Fryette Amplification PittBull Hundred/CL

Fryette Amplification PittBull Hundred/CL

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PittBull Hundred/CL, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Fryette Amplification.

3 user reviews
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Fryette Amplification PittBull Hundred/CL tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Fryette Amplification
  • Model: PittBull Hundred/CL
  • Category: Tube Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 04/02/2004

We have no technical specifications for this product
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Fryette Amplification PittBull Hundred/CL user reviews

Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %

drkorey's review""It is OK for a rock amp""

Fryette Amplification PittBull Hundred/CL
I am unsure of what year the 100 CL I owned was; it was an older model - most likely late 90's-early 2000's. Four EL-34 tubes can push it to 100 watts.

Features include: 2 channels, each with independent volume, pre-gain, high gain (gain stacking) switch, 3 band EQ, switchable mid boost/cut, switchable gain boost, and switchable "edge" (high frequency gain); master volume, presence, depth, and multi-band EQ controls; half power (50w) mode; effects loop with high/low level switch and series/parallel switch, mix/level control; switchable between class A and class A/B operation; 2x speaker outs with impedance selector; line out; power amp mute; foot-switchable channels, boost, effects loop and EQ (the latter is channel assignable, too).


The 100 CL has quite a few sound shaping features (see above) but they are mostly designed to produce varying degrees of overdrive and distortion, and is well designed in this regard.

It is fairly easy to get a good "dry" rock and clean sound out of this amp with minimal tweaking. I bought the amp used and the manual was available for download at the Fryette user’s forum but it is very basic and just tells you about the features of the amp. Sample settings are not really needed with this amp -it is fairly straight forward.

This amp may be hard for some players to play. It is a dry type of OD and will not hide mistakes and will make you play with cleaner and better technique, which isn't a bad thing.


It should be noted that this amplifier actually has two differently voiced gain channels (green and red) and, while clean-ish tones can be coaxed from either of them, it is not designed to provide you with lush, sparkling cleans. I set up the amp to have the green channel as the clean and red as the OD/distortion channel. I thought it did a better than ok job with the cleans and worked well for me in that regard, better than some other amps I have owned.

I found the OD/distortion from this amp lacking saturation and not very inspiring to play. The tone I was looking to achieve was Jerry Cantrell's AIC Facelift tone. I found the 100CL unable to get the same amount of saturation (and much wasn't needed to begin with). In fact, I think a Marshall JCM 800 is more saturated and "juicy" compared to this amp. A good example of this amps sound is on Danzig's self titled "1/2 skull" cod. Just a very dry/clean tone. If that is what I was looking for than the amp would be rated higher.
I used quite a few guitars with this amp, including: ESP KH-II, Gibson Goth and regular V's, ESP M-II and a PRS standard.
I didn't experiment too much with boost pedals. I wanted it to get the sound I was after without having to use an external boost.

I also preferred the amp's extra 5 band EQ switched off. When it was engaged it seemed to take away from the sound.


I liked the footswitch and the amps features the most. The footswitch with this is great - has Channel, Boost, Fx Loop and EQ switches ( which you can assign to Red or Green - or both ).
With the foot-switchable boost and EQ, you can access a wide range of tones from light overdrive through to a mid-boosted solo tone in the course of a song.

Overall, I found the amp to be a disappointment and unable to achieve the sound I was looking for.
I was unable to try it before I bought it and went on the reviews of others.
For the money, there are much better options these days and knowing what I know now, I would not have purchased this amp, even though during resale, I broke about even.
I think there have been revisions to this amp over the years and they may sound better now. Definitely try one before you buy!

Scaviggia's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fryette Amplification PittBull Hundred/CL
All Tube amp head 100 watts, switchable to 50 watts (Bonnard), choice of class of amp (AB /...), effects loop switchable by a switch provided ...


It is a 2-channel amplifier (identical, we can be distos 2, 2 crunch, according to taste 2 cleans and needs)
So super easy to implement one part we play.


I tested this amp with a standard stat us, a Tom Anderson drop top, an Ibanez S450 in grants BEAD f # B (the bottom of a 7-string what ...) and an ibanez neck through al The Paul-end type (I do not remember the ref ..)
The head is plugged into a 4x12 VHT Fat Bottom.

The sound of this amp is trs Polivalente, despite what you often read on forums ...
CHARACTERISTICS The most important of this amp are prsicion (both in distortion that clear)
and dynamics (in background distortion + the boost can be obtained by attacking gently notes really clear ... but ds is opened ...)
Overall you can do anything with.

Clearly it's clear but warm. In this rock distortion (plutt opened the mediums, but the equation can dig standards)

With the micro ibanez emg 89 in acute given as a 7, the sound is carrment brutal, are no better for his 7-string.
With Tom Anderson is the amp that gives the best, it transcends the violin and one begins to want to spend plans country blues full of chattering note (dynamics).
Start with it but I prfre the nickel Tom.
The Ibanez Les Paul type sounds but no more than a, the microphones drool a little, it comes from the guitar.
Against it by giving me a taste of what to give a "real" Paul's in this amp: a must be HUGE.
I advise the equa option, you can sculpt the sound of a very interresting Manir and thus vary Whereas the sounds.


I've had a few days.
Previously I had some other amps:
Marshall jcm 900 and a JMP1 in pramp, Flextone 2 (then a really throwing it), Triax + Mesa Boogie Mesa 2-90, Rivera chubster.
In conclusion, the VHT CL100 is:
Polivalente, trs prcis (may not fit all of this), heavy and cumbersome, expensive but the quality plutt a price.
It's all a good choice Manir I do not regret.

metropolk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fryette Amplification PittBull Hundred/CL
VHT Pittbull Hundred CL All Tube, 100W, avecboucle effect,
mine does not have an equalizer.


Easy to use, but watch out for gain, not too put it blurs the sound.
This gives her a quickly enough, I have one month to find mine. Question dynamic ca food all that exists (except perhaps for Diezel I have not tested). The sound is precise as a slap in the face, if you have a good scratch impossible ca drool. Depth is the switch super interesant, it swells the sound, if in addition we click on the button right next to it is fatal.

I have no manual and the website sucks, there is none. It's annoying when you want to insert an effects rack in the loop, one may have to take the head (if there are a shit Line 6 modeling type that make it simple but the sound is the sound of any the world . It has something for nothing, you have to work his sound as his boss scratches.


I made the Metal. The sound is less fat than a mesa (I had two correct) but he smokes the mesa issue of power and beauty son.En little more you do with style. Ila a tendency to saturate easily (it's not an amp girl's clear) but the sound is original.
I jou with a Gibson Les Paul Custon with EMG81 - 85, A Gibson L6S detune your 2 below (the deadliest scratches that I know) with a Dimebucker and a Bill Lawrence in 1974, a Gibson Explorer with EMG81- 85, a KH2 ESP (kaka as it scratches, they say a PRS), a U.S. Fender Tele and Les Paul studio two three.
The sound is wicked wicked wicked wicked, I put it on a Mesa Boogie 4x12 Celestion Vintage 30et I use a TC electronics G system. C is violent. Clearly it's not a Fender (no kidding) it's not that I recommend the amp (an old roland chorus ca pete best)


I use it for 1 year.
What I like most is AC power, it takes over.
While purchasing I had the choice between
Mesa Triple Rectifier (I love the sound, even love, but it is not the distance, and it's really a symbol of kiki VHT)
Krankeinstein (too sharp)
Bogner Uberschall (fucking disappointment, it's like a (good) Marchall of shit)
The German Machine & Warp of thing (forgot the name) the sound is huge in low, medium and zero in acute yucky. but if you are looking for bass is HUGE.
I tried all of the amp Mesa Boogie 4x12 Vintage C30 therefore the ball.
The VHT all the smoke, it is not the best, but one that offers the best precision at any volume, the tone of respect, a very beautiful sound, power and size honorable.
In short better than a Swiss army knife is a real beautiful beast, \ If I had a leracheter I would do (after all he is my chosen after 4 hours of testing all the stuff the store).

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  • Fryette Amplification PittBull Hundred/CL
  • Fryette Amplification PittBull Hundred/CL

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