EVH 5150 III 50W

EVH 5150 III 50W

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5150 III 50W, Tube Guitar Amp Head from EVH in the 5150 III series.

8 user reviews
Prices starting at $1,200 Average price: $1,200

EVH 5150 III 50W review

EVH 5150III Review

EVH 5150III Review

Eddy Van Houten? When Fender launched a new amplifier featuring a new "EVH" logo and the traditional "F" next to the 5150 III logo, questions were certain to rise. Rumors said this new monster is made for metal. There are too many secrets surrounding this new amp — it's time for me to jump into my van and find out the truth. Read more…

EVH 5150 III 50W tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: EVH
  • Model: 5150 III 50W
  • Series: 5150 III
  • Category: Tube Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 04/18/2011

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EVH 5150 III 50W user reviews

Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 8 reviews )
 6 reviews75 %
 1 user review13 %
Value For Money :

tonmazz's review"EVH 515III 50 Watt monster! "

EVH 5150 III 50W
Wow! This little brother to the 100 watt EVH 5150III is an absolute monster of an amp. Still a tube amp like its big brother it sports 50 watts which sounnds like 250 watts when turned up. Sporting 2 6L6 power tubes and 6 12AX7 preamp tubes, this thing can hang with the best of them. Comes with MIDI footswitch and built in effects loop.


Very functional for gigging with its three channels allowing for clean, rhythm and lead settings. One difference from its big brother is that you have to share EQ controls on channel one and two while three has its own. I guess you can't have everything but this comes close to giving you just about everything. Manual is sufficient, no rocket science here. Easy to use and understand.


Cleans are good enough in combination with effects through the loop. Rhythm channel is probably the best part of this amp, just pure tone like EVH himself would expect. It is as close to pure Marshall tone as I have ever heard from a non Marshall amp. Very pure sound, not muddy at all. You have all of the punch in all three channels you will ever need, hard to believe this is a 50 watt amp. Channel 3 is super over the top distortion with the inherant tonal quality of channel 2 but slightly thinner for cutting leads. Once again, way more gain than you will ever be able to use but so great it's there if you need it. The presence knob has so much range, it is almost impossible to get a tone you are not happy with. All of the tone controls simply work well and have the range needed to take this amp whereever you want it to go.


Having had the big brother 100 watter, this is a much better amp in a smaller package. Absolutely love the price point of this one. So much amp for the money, under $1,000! All three channels are extremely useable and bring something to the table. It has both cutting tone and bottom end power which makes it so close to the perfect amp. It is also very open and organic, not compressed like a transistor amp is. Just roaring, Marshallesque tone for any hard rock and even metal situation. Hard not to like this amp! Bottom line is, great price, great sound, comes equipt with a loop and midi footswitch, looks great and works perfect. The only downside was as mentioned, two channels sharing an EQ. If this bugs you, buy the 100 watter and problem solved.
Robert Mudha06/26/2014

Robert Mudha's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Amp Ultra Modern"

EVH 5150 III 50W
50W 2 JJ 6L6GC
7 12AX7!!! It is gated, this is the compression tube!
Let me tell you that even by changing V1, there almost nothing, far from Brit Amp
Midi-compatible ... And ben Jove, it's like a GPS such, it can help, it can save!
Are white buttons ranging from 1 to 10. According to one turns it changes the sound but not the same button. Surprisingly it is marked on what we are below each button, practice!
There are three channels with different colors. In the dark if you are deaf you know if you have connected us on a distortion or clean .... Well thought for the deaf, for the blind will review it ... A show a little noise, Siri who send a text to see ....
EVH also thought to racial discrimination. If you're more a fan of Arian beautiful time of colonization, it offers the Ivory recalling the glory and fast Africa 20s. If like me you are a tawny hair, see black, head is black worry you.


The configuration is more complicated but less than a Senseo combo VHS / DVD set that Mom and Dad are happy.
The manual reminds us that we take for painters ...
"Feed the amp head with an adequate cable, if its not working"
"Think about starting off"
"Do not put your tongue on hot lamps"

So to 1000th obtained a electric guitar sound .... If you plug an accordion there is less easy to sound good .... A good gross for mobsters with a bowl against.

Mistification: the jump between green and blue, set the gain to 6, no more difference bands dancers, play a worthy volume also room is shame to have such a beast!


My style of music is the electric guitar: It should be about
I get sounds between 110Hz and 1500Hz (under torture with 7 strings)
I hate the sound of the amp that goes off it means that the repeat or live is over.
I love the sound of the Lydian on the blue channel with a delay and a TS9.
Channel 1: Clean dry as a stick, with active ca goes better but not worth a catechu against a Fender combo, let it be said, do not listen to metal heads "clean channel Fenderien"
I had a Laney VH100, he put him in the spanking clean and Vintage.
Reverb Delay Modulation, what you want but give him the boot
Channel 2: Heavy 80's .... From Glam to Chuck
Channel 3: Whitechapel Gojira VS VS Eruption


It sounds, it's modern, it is compressed, go your way for vintage vibes and other heat lamp crunches .... Go your way if you are looking for a dynamic amp into distortion. Very smooth compared to his uncle 6505 ....

Joe-Rhys's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the saturax that hard head you!"

EVH 5150 III 50W
all head lamps manufactured by Fender!
50w under the hood!
two amp channels filled horses (no tax!) just waiting to get out and shake you! ah! ah!
panel; gain, low, middle, high, and volume for the 2-channel and a presence button to the right.
2 push buttons provide quick channel change.


yes, it is rather simple as running ...
I have not read the manual ...
sound, the van halen today!


yes, it is ideal for 80% of what I demand an amp; namely; high saturation and specific clean channel!
I say 80% because for the warm blues sounds, must look elsewhere!
I tested with elite LTD horizon III and it was party to saturax!


I tried it last Saturday ...
this is really impressive!
this is the first time I find an amp delivers a saturation horse like that!
in addition, associated with the 5150 III 2X12 cabinet "was a fucking saturation just hit you in the leg!
I can not believe so he roared!
it is really and definitely an amp for metal!
it is capable of other things, but this is not his hunting ground ...
even staying on the first channel by pushing the gain, you can get to have a similar sound to 2 channel bottom but with a sound a little more "rock" loaded mediums ..
I tried the blues, but it's not his thing, because the sound is "right" and the blues, it's worth a rounder and dirty sound ...
to finish; this amp, everyone knows and doubt is not to tell the story of Sleeping Beauty or to go pick mirtilles; it is "sending power and has teeth that you lost after!"
you guessed it; this amp does not compromise; it is "clean" and dry and saturated death, but between, it's hard to do something else or so, you must add a pedal, and there is more the sound of the amp ...
an amp that will not suit everyone.

ben26200's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" it hard!! I love"

EVH 5150 III 50W
Everything is already said in previous reviews
Beautifully crafted, beautiful, solid.
Ability to manage the effects loop with the footswitch is rather great!


Incredibly easy.
You will get all the sounds you want very easily, a few hours of test you enough. (Without either from in areas that are not hers!) For a mesa head, brand I love, it takes dozens of hours to get the perfect sound.

9/10 and not 10/10 as a c .. thought wise to put on / off and standby buttons on the back of the amp ... Hang on!!


Like everyone else we are going to focus a little more on the sounds. I understand why some reviews are means, we must love, and I adoreeee! I want to say that the cab is very important, I stayed on my 2x12 mesa boogie recto 2x12 cab the EVH has not convinced me. Us and what better than a mesa recto cab for metal?

Clear / crunch channel 1 (green) sounds: Pretty cold (which I love), responded dramatically to attack. Neck pickup it still manages to keep a clear sound up to half of gain, but the bridge pickups crunch happens very quickly, I love! We play a nice arpeggio without damaging the strings were clear sound and makes agreements attacking and has a crunch without touching the trimmings!

Sounds cruch channel 2 (blue): Direct Wholesale rock n roll, equalization very important to find a multitude of sounds. You can go ACDC big big rock / stoner. So I will address directly the people who say that the amp is unusable because it has only one volume for channel 1 and 2 impossible to manage the problem. Of one, it's a rock amp / metal so clear sound is not to be used at the same volulme the crunch. It is even very useful I think. To make joe dassin buy another amp. Then as many guitarists you tend to forget that your guitar has knob ... yes it is good for something, if you want absolutely play on these two channels at the same volume you just have to put the volume knob handle micro background and volume knob easel moitier and you change microphones when you change the channel ... easy. But again if you need this so equal volume is that you can be wrong amp for your style you are ...

Channel 3 / lead / red: The must for me, perfect for all styles of metal to the extreme, equalization once again great, the sound goes all the while (the black heavy metal, grind the super ). a small pile of background noise, so if you are sensitive you will need a noise gate.

Last thing to do potentiometer on the back of the head (a kind of presence inverted), it will be very useful for façoner your sound!

I put 9/10 and not 10/10 for the common volume between channel 1 and 2 even though for me it is not a problem and the lack of reverb ...


Perfect perfect perfect, I play it for 2 months, already used on stage again, everywhere he is awesome!! Then again do not be fooled, this is not an amp to make soft. This is 5150!!

And also thank you to the gentlemen / lady have tried this amp an hour in the store and have never used true to refrain from writing reviews ... Let those who use it every day and know how to use a guitar knob.

Top quality price, I hesitated a long time with a carvin V3m but I do not regret.

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