Laney TT50H

Laney TT50H

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TT50H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Laney in the TT series.

5 user reviews
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Laney TT50H tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Laney
  • Model: TT50H
  • Series: TT
  • Category: Tube Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 03/26/2003

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Laney TT50H user reviews

Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 5 reviews )
 4 reviews80 %
 1 user review20 %
Value For Money :

Sebeno's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Comprehensive and versatile"

Laney TT50H
This is a 50W tube amp (6 ECC83 and 2 EL34).
3 independent channels: each channel has its eq and volume.
2 Master settings.
Effects loop.
Outputs: 4/8 and 16 ohms
Output line out
Midi taken
The footswitch is provided.
In short, this amp is a very complete.
The build quality seems quite good.


This amp is very willing to complete it has a fairly high number of buttons and mini switch that can destabilize initially. But we are still far from a gas plant. The settings are many, are effective enough to make using this amp relatively simple and intuitive.
The manual is well done ... except that mine was a concern at the time of manufacture for I find myself repeatedly with the same page and I miss him so information.
I put 7 because of the manual.


Each channel is independent and has its own set of EQ, volume, gain (for channels 2 & 3) and reverb.
We also note the presence of mini switch:
On Channel 1 (clean): bright. Adds a little shine and slamming.
On Channel 2 (rhythm): bright: adds a little shine very welcome for the intermediate positions (on my Vigier Excalibure Special, at positions 3 and 4, the Activating this switch restores slamming, it provides character "micro simple" more pronounced).
Modern: a bit more of "potato" but not much. I feel that the sound is a little more digging.
On Channel 3 (lead): bright: same as channel 2.
Modern: same as channel 2
Boost brings a big plus in terms of gain
Xpand: for sounds with lots of distortion, adds a bit more definition. I am fairly convinced by the result I get with this switch and I let off at all times.
Note also the presence of a button "mute" which mutes the sound. It can be useful if you use the exit "line out".
Which is very convenient, it is controllable with 2 Master Footswitch: one can easily move from one level to another volume that can be useful for solos.

The sound:
The channel gives a nice clear sound with the characteristic thickness of tube amps. The EQ is very effective. With powerful humbuckers (Tone Zone for example) one begins to twist when you put the volume on that channel 4. With simple, you have to climb over.
Channel 2: it is THE channel of this amp. A superb sound from the slight crunch to get to the very large rock distortion. Difficult to take this channel into default as it sounds whatever the settings. A real success.
Channel 3: basically, it is a channel 2 (the voicing looks different, but it's subtle) so you do not touch the Boost button. From there, there is plenty to do in terms of gain. This may be the channel that gives me the most trouble. The multiplicity of possible settings provided by the mini switch and eq makes it harder to control that channel because everything interacts.
I found the setting that suits me by putting the gain to 5 and every switch except Xpand. With this setting I have enough gain for rhythmic hard / metal but not too much to keep the specifics of my guitars. For solos, I use an OD Benrod Classic Screamer, which gives me the little extra gift I need.


I use this amp for a little over 5 years. I owned a Vetta before I eventually got tired because I spent more time to adjust to play. Laney with this, I went back to hardware a little more "plug and play".
This amp can address a wide range of musical styles (except perhaps the most extreme versions of the metal) in a relatively simple and intuitive.
The 50W is largely sufficient. The Master is efficient enough to get good sound at a reasonable volume but I think this kind of amp is not made to operate at 1. I would certainly have the opportunity to make a small addition to this notice as soon as I received my NOS dB Killer.
At about € 1,100, the value for money is excellent.
Conclusion: a very good amp. Too bad for you it is no longer manufactured! : P

Feuille73's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney TT50H
Amp lamp.
for more information I refer you to specialist in the sites.
ngatif point on which I base to 9 and not 10, that the mere fact that the head in self-50W (all lamps, which is more than a 100W transistor having said) and not in 100w.
But I do a lot of concerts with my band, and it does not mean drang. in BPS, it allows to put the volume high enough to get a good sound (as with a lamp, the volume is high, the better the sound), and for a concert, perfectly adequate, because if the room or space is really big, you will be transplanted in any way


Setup could not be more simple!
Each of the three channels at its own rglages (low, medium, aige, reverb, gain and crunch to lead indpendant plus boost), all with 2 volumes Chapot gnraux indpendant (which allows a kind of suplmentaire boost on each channel, super convenient to pass during a solo), one rverb gnrale, and prsence.
The sound and easily obtained his wish (in the possibilities of the amp of course!)


I use it as a guitarist in a punk-rock-mo. I play an Ibanez RG320 with a micro Mount Di Marzio Tone Zone. need I say more? This head is perfect for me anyway. jou marshall before I was on (MG100DFX and JCM2000), and the sound is compltement diffrent: Much warmer, less crilliard. In short, what I like.
SETTING THE The gain on the crunch and lead channels allow either to obtain a distortion lgre, itself a distortion more pronounced (the one I use), so if you do, a good big disto adfriser a sheep.
Big + also, unlike many amps, the TT50H do not cry if you ask Aiges. More grimace when you play on the box 24ime the E string aige


In short, I have used it for 3 months. I tried the 51-50, triple X, and even an orange rockreverb combos, and that I chose the Laney. The orange was a good sound trs too, but the lack of knobs did not get the varieties of sound is obtained with the TT50H.
The great + I'll put this amp is the total of each indpendance channels, which can really feel the diffrence between the clean and crunch, and between the crunch and lead. The footswitch is also easy to handle Channel 1, Channel 2, Channel 3, reverb, volume 1 and volume 2.
The report quality price? not repeat it. Devaya again if I choose, I would refer directly to this beautiful head amp.

Gab_'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney TT50H
Amp 50W lamps, 3-channel indpendants, rverbe.

Level connections:
Between an instrument, 3 speaker outputs (for diffrent impdances) dpart a mono effect, a mono effects return, making a "line out" to connect directly to a mixer. ..
Midi in, out and through ...

Ch1: Volume, bass, med, high, reverb, bright.
Ch2: Gain, Volume, bass, med, high, reverb, bright, modern.
Ch3: Gain, Volume, bass, med, high, reverb, bright, modern, boost, expand.
Power: Volume 1, Volume2, Prsence, Fxmix, Damping / Tight, reverb.

The channel change is controlled either by the pdalier provided either by twelve o'clock!

So full rev.
In addition to the small blue LEDs is class!


Well it's not complicated you branches, you put everything back, you touch your guitar and you comb rear, you're propelled against the wall Premire which soon s'fondrer , neighbors screaming and the cops dbarquent ...

That said the manual is very well done! But in English ...


Well, 50W dja has more than enough to bury your nag drummer, whether on or scne rpeter.
I plugged an Ibanez S prestige it.

Clean channel:
I find the right trs, trs cold without tural personality. To play a few arpges the fact, to play funky too. To play jazz or blues is dead, it will use channel 2.
Crunch channel:
The crunch will be the lightweight disto rock: large gain range. With a low gain and good rglages of Eq, we obtain trs cool sounds almost clear: round, warm, good dynamics. Ideal for jazz or blues!
By pushing the gain you get rock sound with a good grain, net prcis. By pressing "modern" we move from a Led Zep's just a more ... uh Modern! More trachea in fact.
Channel 3:
More gain than channel 2. Gain by pushing the bottom, Inrush and expand the boost we get a sound almost metal. But when the gain is 10 there are some noise which is invited (front 9 there's no breath!).

Grain is distos trssr. With a lot of mid / high. It trs prcis has does not bleed and the game appears consistent trs well. It can be a little lack of roundness and warmth ...

rglage the "Bright" is not effective and the trs legalization could be more effective: it looks like a passive legalization: not adding bass / med / high, it removes the ves: 0 y 'no, 10 is normally passes. T have an active dmentiel Eq ...

I think that by changing the lights (I have the original lamps), it must be amliorer everything: having a clear channel warmer and have more gain on channel 3.

Days of power for the two volumes are potentiomtres seen: ITP boost the volume when you solo and presto!

The knob of prsence gives prsence ... Say anything ...

The reverb ... Well ... uh Bof ... I have not tested a long time and I use it ...

The mute button ... is not really a mute, if you push the amp back you snap the mute and when you play bah There's even a little pti sound coming ... For not having sound at all he prfrera the "stand by".


I use it for 1 month. I was looking for a versatile amp that could rev me jazz, blues, funk, rock and metal. And above all controllable noon to sync it with my multi purpose.
Alone was not sound bad, but the o is a dmentiel is when I use it with my GSP2101 ... With the config: Guitar -> Pramp GSP -> Pramp TT50H -> effects of GSP -> TT50H power. I can adjust the channel clear for a much warmer sound, boost the signal before attacking the distos, rectfier distos the 15 bands with Eq ... And suddenly I can do what I want!!

This is an amp that gives her a fairly modern, I think on a "marketing" it is to compete with the heads marshall TSL100, it works wonders.

The ratio quality price is excellent. But if I had to find an amp as versatile in that price range, I think I would try to find a rack Brunetti Star T ...

Solid level of thing ... When I reu, the matrix of channel change unplug silent, probably because of transportation, I had to open the connector plug for ... All connectors except taient colls l. .. No bowl. Otherwise, I find the front of the box (on which there is the logo) is a bit light ...

f.i.t.n's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Laney TT50H
Any head amp 50w lamps (ECC83 + EL34)

3 channels: clean, pitcher, lead to legalization indpendante on each channel (bass, mdium, acute rverb, volume) + diffrent filters and boosters on the crunch channel and lead.

Master Volume + Master rverbe (gnial) + Fx mix (which allows the rgler prsence utiliss effects and thus allows her to have a super light-level effects or block loaded )

2 volumes (very useful for rhythm and solos for example)

Tight button (useful for playing Reduces volume while maintaining the hot lamps trs)

Mute button (unless necessary because it cuts compltement sound, while a Yadji Stand By, but hey .... ca keeps still intact because the heat lamps on stand by, they have a tendency cool slightly, as on all the amps lamps)

Rear panel: effects loop, MIDI control, Line Out, ..

Basically it is very complete (even a little too, for those who uses only one volume and basta) but anything is possible with the BTE.

Question power adpote ... c'etst the 50w lamps and everything, and we have proof when we play.
For weight, it is reasonable, I have not put on the scales but hey ....


The config is not the easiest, but it is not ultra complicated either. There is the button but it's still basic (Bass, mdium, acute ...) share of the lead channel or 4 buttons Xpand, Modern, Bright and Boost can cause the problem because it dpart difficult at first coup d'ears to hear all the subtle brought by the buttons above for Xpand and Modern. The Bright boosts the treble and you can hear Boost provides a dynamic supplmentaire saturation and compresses well.

Basically have to take a little time but tame quickly, bte.


So is the gnial because it makes every afternoon you turn and it sounds serious. I use an Epiphone Les Paul Std Dimarzio Tone Zone climbs and Air Classic.

In short: soft, warm sound, just enough to slam to bring relief without ears exploded. The legalization (like the other 2 channels) is performing trs). For fans of the slam, there is also a button Bright. But it remains the standard sound is good, whether for blues, jazz, rock, funk ca does, period.

Crunch: I love this channel because it allows the subtleties "super-subtle", lol. up to 3, for small gnial arpges that require a bit more potato. Up 5-6, it's still trsdfinit, clear (though I play with a Les Paul) and saturation really brings something, the knob as progressive trs. IDAL to play a small Cryin Aerosmith or Led Zep. Beyond is saturated frankly, tight deadlines to address Guns or Metallica. and it is always clean. Basically from blues to heavy, ca does.

Lead: the sound is saturated gure than the crunch, but we gain in compression and therefore was a more homogne but loses a little momentum and therefore nuances. but it sounds nothing


It's been five years since I use it and I still do not want to change. Versatile, its one hell of a connection complte. Laney, as always has a head an affordable price given its performance.

The only BMOL is that to play dansdes confined spaces, the entire head / speaker is not the most adquate, I might take me a little combo afterwards.

In any case, all styles are affordable, jazz-blues, until System of a Down. Then the grain must love laney. Compares a marshall, there's not even picture.

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