte unr 93, scratches simple but effective, with two mini-humbuckers DiMarzio


Store bought 10 days ago, less than 600 with pedals and offered 5 year warranty: trs good quality-price ratio
I like the boost
I did try another amp in this price range
ppin except, I would do this choice

enzojosephartur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 212
See below


Manuel clear, detailed but not sufficient


On a gibson les paul studio's round, warm, powerful clean and beautiful harmonics lead.
On a Telecaster, that's where we see potential, though his clean, precise slamming his lead, clear, very long, indeed twank to fall, beautiful harmonics little is left for heat lamps for an hour .

the sound is brighter than a Vox AC 30 CC2 but a little less dynamic (linked to Chinese lamps). the vox is 3 times more!


Unbeatable value for money, let the heat through or you may be disappointed at first ...
it's a bit much for a room but very well together, no pedal provided a pity! The spring reverb is a bit shit but it's not too bad!
9 good because at this price, there's nothing that surpasses it ... a transistor amplifier has a different dynamic, it's like eating pasta without salt: With the ValveKing, no problem c is identified but not too!
qd same attention to low, keep the walls!
very heavy, difficult to transport, provide a skateboard!
your kids away from the back of the amp! Crame this severe and the shield of the 4 lamps over 90 degrees ... and if you have no heat in your studio in the winter, do not hesitate, you can easily heat the room (over 300 Watts / hour)
With that, at this price, do not push it back down to the valve amp many much more expensive brands!

bigjake's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 212
See the opinions prcedents. CHARACTERISTICS Trs good, for a price more than adequate.


Trs easy to use, rglages enough of this type of combo: Resonance, prsence, the knob of "texture" has the rear is not bad to get the sound you seeing.

The BTE is heavy, but it's even easier to carry only two bodies. rpter to go or live, it's very practical, especially since we just stick it up 8HP (2 * 4 * 12) thanks to the two exit.


For rock, hard rock, blues: the distortion is perfect. boost gain ...
for the metal, he must stick a stronger distortion pedals, and it was bright with the treble normment nickel and harmonics.


I have been using nol and I do it again this choice is the foot, for that price is the best I think.

I love the most: the texture knob

I tried a lot of other models in this price range (in transistor) with Marshall, Peavey, line6. and finally I chose the one.

L.d.50's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 212
Everything said prcdement t


The use of not asking particulirement comptence, turn the knobs as you love the treble, bass, is just the manual for details on the footswitch for example. sounds to me more personally and despite weighing sduit consquent enough (31kg: P), we say he deserved! lamps trs cool quickly, and 10 minutes it is transported without problem just missing the footswitch which costs slightly expensive for what it is ... the only good relationship with your comerce prfr can serve!


I play a lot of mtalcore, and his found his account, the distortion is excellent, and the booster is nice to use, really for absolutely no mtal I regret, I jou climbs on a G400 emg 81 and 85 and I have nothing else to say, that happiness

for clean I use a ibanez af95, rather then jazz, and mttant the selector in the middle of the guitar sound j'obtient trs little more friendly I am dtach of good low trs , treble Submitted but not garish and bright button adds a little treble and gives her a moin renfermet contrrement other amps I essayle clean makes great when you attack the strings, it does not have this cot "soft".


I use it recently, but its either repeated or scene has a huge potential, only sound good, I tried some other amps before that lchez marshall especially mg100dfx one (forget the IDE to buy it from the pub more than anything else, its not ring marshall, and any Manir sounds bad ...) and the AVT 100 (it is soft, I personally have not AIM!) + avt100X (same version, moin CHRE, but nothing really sound different), short for the peavey, but is heavy certeil qualitprix level report, it is completely unbeatable, I remake this choice without hesitation, to amp all lamps is an excellent deal (ps: I got a 519 during sales, and some Woodbrass it is only 10 more expensive throughout the year, its worth it! knowing that its original price is 649)

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 212
Polaris 100 watts all-tube Class A / B (with knob to slide Class A)
A clear channel with volume, bass, mid, treble and brilliance
Saturated channel with gain, volume, bass, mid, treble and boost volume and gain
Spring Reverb belton (2 shows) and a volume knob for any adjustments
Damping a section of the reactions that gre loudspeakers by two factors, the presence that the peak and gre resonence Amortization of two speakers
Far enough!


The amp is convenient and intuitive, we find immediately the right setting, the only hik is its weight, was killed on the stairs ... but it's worth it;)


This amp did sound rather trench reminds the Mesa Boogie Rectifier is a high gain amp, but while Polivalente muscle!
He respects the sound of each scratch and is extremely versatile, the clean sound is incomparable with the competition in this price range (almost always a transistor or hybrid in this power range), it is hot and so flattering that since I find it hard to play on a transistor amp!
Cot saturation is trs Polivalente, the crunch (already present on the clean channel has very heavy volume and play) a saturation hyper powerful boost with the gain, the velvet for any guitarist who likes to be heard!


An Excellent amp I possde past year and a half and never made me that default is a solid amp that sounds beyond all hope in this price range. I tried a lot of amp and only the B52 and other Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (foix many more expensive) had caught my attention. The value for money and amazing and this amp did not flight the appellation of king of the lamp!

MFinc's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Peavey ValveKing 212
100 watt tube amp etc all that may have an amp setting database options plus a gain boost a bright reverb etc ...


It takes a little time for much of the ITS that will not be the same for that play alone or with a group even in concert.faut not hesitate to turn all the knobs and the heat is 8


It is quite Polivalente (example I play a piece of atmosphere I set my sound then just APRS I play a rock-n-roll hop j presses the bright I ride the reverb in 2 seconds radicalmeent j have to change son.idem the distortion but I not use the gain boost.) sound is clear and warm unlike what I have been able to read the bass are waiting metal distortion is pretty even when I try to j rule a little fuzzy but it works also need to have the played with a ibanez sas32 rises from 59 seymour model and jazz with a pedal set including wahwah Tubescreamer big muff phase 90 delay effects ... well Resorte trs the clear sound with very little saturation.j loves his bright in the clear though that we can not use the entire fuzzy distortion or modern is nice too.


I have the last 2 months and I waited to have a little goes around the engine before posting this avis.j loves the power of the sound does have a real clear sound that is not no recess on a transistor . I love not the weight: 30kg Remember the devil or the beefy buddies! j was never trying to tube amp for a possible purchase because everything was completely innacesible see trs expensive for all mortels.quand I saw him at the shop and saw the price j j ai fonc.le qualitprix report is 11/10! I would do without this choice hsiter!