ENGL E642 Invader 100 Head

ENGL E642 Invader 100 Head

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E642 Invader 100 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from ENGL in the Invader series.

5 user reviews
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ENGL E642 Invader 100 Head tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: ENGL
  • Model: E642 Invader 100 Head
  • Series: Invader
  • Category: Tube Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 08/13/2007

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ENGL E642 Invader 100 Head user reviews

Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 5 reviews )
 3 reviews60 %
 2 reviews40 %

iamqman's review"Space shuttle controls"

ENGL E642 Invader 100 Head
ENGL invader 100 amp is a metal amp guitarist dream. It has four separate channels with its own separate EQ control box. It's powered by four EL34 power tubes which is a good mid range crunch. This guitar amp is very flexible and completely versatile and can get just about anytime and you can dream off. It can go from a crisp clean tone all the way up into a modern high gain new metal tone. Combine all of that with the ability to use and my MIDI gives this amplifier with a modern touch with a great versatility and feel.

• Channel 1: Silken Clean to Crispy Crunch

• Channel 2: Fat & Bulky Crunch to NU-Rock / Metal Rhythm / Lead

• Channel 3: Tight Warm Crunch to Classic Dynamic Rock / Metal

• Channel 4: Modern Crunch to Singing Harmonic Leads



Four Basic Channels with separate Gain and Volume knobs
Two Gain Variants for each channel
Four Voicing Sections - 3-band EQ for each channel
Bright sound-shaping Button for Channel 1 & 2
Two Effects Loops that are variable and switchable
A and B Master knobs are accessible via MIDI
MIDI Ins and Thru ports
128 MIDI Presets via 16 Channels
Three different remote interface ports
Programmable Noise Gate in Channel 2, 3, and 4


The tone of this guitar amp is very German sounding. It's hard to dial out the voicing of this amplifier to make it sound anything other than a metal amplifier. The voicing is a great voice if you're into that sort of thing but if you are more of a vintage player and I suggest other amps.

The clean is very good clean and is very sparkly. The first channel does a exceptional job and giving you a good smooth clean tone. The second channel can give you a good classic rock chick sound and even a new male lead time. The third channel can get a good one crunch sound as well as a good metal sound. Channel 4 is more towards the modern crunch by Sapphire focus midrange for leads and solo playing. Each channel does it really changing foisting too much or is it changes the focus of the frequencies more. See you would have higher midrange frequencies and Lola midrange frequencies on certain channels to get you the ability to get a lot more versatile rhythm and lead tones.


You can pick up these amplifiers new right at around $2900. It's a pretty expensive price for an amplifier but this for a professional guitarist. This is an amplifier for someone is just learning and just trying out the guitar for the first time. This is an amp or someone is down with a new balancing and death we knows exactly what you're looking for it sound features and quality. Is a very high quality amp and a little intimidating at first when you see all the control knobs and buttons on the front panel. I highly recommend this empty any modern metals player or someone is just likes a load of distortion.

iamqman's review"Nice covers amp"

ENGL E642 Invader 100 Head
Engl is a company that excels as making those over compressed metal voicing amp for straight ahead metal tuning and drop tunings. Many metal guys have even signed on as endorsers of Engl amps. This amp will blown down doors and bust through walls. This is a three channel amp with a clean, crunch, and lead channel. Each channel is extremely usable and friendly to just about any music. However, this amp's voicing is tailored to a metal players amp. What that means is the voicing serves towards the metal style rather than a British style amp. This amp is a metal guitar players dream amp.

INVADER 100 E642

Perfect tool for players identity:

The basic layout of the Invader consists of an all tube driven head, that features 8 different gain stages in 4 separate channels that include four separate EQs.

Powered by 4 EL 34 Tubes the Invader delivers a total amount of 100 watts. The idea behind the Invader is that guitarists need most flexibility and control for any given playing situation. Easy to handle ñ just focusing on pure tube tone.

The Invader achieves that with a new concept: This amp does not feature the classic 4 channel head layout of a Clean- Crunch- Rhythm- Lead channel.
The Invader is different.

Named Channel 1, 2, 3, 4, these channels are able to produce different Overdrive / Gain structures ñ each one from Crunch to High Gain. Every Overdrive Voicing in the channels is different.

In conjunction with the Hi / Lo gain switch, which can be remote controlled and a separate EQ section for each channel, there will be no limits except the guitarist creativity.

Channel 1:
Silken Clean to Crispy Crunch

Channel 2:
Fat & Bulky Crunch to NU-Rock / Metal Rhythm / Lead

Channel 3:
Tight Warm Crunch to Classic Dynamic Rock / Metal

Channel 4:
Modern Crunch to Singing Harmonic Leads


4 channels. four 3-stage EQs incl. logarithmic treble curve, Bright switch for Channels 1 and 2, separate Gain and Volume controls for each channel, Hi / Lo Gain switch, Noise Gate with threshold adjust, 2 parallel FX loops, 4 x ECC 83 / 12 AX 7 preamp tubes. Tuner out activated via standby switch.

Master Section:
100 watts (4 EL 34 tubes), Master A / B switch, Presence and Depth Punch control for poweramp soundshaping, Electronic Tube Protection circuit and powertube monitoring system.

MIDI IN / THRU, jack for ENGL Z-9 footswitch, jack for ENGL Z-4 / Z-3 footswitch, 2 x FX Send, 2 x FX Return, 2 x FX Balance, preamp out / tuner, line out / power amp, speaker outs 2 x 4, 2 x 8, 1 x 16 ohms

MIDI programmable functions at a glance, storable in any combination as required:
Channel switching, Master A / B, Bright, Hi / Lo Gain, FX Loop 1 and 2, noise gate, amp mute (tuner)

Dimensions & Weight:
71 x 27 x 29 cm, 23 kg


This amp is basically the same amp as the E640 that has 150 watts of power. This one has 100 watts which will give you less headroom and a quicker crunch. The voicing is basically the same in both amps and only a wattage difference between them.

The clean tone is awesome with just a touch of hair to get a great blues rock tone. The crunch channel is good classic rock type tones and basically any kind of 70's rock tones. This is a great channel for covers as well since it has a general crunch tone that works well with effects such as delays and choruses. It can even get pretty heavy in the crunch area for some newer metal tones. If you play a lot of covers or just play a more mainstream rock then this channel will be right up your ally. The next channel is the rhythm channel and this is a nice high gain crunch channel. This can cover a lot of ground including 80's hard rock and metal all the way up to today's more modern type tones. The finally channel is the lead channel which more voiced towards lead playing and sols. This channels has a nigher upper mid section so the toes cut through the mix a lot better.


You can find these amps new right at around $2849, which may a bit high for most people but this is more towards professional touring artists and musicians who know what they want. This is a great all around amps for a lot of styles of music. I would recommend this amp to any one who needs a good workhorse amp that gets a great all around tone for basically any kind of music.

Bloodysatch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Big sound and versatility!"

ENGL E642 Invader 100 Head


The head configuration is very simple, no need to search for hours and not really need the manual and yet this is my first all-tube amp head, suddenly the manual I was not used much but I I found quite simple even if it is in English.

In sound, with this head, we easily get a good sound regardless of channel, the fact that each channel has its gain, volume, middle, trebble and bass helps a lot.
On top of that the Master A and B, High-Gain, the bright and the noise gate are "options" are very significant and the great interest of the head that is at once versatile and it is very convenient to use all the possibilities if you have a pedal twelve o'clock


This amp head to be completely my style of music!
For the metal, the Invader excels without a grain too extreme metal as is the case for the ENGL Powerball for example.
With 4 channels you can get a large range of sound, channel 2 (crunch) can afford to rock, blues and even hard-rock and heavy depending on the amount of gain or hi-gain mode is switched .
Channel 3 on the other hand can go from heavy metal to more extreme styles, channel 4 serves primarily for lead, unlikely that you use it in rhythm and I use it personally only solo .
Channel 1 is when to him a clean channel that can tend towards rock and blues, pushing the gain.

I played on the head with an ESP Horizon III and an Ibanez RG1527Z, I find that this head is coupled very well with my ESP Horizon III, versatile guitar amp head with versatile (although more metal oriented).

What I love about this amp head is channel 3, for the rhythm channel is nickel is in all respects! I also love the clean channel on which I get very good clear sound, I could not imagine an amp sounds without clear quality.
Then of course I love greatly to channel 4 or lead channel which I think he would miss a little reverb but hey it does not exist on this head, you'd better have a small multi-purpose and more ;)
Finally I also like Channel 2 (crunch), though I use it a lot less than others.


It's been a little over two months that I use and satisfaction is always there! The waiting feels just a little G MAJOR 2 in the effects loop so that the pleasure is total.
I have not really tried other models before the Invader 100, I just tested a year before an ENGL Powerball II that I loved but found too typed metal.
Having always loved the grain ENGL, I could not not take a head ENGL Invader and the choice of naturally imposed itself!

What I love about this head, is above all its versatility and the fact that it is controllable via midi, I also find this very nice head, sober and class at a time. What I like least? Well maybe there is no reverb on it, otherwise I see not.

For the price / quality ratio I do not know, I know heads at similar options are cheaper but can not compare I can not say.
What I know is that the quality is there, it's normal when German ^ ^.

It is clear that for now, I would redo this choice without hesitation!

cedoffspring's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ENGL E642 Invader 100 Head
71cm (length) x 27cm (height) x 29cm (depth) and weighs 21 kg.

Amp Power:
the invader100 is an all-tube head home Engl. 4 EL34 as power tubes, 12AX7 and 4 for pramplification. Its power is 100W.

-Output speaker 2 x 4 ohms, 2 x 8 ohms, 16 ohms x 1
-2 Loop effects
-Connections to pdalier Engl Z-9
MIDI-IN, MIDI through

-Bright (clear up the sound)
Hi-Gain (Boost the sound)
- FX Loop I / II (selection on the effects loop, LED color = FX loop I, LED lights + FX Loop II, balance setting behind the amp, indpendant for each channel)
-Gate (filtering sound rglage behind the amp)
-Master A / B (selection of one of 2volumes gnraux)
-White/copy (Function MIDI recording Patch)
-Selection of Channel 1 (Clean), 2 (Crunch), 3 (Lo-Lead), 4 (Hi-Lead)
- For each channel: gain, a 3-band EQ, Volume one.


The number of knobs and buttons seem impressive, there are Ralite quickly resumed his. having the EQ makes spares rglages simple, no need to seek a compromise between the channels. EQ is not too prcise or not enough, you move Lorqui a knob means a diffrence, but it is not standard (either the Marshall or the Mesa).
Like other Engl amps, you plug and rings. Ds we touch a knob, the sound is good trs. The manual is almost useless, it serves for the positions of the switches for MIDI (if pdalier has a power supply externally or not), and for the selection of the Earth.

There is just the right thing.


I use this amp with an Ibanez NDM1 and Ibanez RG 2550.

Channel 1:
the clean sound is beautiful, clean and prcis. I cost of the clean Mesa, and I will have a small preferences for clean Mesa. we can push this up a channel distortion of approaching channel 3 (I'm a little thought to the principle of that VHT CL100 2CH indented, short)

Channel 2:
The crunch is good too, I used mainly for the AC / DC, Deep Purple, Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Channel 3:
heavy distortion for modern pieces plutt, whether Bourin or PrEP.

Channel 4:
Channel 3 just over compress many personnent use it for solos.


I use it for about 3 months.
This amp is really versatile for those who Engl apprcie the grain and do not want to locked into a particular style, this amp is perfect.
for inconvnients, personally, I have not found it yet.
I pass a marshall 30DFX the invader (which not justify Previous sentence), I sold my ME-50, I use no effects, and I do not feel the 'helpful prvois to buy rack delay and reverb.
3 years ago I wanted to buy a Randall RG 50 TC, arriving at the store, I test the RG 50 and a Peavey ValveKing, I really t's, the seller about me try a marshall JCM combo (I can not remember the exact reference), Du also gave much to the rhythm, but the acute lack of something. I put my guitar and he said you're on you do not want Engl Screamer combo test, I told him no, I was tired of being the, he told me about the fireball, I ' I emerged my guitar (my first one who wanted cost is given by). AND OUAAAAAAAAAH. several months later I have the powerball test being given that the fire was a common gain, no noise gate, it was not quite complete I found.
When I got to buy the powerball, it not in silent state, and SURPRISE, there was the invader150. I left the store empty handed because 150W is too much for me and I did not want to invest in a 600 cabinet (he offered me an Engl 212 "). Christmas and I took the invader with 100 a baffle harley benton 412 "in V30.

Refre if I had the choice, I will not come. With the time I devoted to economy and the search for ideal amp, I am proud of the result.

PS: Note perfect reflection of this amp APRS me, even if perfection does not exist, I found that I was looking for in the perfect sound.

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