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All user reviews for the Carvin X-100B

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 6 reviews )
 3 reviews50 %
 3 reviews50 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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Christopher M. McBurney07/18/2018

Christopher M. McBurney's review"Series IV- A Top Amp at Any Price Point"

Carvin X-100B
The Carvin X100B Series IV amp is a terrific all-around amp that does everything well. While previous versions of the X-amp had some quirks, they got it right with the Series IV. Very loud amp, beautiful warm clean tone, very nice complex high gain lead tone, great features (reduced power 25/50/100 settings, +4/-10db loop settings for pedals and rack gear, tube switch on back for 6L6 or EL34 substitution, 5 band active EQ on top of passive tone stack, wonderful reverb, effectively a 3 channel amp with clean, crunch on clean, and lead. For the $400-$500-ish prices used these days, they are the best kept secret. I've owned Soldano SLOs, a Bogner Ecstasy, and many other really nice amps and can attest this amp doesn't take a back seat to any of them. Does it have Bogner tones....no (but its not worse, just different). But does the Carvin have great tones the Bogner cant do....yes. Every amp's tone is different and to be valued. No such thing as a tone being better than another amps tone. They are all just different. Believe me, this amp will blow your mind if you are a competent player. Very high quality tones and features in this unit. As with any amp (boutique names included), the type of cabinet and speakers you put an amp through can completely change the tone. This amp sounds great through either V30 or more balanced speakers like 70/80s or Legends. Love my X100B Series IV.

nickname009's review

Carvin X-100B

Lead/Rhythm EQ selector switch;
five band graphic with shelving frequencies for 75, 150, 500, 1.5 and 3K bands with a range of plus or minus 18 db.
Master volume with a Footswitch Boost mini toggle switch.
Lead master volume with another mini toggle for gain boost
Lead Drive and a mini toggle for channel selection
Rhythm volume with a bright mini switch

12ax7s and EL34 powered.


This is a very interesting amp from the late 80s I believe. The EQs are all shared, and you can assign the EQ to either the lead or rhythm channel.

The rhythm is the clean channel, or you can crank the gain on it to have 2 distortion channels between the lead and rhythm, and then assign the EQ to one of them to differ the sound all together.

This might take some getting used to as it's really just one channel since everything's shared but you gotta make sure you know what you're doing with the 5 band EQ to get things to sound good.

Lots of tweakability actually with just the shared EQs and the 5 band. It's the 5 band that allows you to have such versatility in the channels and it's a great idea. One thing though is that this amp doesn't sound good at low volumes, it's old school so you gotta crank it to get it to start sounding good and non fizzy.


I just want to say this has got to be one of the most unknown sleeper amps in the world. This sounds ABSOLUTELY AMAZING for both cleans and dirty!!!

Cleans are super bright and shimmery, with plenty of headroom. You can get that fender twang no problem and you can get all that spank you've ever wanted in a clean amp if you've got a single coil equipped guitar! I've noticed almost all of carvin's amps have amazing clean sounds, not sure what they do to it but it's always great!!!

Dirt. Think hot rodded marshall sounds. Very tight, crisp, and clear. Plenty of gain on tap to do anything you want. What's also great about it is that the amp cleans up with the volume rolled down.

I ran this head through a few different cabs, avatars, Gflex, marshall cabs. It sounded good through absolutely everything. Very awesome amp!


Super ugly. But Super awesome sound!! Clean tones are to die for, dirt is a very nice hot rodded vintage sound. Plenty of gain on tap, yet dynamic enough to clean up with the volume rolled down. What more can anybody ask?

There have been many different versions of this amp, though most of them should sound quite similar so I don't think anybody can go wrong with an amp like this. Just try to get past the look of it and you're golden!


balzamo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent!!"

Carvin X-100B
Tube amp from 1990 4 EL34 and three 12AX7
100W (swith to reduce power 100, 50 and 25W)
2 inputs Low and High
Effects loop
HP outputs 4, 8, 16 ohms
Line out
switch on the 12AX7 gain 4, 0 and -10 db


super simple.
the equalizer band is really effective if you want to be very precise can dig the sound, conventional knobs I leave at 5.
a clean channel (rhythm) denies even with a very difficult to cruncher volume.
a lead channel supported a master aviator to enter hi gain.
a presence knob that stuck me.
the bottom bracket is used to switch from clean to lead, to initiate the effects loop, and put the reverb (spring)


I play everything on funck, pop, hard 80/90, reggae, blues and rock, to metal pedal essential. the base is super clean after his working with the knobs and guitar effects pedals and then I spend on lead channel and its tears.
you can play at low volume, I set the power to 50% of lead laster 10 the lead to 3 guitar volume to 3 or 2 and I rediscovered my guitars.
you can also go with a pedal distortion or fuzz Direct output preamp and you have a master volume that allows heat lamps.
I play a lot in clean through my dunlop crybaby, jekyll and hide (and ditto overd the DigiDelay a biyang reverb, fuzz a star baby of biyang.j 'always manages to have the sound I want. and when I want it sends on the solis passage lead veiled.
I return to the presence gives a real atmosphere, and spring reverb that I push background for a typed his surfing so go to the pedal if we want more.
voila, the top is clean I prefer the mesa and fender especially strong that even he does not move pas.apres can do what you want but for the metal hyper modern style, hard core I did play not.But c is not my thing so ...


I use it for 2 months, my teacher who sold it to me for 400 €
I changed because his body with the carpet it was not. it is I made a brand new steel type with a grid (I put a link) http://carfax.forumactif.com/t5867p840-j-ai-encore gauze-
and I changed the 12ax 7 lead to a ruby ​​ac5 hg +, largely decrease the body which is great ....

f-audio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" SUBLIME"

Carvin X-100B
lamp 6L6 Groove Tube
3 ECC83 JJ

works with a 2x12 Celestion V30 cab


not obvious at first glance

but rather easier later, the sounds are still a few beautiful grain getting set


in heavy metal music is missing a little bit flush (and even this will depend on the guitar)

(For me vigier above)


an excelent value for money

would love a third channel, but ..., and a pedal and played all

TSD's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Carvin X-100B
All-tube amp 100W RMS (3 x 12AX7 and 4 x EL34)
It is possible to settle in 25W (25%), 50W (50%) or 100W (Full)

Setting 4, 8 or 16 Ohm.

Rhythm or Lead selector:
_ A 3-band equalizer + presence in Rhythm
_ Are added in addition to a second 5-band equalizer in Lead

A clean channel (beautiful) and two channels saturated (depending on the level of gain, it's going to crunch up the saturation of metal type, the sound range is very wide), reverb (generating some noise if you push too ).

Level connections, there are two output jacks to connect to the cabinet, two others to the effects loop, XLR output for the pedals (a Carvin FS36 required to control the channel selection, reverb and effects loop, very annoying to find) and another for the output of the preamp.

No connection noon, finally good, it has almost 20 years sir.

This amp was used by Messrs. Steve Vai and Jason Becker for info.


Level use, once you have the pedals and two jacks for the HP cabinet, it's gone.
It starts on the position of Lead story will make the best possible equalization.

For the clean channel, just pull the volume knob to clean the back with his "bright" very slamming.

To change to overdrive channel, or you pull the lead drive knob (saturation level) is using the pedal. We arrive at the Lead channel, simply draw the button to switch to the master channel High Lead, simple, but one problem, can not pass the Lead in High with the pedals. We have to tweak the amp.

As for the manual, which buy the amp in hand, I had to search the site Carvin.
https: / / www.carvin.com / manuals / X-AMP.pdf ( https://www.carvin.com/manuals/X-AMP.pdf )


We arrive at the most important I think ^ ^.

Let's talk about the clean channel:

I must admit that there is his forte, he is magnificent.
I also have a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and I must admit that the clean Carvin largely equal. The attack level is amazing, everything is retransmitted to the output of the speaker.
For my part, I use an Ibanez RG1820 Prestige with a piezo pickup, and I really like playing with an elctro-acoustic sound is full of life, retransmitting any small imperfections in the fingers, it sounds "true".
You can attack the strings, you never hear the crunch.

Position bright, chattering sound is very less deaf, lens is the word. It is perfect to play with the neck pickup.

Time to channel saturates

Lead position and with little gain, you end up with a slight overdrive. With adjustment of equalizers, we come to get his typed Led Zeppelin or AC / DC.
It sounds very fast rock is warm and alive, just enough not to put too sharp because it is already apparent at the base lot.

High Lead position, it comes with a high gain and a lot of bass (O_o) to obtain a sound enough typed metal. However I find it a little colder and a little too compressed for my taste.

Personally, I play on the Lead channel with a DiMarzio Virtual Hot Paf.
I added an overdrive DOD Malmsteen to add the potato, the gain is 8 to 10.
And miraculously, I find myself with a very distinctive sound Mesa Boogie Petrucci kind with a little more fishing, anything less neutral. The sound is very powerful Power Chords and yet lively solo, I could not get with typical metal genre amps Peavey Triple X, his solo was really ugly and cold.

But it's true that at first, the amp does not sound quite "round" I think, just listen to Steve Vai in Crossroads to find a little too aggressive but after the right settings on equalizer 5 bands, we get roughly the sound you want, and it's nice ... ^ ^

Some products made by myself:
The volume of the amp is 1 / 10 position 25W, so the recording is pretty feeble.

Clean bridge http://neo-21.club.fr/Carvin/clean% 20chevalet.flac ( http://neo-21.perso.sfr.fr/Carvin/clean%20chevalet.flac )
Clean Bright bridge with switched http://neo-21.club.fr/Carvin/clean%% 20chevalet 20bright.flac ( http://neo-21.perso.sfr.fr//Carvin/clean%20chevalet%20bright.flac )

Overdrive 3 / 10 bridge http://neo-21.club.fr/Carvin/overdrive% 203% 20chevalet.flac ( http://neo-21.perso.sfr.fr/Carvin/overdrive%203%20chevalet.flac )
Overdrive 10/10 easel http://neo-21.club.fr/Carvin/overdrive% 2010% 20chevalet.flac ( http://neo-21.perso.sfr.fr/Carvin/overdrive%2010%20chevalet.flac )

Distortion 2 / 10 bridge http://neo-21.club.fr/Carvin/disto% 202% 20chevalet.flac ( http://neo-21.perso.sfr.fr/Carvin/disto%202%20chevalet.flac )
Distortion 5 / 10 bridge http://neo-21.club.fr/Carvin/disto% 205% 20chevalet.flac ( http://neo-21.perso.sfr.fr/Carvin/disto%205%20chevalet.flac )
Distortion 10/10 easel http://neo-21.club.fr/Carvin/disto% 2010% 20chevalet.flac ( http://neo-21.perso.sfr.fr/Carvin/disto%2010%20chevalet.flac )

Note: I noticed that the amp pushed it much better position 100W, 25W one feels that a dirty grain occurs from 3 or 4 to the Master.


I use it for two months now, with the addition of overdrive pedal, I keep the heat from her and I add power and grit to fear, the trembling walls elsewhere. Neighbors screaming, that's normal ^ ^.

I like the sonic palette of this amp is very important.

I have not tried a lot of amp before, I'm tempted in buying the U.S. with a Carvin V412 4x12 speaker after reading good criticism.
I change old lamps of origin (almost 20 years) by JJ-Electronic, suddenly, more volume declines and a slightly more compressed.

In conclusion, the clean Fender and a drive worthy of Marshall or Mesa / Boogie.
The head, cabinet, lamps and new import taxes (ouch) for about 1000 €. Not bad I think.

I would do if this election? Yes! He potato and beautiful sound, so good. Even if I test a Mesa Road King, I can not afford to offer it to me anyway.
Lack good add more than small effects with it, such a G-System from TC Electronic and presto, I would be filled.

Hope these help you write 1:30 in your choice of amplifier.

rexbegonia's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Carvin X-100B
Amp lamps 1988 (ds my case 4 6L6 and 3 12AX7)
100W (rduire swith to the power 50 and 25W)
2 between Low and High
Effects loop
HP Output 4, 8, 16 ohms
Line out

Graphic equalizer, reverb, bright ...


Simple configuration, and two channels rhythym Lead (with more for the Tagus lead). EQ, greened, and prsence common for both channels, assignable graphic legalization either clean or lead. No master volume. Attention to this amp effects loop works only with the footswitch connected. (The only major inconvnient, and as the FS36 is almost not found now, I have to buy a replacement footswitch voodooman in the United States, trs well done for that matter).
The manual is available online via carvinmuseum.com, it is not useful for forcment use the amp is fairly intuitive like most amps.


I played with a Vigier Excalibur Special and a baffle TT Rex Eminence Governor in Mt.
I play a ds progressive rock band and it really suits what we do.
The clear sound with the mic on serious Vigier (Dimarzio Paf Pro) fell to the ground, really beautiful, bright switch does not sound too bright and fine. What j'apprcie is clear that the channel is clear, no (or little) of crunch when pushing the volume, even if with Vigier between High and began be dirty.
The lead is effective and trs possde an impressive gain level, I play 8 of the drive without the Hi-Gain switch engaged. The sound is between Marshall and Boogie, 70's rock plutt only modern rock (like Engl or Diezel), but the legalization chart to sculpt the sound his own way (like V-mtalleux legalization).


I use it for some months, the Us bought for a price drisoire, it's really a good deal.
The most: the sound clear, distortion, the legalization graphic
Cons: equalization policy, effects loop that works only with the switch.
I tried an Engl screamer combo and a combo Boogie Express without being captured and aligned Carvin no problem.
Carvin makes really good amp for much cheaper than its competitors, too bad they is not better known in France is a good alternative to Marshall, Fender and Boogie.
Note that they come out to, to hear: http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=SV3apkiqWNA