Brunetti Star-T-rack

Brunetti Star-T-rack

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Star-T-rack, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Brunetti.

4 user reviews
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Brunetti Star-T-rack tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Brunetti
  • Model: Star-T-rack
  • Category: Tube Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 06/09/2007

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Brunetti Star-T-rack user reviews

Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 4 reviews )
 3 reviews75 %
 1 user review25 %

Sadgob's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Brunetti Star-T-rack
Amp lamps (5 x 12AX7 and 4 x 6L6GC).
Stro amplifier, 2x20W 2x50W class A or class AB. The amp can be used in "hybrid" (a cot in 20W and 50W in the other).
Cot connection: Impdance 8 / 16 ohms per channel, MIDI (128 presets to use them DIFFERENT channels of Use and manage a multi-effects at the same time with a single pdalier).
Effects loop (Send a, 2 return). In short, trs complete.
The rglages are a real rgal: 2 +2 channels (Clean, Clean Boost, Overdrive, Overdrive Boost).
No effect or Intgr rverbe can.


T As said above, the amp has 2 channels 2.
2 qualisations simple but extremely effective. 1 volume and 1 boost per channel (all switchable).
Certainly one of the easiest amps I've seen in regards rglages: RULES on the volume, gain, 3 band qualisation and it sounds.

The main strength of this amp is the mastery of sound in Stereo: Each cot has a volume, an effect level and a fully indpendant rglage Depth. We can have two completely DIFFERENT sounds at the same time (For example, a 20W in Class A cot with chorus and flanger and the other with a 50W Class AB distortion).

Cot manual, it is tlchargable site builder. It is simple and clear, say nothing.


Cot's: His clear Trs Bon (I would put 9 / 10). It is a Fender, a Laney or Mesa.
Its Crunch: The most beautiful I've ever heard, just (10/10).
His Disto: Trs good also, it is still quite "right" whatever the rglages, and it is quality regardless of the volume (which is trs rare) (9 / 10).
I never find these three sounds russi (Clean / Crunch / Disto) in as good quality as a single amplifier, it is now done.

The grain is special is the Brunetti so we like it or not.

With this amp is going to the Blues via the Country, Pop, Rock, Grunge, The Hard and the metal.
Its limit happens when you want to do mtal extreme, it will not give its bold and "violent" as a Peavey 5150 or a distortion "that drool" the Mesa.

This is an amp that is made perfect with a 4x12 or 2 Stereo speakers 2x12.


I use it recently, but it gives me satisfaction Entire.

What I like most about him? The quality of all the sounds that dlivre, its versatility, and ease of rglage of Use, 1U The location in the head free to install a rack effect, its Midi control and ESPECIALLY, ESPECIALLY the blue LED so that when plunged into the dark pice pdt a concert that starts in front, gives a visual pest! ^ ^

I fell in love with the MODEL 6 months ago, I do not regret having bought this week! I tried many amps of all makes and that's really the sound that I like best and most versatile.

The report quality price? It's perfect. Few manufacturers line up a head of such a quality (Fully handmade) that price.
The trs is high-end brand "difficult" to find a drag but it holds all the high amps worth 3000.

If I had to buy an amp, no doubt that I will take it. The possibilities are awesome and the sound ... fabulous.

Gab_'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Brunetti Star-T-rack
See description above.
I simply said that I bought the amp Sadgob who posted the first review this amp.
The preamp does not apparently included the original tubes, but a 12Ax General Electric (V1), a Ec803s JJ (V2), and a Tung Sol (V3).
Knowing that the lamp of the preamp combinations are:
Clean: V1A -> V3A
+ Clean Boost: V1A -> V1B -> V3A
Overdrive: V1A -> V2A -> V2B -> V3B
Overdrive + Boost: V1A -> V2A -> V2B -> V3B (the same but with more gain)
(Information provided by Marco Brunetti himself!: P FYI Marco Brunetti will answer in the day on the forum of his site)


Good for config: it's a tube amp, you plug, you put all the buttons out of ten, you light, you die.
Easily obtained a good sound, just have to turn it on.
The manual is clear, but it lacks the installation of tubes in order to hack. Finally I just said this to solve the problem above ...


I use it to jazz, rock, blues, funk, and métaaaaaaaaaal.
I played it with an Ibanez S prestige and an old Aria Pro 2 which has a Tone Zone.

If I do not use the microphone on the Tone Zone Aria, the Star-T-Rack do him no mercy: it is a guitar m. .. So, it sounds like the m. ..
on the other hand with the Ibanez, I took a big blow!

The clean channel is amazing, very light, very fine, highly crystalline. Some say very fenderien ... Well be! Indeed, for the chord, the funk and casseroles Zulas zarpèges with a tad of time, great!
When you press the boost of that channel, the sound becomes more rounded, there is a little more bass, it becomes very soft as her (And I like it!). It also becomes slightly crunchy, like a Roland JC120 with a little gain. So with the boost, you fall more in jazz / blues. And we're really not disappointed! (At this stage there, it's been 6 hours non stop as you try all the combinations of sounds clear. It is time to pause before attacking ...

... the distos.
For distos, the settings of "Depth" and class of amplifiers (A / AB) will have a major influence!

Start by putting the amp in class A, with the "depth" halfway (5 / 10).

In simple distortion, it is in a register of saturation that sound very 70's. From Page to Jimy Hendrix through Deep Purple, there's no mass gain is very round and very hot. Very "rock n 'roll baby !!!". Then pressing the boost, it is more gain and sustain. In both cases, the loadings are very rich in harmonics and not gentle on the ears. The amp responds perfectly to your attacks.

Now if you switch the amp in AB, its going to take your 20 years of age, and aged in stainless steel barrels please. This gives a more hard rock 90's. You find yourself playing a good old Ugly Kid Joe, Metallica or other FaithNoMoreries. So modern and more aggressive too! The shredder is in you will remember his good old plans "Passion and Welfare" by saying: "God but it's the same sound as VAI!"

At this stage there, fan of metal, a little barbaric, there is in me (And may be you who read me ...) is a little disappointed: "Dla potato! Damn! Do More potato! What this amp sissy!? ". Good! Ben you will have your potato kid: just push the button on 9-10 Depth, to engage the boost, to see a bit of EQ ... And blam! The long-awaited big sound is there! Whew!
Well, it's not the High-Gain: fans of hardcore and deathmetal others will fall back on something else. But for the ProgMétal or fusion to RATM, I think it does pretty well. I also think that the tubes mentioned above are not for nothing!
I add that I would appear to be a technology "correct". Mr Brunetti seemed to say that the output of preamp tube is adjusted by transistors, which balances the sound by adding bass / midrange. In fact the level, I think we have the equivalent of a correct Mesa home with a Fender clean channel it.

Finally, if you really do not have enough gain, but you love this amp too, you can return the unit to Marco Brunetti by telling them you want more gain. You will be happy ... But I do not know how much it will cost you on the other hand ...


I use it for 15 days. I wanted to make a comparison with the Laney TT50H which I still have. I turned on the Laney, I played 5 minutes, the time to tell me that the distortion is still not bad. Then I switched the channel clear, and I thought: "Oh yeah, no, there it is wrong and 'possib' CO". So I turned off and resumed Brunetti ...

It lacks two things about this amp: output "Line" or something like that, because when the "send" is used, there's no way to refer to a tuner for example.
The head is stereo, it would have been nice to turn on / off independently on each side ... To avoid a burn out output transformer if you want to play on an HP mono. That said apparently turning down the volume on the side not used to 0 it works as well.

€ 1200 to OCCAZ ... A little more than the price of an entry-level head Laney or Marshall ... Except for that price is an amplifier with a high-end Look Mazerati you!

I would do well on this choice, the ampl IEST so versatile that it will make the dishes even if you program it via USB. Incidentally he also radiator and fan, tip top when you're on stage and you want to effect "hair in the wind Accapulco" ... Vai a bit like what ...
Le Taz03/31/2008

Le Taz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Brunetti Star-T-rack
CF below: connectivity and impressive features, and not at all gadget for it! True Class A and A / B to go. Rugged and practical, but it is heavy for a head trs! (It blows my JCM 800 dual exploding the correct is to say ...)


Despite the wealth of opportunities rglage, a TRS is intuitive, even without a manual, found her young.

To the question, do you get a good sound: prvoir a tooth being protected, you will enter the big leagues. There are lots of brands REFERENCE (mesa, fender marshall) which seems the best mix in this beast and you could look at the other APRS a. ..


You are lovers of rock, blues rock, twang sound, why not jazz, you can find there. But beware, this amp is typ trs (rather no-vintage), trs slamming. Fans of blues rock will fall madly for an amp that can be drawn from the saturated medium marshall couple heat and biting fender (on the same mode saturated !!!!). Absolutely incredible. This channel restransmet perfect your touch (So beware approximations ...) must prciser that even in boost mode donf, trs vousn'accderez not large saturation current, even with a guitar dot e ungros of output level.

on the other hand, even playing the legalization and various rglages (trsractifs yet) the grain remains the same, it's not really a monster versatility. But if you like blues rock sound, sharp and warm both serious risk for addiction.


This is just ready, I'm not still buy it or not. The sound is definitely upscale, more than mesa, provided you have one or two (if you want a diffrent on this amp I do not see that this solution) good scratch (or trs good scratch ). For cons, I found that difficult grain scalable, which limits my enthusiasm.

We must choose this amp for its exceptional grain, even use a few pedals suplmentaires to go to the big saturation.
If you like, in bulk, SRV, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Hendrix, AC / DC (in studio), go for it!

jimbojet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Brunetti Star-T-rack
What type of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)? I shall not dwell on the technical characteristics ... see other reviews or the internet. tube amp of course! What is the power delivered? 20 or 50W output stereo to choose what connection? there whatever it takes ... and especially is noon! (Well it's simple MIDI, I mean, that controls the channel selection and / or boost ... not the settings) What are the stereo settings, effects? ... Classical setting; no effect; separated by just a boost channel.


The setup is simple? No worries Gets it easy to sound good? Yes, as a single head what, you still have to turn knobs qq! The manual is clear and sufficient? ... Very! because I did not! Finally'm bad language and I've recovered from the site in English ... ultra simplistic ... in the best sense ... presets, with a clear and very simple. perfect


Will it fit your style of music? I wanted to change a little torque Metal / Mesa ... I also have a TriAxis ... and that's exactly what I needed, I would say it saves me from buying the traditional Fender tube; I clean sounds top styles for ts ... and to compare the mesa side disto ... there is less gain is undeniable ... I can achieve the same results but with a little help, kind and more pedal (not necessarily a distortion of nag, just a pedal with a bit of crunch and gain more. ..) at once unlike the mesa, it never sounds grotty, it's always clean even the ds distos thoroughly with what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play? a Max: emg esp, seymour jackson, Start U.S.; ibanez Di Marzio ... tt sounds What kind of sound you get and with what settings ("crystalline", "fat ",....)? the clean sound is amazing! really very very nice slap it, no need for extra crunch the compressor, which is difficult to compare, that's all it sounds good, and the distos see above What are the sounds you prefer, you hate? sounds clear that are also an excellent base for those using pedal ...


For how long have you been using it? Qq Month What is special about you love the most, the least? Head format with space for multi purpose ... why all manufacturers do not, it's so good! (I precise: in fact it is almost a 3U 4U stashed in a box shaped head! From where the trick!) A little less: the head is heavy! very heavy 18kg I think Did you check has tried many other models before buying it? yes mesa; mashall; engl; fender Diezel ... uh ... what else How do you know the quality / price? very very well, too bad it's so hard to find! Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? ... And yes!
after some time of use ...
I had a better (except if we talk Diezel VH4 metal)
I just confirmed this is not a pure metal amp, the world would doubt tt! but can play metal, (I say this because it is the object of my research!)
ACDC crunch with the gain in
metallica (old school) up the gain, and digging mediums
equalo with a modern metal / and a pedal ..;
no hardcore or something like that I think.
however: again, the most beautiful blues .. clean.ideal; slight crunch. beautiful
I must sell it for more space: I can not!

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