ENGL E670 EL34 Special Edition Head EL34

ENGL E670 EL34 Special Edition Head EL34

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E670 EL34 Special Edition Head EL34, Tube Guitar Amp Head from ENGL in the Special Edition series.

5 user reviews
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ENGL E670 EL34 Special Edition Head EL34 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: ENGL
  • Model: E670 EL34 Special Edition Head EL34
  • Series: Special Edition
  • Category: Tube Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 05/25/2006

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ENGL E670 EL34 Special Edition Head EL34 user reviews

Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 5 reviews )
 4 reviews80 %
 1 user review20 %

iamqman's review"Specials for Engl"

ENGL E670 EL34 Special Edition Head EL34
This is the height of German engineering. Engl is a company that excels as making those over compressed metal voicing amp for straight ahead metal tuning and drop tunings. This amp is a metal guitar players dream amp. This amp will blown down doors and bust through walls. This is a three channel amp with a clean, crunch, and lead channel. Each channel is extremely usable and friendly to just about any music. However, this amp's voicing is tailored to a metal players amp. What that means is the voicing serves towards the metal style rather than a British style amp.
Tube Driver circuit for effect devicesAlso serves as a separate 5th channel that can be selected directly (with or without EQ)Modern and Classic sound-shaping buttons determine the basic voicing of all 4 channels,2 gain variants for each of the basic

Gain Boost and Hi Gain3 voicing sections: one EQ for Clean and Crunch (Main Channel 1), one for Lead I and Lead II (Main Channel 2) and another for the Tube DriverEvery channel sports a dedicated Treble knobVarious sound-shaping buttons tuned to match the tonal requirements of the given channelsLarge spring reverb with separate knobs for the 2 Main Channels3 effect loops:

FX Loop I and FX Loop II are variable, switchable effect loops, while Serial FX Loop is a separate circuit that can be used in series with 2 main effect loopsEach effect loop may be activated for each channel as well as for the Tube Driver circuit2 each power amp Master and Presence knobs, accessible via MIDIVariable MIDI-switchable power amp output (50 or 100 watts) with hot impedance adjustmentA/B speaker switching with separate impedance selector for connected speaker systemsBalanced, frequency-compensated XLR line output for routing preamp or power amp signals to mixers or recording gearMIDI In and Thru ports serve to integrate the amp into a MIDI system128 MIDI presets, accessible via 16 MIDI channelsOffers three different remote interface ports:

Serial Amp Control Port accepts the Custom Z-9 Footswitch (sold separately); the MIDI In accepts the Z-9 for use as a simple MIDI footcontroller or any other MIDI footcontrollerAmp is equipped with a stereo jack that takes a dual footswitch allowing you to switch the four channels remotelyProgrammable Noise Gate for suppressing noise in the Crunch, Lead I, and Lead II channels



4 channels: Clean, Crunch, Lead 1, Lead 2, each one in modern or classic mode, featuring mega-low punch, noise gate, 3 FX loops (one serial, two parallel), tube driver circuit (extra channel plus EQ for direct switching to power amp), 5 x ECC 83 preamp tubes

Master Section:
100 watts (4 x EL 34 tubes), half-drive mode (50 watts), Master A/B switch, Presence A/B switch, Deep Boost, electronic tube protection circuit, Speaker A/B switch.
Balanced recording out, cable test/impedance check, Speaker A/B out (4, 8, 16 ohms), Z-9 footswitch port, MIDI In/THRU.

MIDI-programmable functions at a glance, storable in any combination as required:
Channel switches, preamp boosts, normal/ultra bright, modern/classic mode, preamp defeat, FX loops, tube driver circuit, mega-low punch, depth boost, reverb, noise gate, Master A/B, Presence A/B, Speaker A/B, Half-Power switch (100/50 watts).

Dimensions & Weight:
71 x 27 x 29 cm, 26 kg


This amp says it has four channels but it really has 6 different voicings if you count the modern and classic modes on the the two lead channels. This amp can be a bit confusing upon first glance. It looks like something out of some space ship. It has a tone of features and a tone of control and all of them are lit up like a Christmas tree. There is so much going on with this amp that it makes it some what confusing. You eventually get the feel for it but it certainly is not a plug and play kind of amp. If you are used to looking at the front of a Marshall amp or a Peavey or even a Mesa Boogie aside form the Mark V, then looking at this might worry you how to dial it in. There is a system tot he madness but it can take a you a while to find the balance necessary to get a good tone out of this amp.

This amp does have a clean and crunch channel but the reason for getting this amp is not a clean and crunch channel you can get that out of many other amps. This is ultra high gain and saturation. This is an amp that is extremely saturated and extremely modern in its voicing. This sound like German metal amp which it is and you can not dial that out of any lead channel.


At new these amp comes in right at around $3999. A bit of a price for a amp. This is an amp that someone who knows what they what is going to buy and probably and active touring musician.

myriam63660_en's review

ENGL E670 EL34 Special Edition Head EL34
- 100 watts head (4 EL34 - 5 12AX7) - 6 channels - midi controlled
- hard to list all of the connections and possibilities here, have a look on ENGL website


- So much functions that you feel a little lost at first, really need lot of time to set it correctly but after that it's great to control simultanéously the head and your multi fx with the midi system.
- The manual is very clear


- you can do everything with that monster, each of the channels cover a great range of styles:
1/ Tube driver: leave the sound of your instrument unaffected and amplified directly by the power amp
2/ TDHQ: the same channel as above but with EQ settings for shaping, a volume and a sensitivity potentiometer (to set from clean to crunch)
3/ Clean channel: from extreme clean to overdrive
4/ Crunch channel: From slight crunch to heavy warm distorsion
5/ Lead 1 channel: a very tight and focused channel, great for hard rock or métal rhythm work (reminds me of the gun's n' roses rythm sound) - also great for soloing with neck pickup
6/ Lead 2 channel: less défined, bassier and more drive than the prévious channel. Was designed for solo work but i use it for heavy distorted rhythm.

There's so much gain in the lead 1 and 2 channels that i never set the gain setting past 12 o'clock in hi gain mode ;)

Once the channel is set you can choose between dozens of tone shaping options, some are really usefull, others are less depending on what type of sound you want to have


- been using it for more than one year and i'm still amazed by this head, you can do everything with it, it is designed to sound amazingly even without multi fx (the head has multiple semi-paramétric tone shaping options as well as compression mode)
- This head is expensive, but it's worth every euro
- There is no other amp that can match the possibilities the ENGL SE provide, it's the world best kept secret

marmotteshow's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E670 EL34 Special Edition Head EL34
Add anything


Add anything


"ALL" sounds, nothing less


Ben, who find that no sound, needs to start with buying a good ten fingers (though Tony and django ...) and 2 stuff that look like ears, if after it's still not, needs to instrument changes, the electric guitar is not for him.
only regret is the sub, I think it is really very expensive, but hey, it was the sound !!
regarding the finish, it's great, although in my case, the receiver would a gazinire it pleased me as much.

Pucelle_Dabidjan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E670 EL34 Special Edition Head EL34
My test will be shorter, because everything that needed to be said t was lower, and in any fawn rglage certain aspects of me are still unfamiliar.

Just for printing. The head seems to be built, potentiomtres turn round the woodwork rsiste the mtaux are heavy. The real good stuff to take 20 years.


Trs flexible, versatile trs, but a real barrel of Danades for rglages.


In sound, I'll be more prcis my scribbling a few previous ones. Everything we can out of this bte. a growl, and this in very beautiful Manir in high gain. However, the clean is exploitable. Arian and not transparent, but it has the roundness and warmth, in perfectly with the current trend. Adding that the EL34 equilibrated to give a ct cleans with a little shine, which is always apprciable. The crunch reminiscent of a jcm 800 testostron but it is a bit more neutral than the crunch of references prcit but only on condition of not having a heavy hand. Ds that just hammers the strings, the ct "electric" typical engl is felt, but a beautiful canal british trs. In OVERDRIVE, the sound is dmentiel and encourages the union coronation. The sound is both roots and modern (the mumbling I see some notches derrire their "thank you loser, we had help." But it has! We can try to imagine the sound a little s employed by Jacques Wild ... It's wet but with a ct teeming with thickness and increased precision. Trs broad spectrum of sound that sweeps everything litralement scne is on.

What more?

[10] the head for me the most versatile and parralllement, the most extreme mlodieusement the moment.


I think a lack of can-objectify. I tried today with a beast and I can collgue orientating towards that choice.

(I complt me ​​when I tried it a second time)

The EL34 dlivrent a well with the roots of modern touch in ENGL, the head seems built to last and sounds that come out are of professional quality that jumps IMMEDIATE ears. A head versatile without compromising on fun.

I put 10 gnral because I have not found something that sounds as good for use today. Diezel VH4 "yes but ...", Genz-Benz El Diablo" yes but ...", Mesa Rectifier "yes but ...", Budda Superdrive" yes but ...", Krank Revolution "yes but .. ., "Bogner Ueberschall" yes but ...", Tech 21 Trademark 300 "super Madison divinity but ..."," Yes, but ...", and RH Randall Warhead "yes but ...", and Marshall tsl JCM800 "yes but ...", ENGL SE" NOTHING - A - complaints! "

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