ENGL E625 Fireball 60 Head

ENGL E625 Fireball 60 Head

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E625 Fireball 60 Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from ENGL in the Fireball series.

10 user reviews
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ENGL E625 Fireball 60 Head tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: ENGL
  • Model: E625 Fireball 60 Head
  • Series: Fireball
  • Category: Tube Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 02/23/2006

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ENGL E625 Fireball 60 Head user reviews

Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 10 reviews )
 6 reviews60 %
 2 reviews20 %
 1 user review10 %

Everlone's review"The Fireball has too much fire."

ENGL E625 Fireball 60 Head
The Engl Fireball 60 is a 60 watt all tube amp powered with a pair of 6L6’s. It is a two channel amp (dirty and clean) with a shared EQ (bass, middle, treble, and presence), and “bright” and “depth” buttons. There are two master volumes, so one may be used as a volume boost for solos.


It is extremely easy to get a good sound out of the Fireball. Set the controls at noon and tweek the knobs from there. The manual is clear, but not totally necessary as this is a pretty self explanatory amp.


I used the Engl Fireball with a Gibson Les Paul Custom, and a pedal board consisting of a Boss TU-2, a Line 6 MM4, and a Boss NS-2. I play all varieties of “rock,” but the distortion channel on the Fireball is voiced more for “metal.” The tone is very aggressive and I could not find a way to dial it out or minimize it in any way. The clean channel is VERY clean, but sounded a bit dull and lifeless. It was a passable clean when I put chorus or other effects on, but it still lacked a certain bouncy quality that nice clean tones produce. The Bright button helped a little, but not enough to salvage the tone.


My favorite thing about the Engl Fireball is the simplicity of the amp and the quality of the tone. Unfortunately that tone does not work with the style of music I play. I would love to have the Fireball as a second or third back-up amp, but not for my primary tone. I was attracted to the Fireball because it is one of the lower priced Engls. It was an excellent value for the price, but knowing what I know now I probably would have picked something voiced more for rock ‘n’ roll.

Pierrot68666's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" BOOM! Created for you rectify the face"

ENGL E625 Fireball 60 Head
Everything has already been said. Qu'ENGL injury has not kept the gate found on Fireball 100W.


Easy to use, no need for manual: the amp has the usual minimalist features.
60W lamps is ultra strong for those looking for an apartment amp. However, compared to other amps 50W or more, I think the master volume and effective it is possible to play at a reasonable level of output with a very good sound quality.


Clean channel: the sound is round and of good quality. Pushing the gain (from half or more, depending on the guitar pickups), it evolves into a crunch.

Disto channel: This is enjoyable. I wanted an amp built for heavy metal saturation and that's why I bought it. And I'm not disappointed: it has a headroom so phenomenal that it is even used to push anything beyond half! It is associated with a Gibson Flying V and a Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2x12 cabinet and it sends the fire. I had in the past 2 Marshall (DSL100 and JVM205H), a Mesa Boogie combo Rectoverb 50W and none of his amps will compete on the big saturation ... I was also really surprised the first time I I tried because the sound is incisive, sharp and highly accurate ... to pass my old amps amps opera.

Big sound is his vocation No. 1, the amp was designed for it and moreover it is also a disadvantage: the versatility of the amplifier is reduced compared to the competition. From 2/10 gain, the sound is no longer crunch, and 5/10 with humbucker pickups right, you tear the walls. You understand that if you want a very versatile amp with various possible combinations, go your way.

I put 10/10, the clean channel is nice and the distortion is my favorite, I have not found more bestial.


You're a metalhead and looking for a amp that excels in the big sound? 2 channels are enough for you?
So I really suggest you try and form your opinion. If you are not looking at any price versatility as can make such a Diezel, a Powerball or a Recto 4 channels, this amp is for you and in addition it will save you money .. for 1000 € new and even less used, I have not found better :)

laulec's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" metalhead, look no further!"

ENGL E625 Fireball 60 Head




a great reference in the metal! ca is immediately!
to all those who have not managed to find the correct sound with their
go for it! c is sharp! precise and ....... warm and yes!
harmonics and guaranteed larsens


I just have a revelation! ca is 6 months!
j c insists is right, precise, wicked and warm ....

Zehirmahnn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Magistral."

ENGL E625 Fireball 60 Head
All t adj said. nanmoins, I would add that the 60w version is more "lgre" functions in the Fireball 100w, particularly with regard to the gate Intgr rear face of the 100w version , it does not exist on version 60, which is not forcment Gnant. More precision below.


Before you continue reading these lines, I would like prvenir, not to waste your time unnecessarily, I would not say that the saturation of this amplifier.

So THE FIRST thing you notice is that no matter rglages, the sound is never really dsagrable. Unless EXAGRES in rglages creuss, all is finding his preferences, but must be done to have a really expr dsagrable makes his ears bleed ... I've never seen easier from Orange.
For each rglage there are ways to get three "colors" thanks to the two buttons and Depth Bright, bright as .. bright .. (I swear), the clean clear up (beware of ears to the followers of the * * Schpenk Fenderien) and giving a touch heavy metal saturation, and Depth as more "heavy", rounding up the clean and transforming saturation a sound purely unhealthy ... must for people who would not rev nice to the big metal mchancet for free.
And of course, my Engl prfr the original sound, the one and only if we do not perform any of these two buttons ...
I find the sound a little better if Dfine n'enclenche any button or Bright Depth, more suited for rock or metal more "happy" is a crunch in vritable rgal pchu .
Otherwise nothing to say more ... A yes ... Go easy with the gain.
I put 8 / 10 for the legalization common for me is one of the few points ngatifs I could find this amp, but not all the same ngligeable (at the same time, c is what makes the Fireball Fireball is equipped with two ... it would be called legalization Powerball dtails few prs ^ ^). Deuxime BMOL small, the small button "Depth" whose cap was misplaced t it is down to 2-3 mm compared to that of empty cot not know the eye which is switched on and which is not without vrifier. Trs nothing serious in itself when you see the solidity of the machine and finish irrprochable Depth except this little button.


So I play a few prs of everything, but I use this head for the saturation m'tonne each day of its color and its characters.
On my PRS Custom 24 pickups vintage team, I can tell you that with the gain at 10-11am on the most extreme metal would have his thirst quenched much of violence ... (I'm also drop the ..) but if it did it on my prs vintage mics, I can not imagine on Di Marzio X2N or any other micro high output, it must be dmentiel.
But the sound that rvle as the personality of the guitar is the crunch, so it shares some of the prfrent push the clean channel gain, other prf rent rduire channel gain satur ...
It dpends use, one for crunch blues will be more suited to a big crunch pushed clean pchu be located in the saturated gain channel 8.
Personally I plutt supporter of the 2nd, which will have a sound between the crunch and saturation, it can-do-cleaner, sharp and angry. Do not be afraid to add a little to meet the mdiums all.
Level Treble and Presence, cruel dilemma. silence is a matter of tastes. Of Manir gnrale I'd say it's better low volume prsence more and less acute, high-volume plutt is the opposite. Try it, then.
on the other hand, those who use distortion pedals, it will do without unless you have a really worthy of the name ...
In any fawn, a paste of distortion pedals to this head is a vritable sacrilge, given the quality of the saturation of the amplifier is truly sublime.
Then head for this, many regret the absence of the Gate Intgr Submitted on the 100 Fireball ... I do not understand the dozens of comments dealing with the breath EXAGRES of this amp in my home I have nothing at all! All clean burr-free, with no parasites, no breath, nothing trs trs trs same high volume and no noise gate! (May be the vintage pickups in PRS are for something, I do not know their level of output but it must be reasonable plutt ... The place can also be a factor of feedback when my amp was located on the other pice of ct c'tait unplayable, may be due to the electrical outlet, I know. are to me even happen to Ca to hear a Russian radio station, fortunately a small enough dmnagement rgler all a.)
I think that the whole is to have a good jack, to be a follower of Plug'n Play, to try several locations in the pice to find the place where there is less noise, especially. .. I stress this point to be reasonable gain level, knowing the button 12 is more than just useless and ridiculous, even to play the big metal Djent or my gain is between 9am and 11am ...
Oh I forgot .. Proponents of rglages V (bass genre: 10; mediums: 0; trebble: 10) or habitus transistors amps who want to venture in the field of the lamp with this amp, and although it will change philosophy, so be friendly and dlicats in rglage frankly it's not rocket science, is just not too many carts CRER between frquences ... the Fireball will reward you a hundredfold.


I use it for 4 months, I have a kind hsit years between the Fireball and Engl Screamer Combo 50w, both amps are really excellent high gain saturation level but there's no photo, s fireball ' comes out with flying colors, even if I prefried cleans the sumptuous Screamer.
Then report quality price ... let me laugh, I think it's just a bndiction. If you want to saturation Powerball without the budget is just perfect, because Fireball is nothing but a head with just the Powerball channel 1 and channel 4, and having a common legalization both channels.
I would do without this choice hsiter for a second ... You enter the big leagues, and the sound (yes, the sound, not the possibility of rglages and versatility) can be put in evidence of the great Mesa and others, and I find it's an excellent compromise for those who want professional quality sound ct leaving some common functions to allger just the bill.
Finally, I would say ... Try it, you'll see.
ps: for all questions more or precision target n'hsitez not really send me a message, I would be happy to clear.

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