Thd Univalve

Thd Univalve

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Univalve, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Thd.

3 user reviews
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Thd Univalve tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Thd
  • Model: Univalve
  • Category: Tube Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 02/02/2006

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Thd Univalve user reviews

Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 3 reviews )
 2 reviews67 %
 1 user review33 %
Value For Money :

loudfunk's review"What a cool little amp...."

Thd Univalve
Super simple single output tube, 2 pre-amp tubes lunch box style amp.
2 inputs, volume, bass, treble, attitude, attenuation controls. Hot Plate on/off, lo/hi power, standy and power switches.
On the back it's even more simple. Single speaker jack, impedance selector, line out with level control, and instrument level/line level switch.


Super easy amp to dial in as long as you use your ears and not your eyes. Extremely sensitive to guitar and even mores input volume changes.


Depending on tubes and setting anywhere from the neighbor hood of like an old Bogen PA head used for guitar, or Oahu pedal steel amp, You can get to behave anywhere between a Tweed Champ to a 20 watt Marshall.


One of the hippest aspects of this cool little amp is that you have endless options in the tube swap department. It can get bright, but that's part of having a bright cap on the volume control. Lower the gain structure with lower gain pre-amp tubes so that you can turn up the volume more and the brightness isn't going to be any issue.
Depending on power tube you're looking at anywhere from 2 to 18 watt. Small tubes have to run in the lo voltage setting in order to not burn out from the higher current draw of the hi voltage string.
Big bottles you can run at either so an EL34 will get you either a 7 or 15 watt amp.
Another cool feature is that the speaker jack shorts to ground. So when nothing is plugged in you can use it as a loaded down head. UniValve into a 100 watt power amp into a 4x12 is a thing of beauty. Touch responsive and manly.
Impedance selector has a setting for 2/4 ohm and another for 8/16 ohm loads. And unlike tapped transformers in this case you use all the windings of the transformer's secondary all the time. in the 2/4 setting its in parallel, in the 8/16 it's in series. So technically the 16 ohm and 2 ohm settings are mismatches but other than s slight volume drop it's all good.

cedart's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The slap!"

Thd Univalve
Amp Lamps: 2 for the preamp. 1for amplification.
Two Jack inputs 6.35 corresponding to two different input level: Roll: low input in its clear and less preamp output level level. And Rock: high input powerful eyeing to the crunch from the volume above 9 level. After all depends on the lamps you use ....
A cabinet with switch output impedance (8/16 or 2/4 Ohms) here connected to a speaker combo vintage THD 8 Ohm
6.35 with an output jack or switch output line Instrument for output to a table or another amp level !!! And a volume to adjust again the output level.
Brief simply the smart and efficient.
In terms of setting: Knobs: Volume / Treeble / Bass and Attitude which adjusts the output level of the preamp in the amplifier stage. A knob to adjust the rate of decrease in the volume of power integrated platform.
A switch to Full Volume Bypassing the Power Plate (watch it sends!)
A switch Noise gate that darkens the sound a bit but still effective on noise.
A Standby switch and Power. Lacks a midrange adjustment but I quibble! Then 9!


The configuration is simple and efficient from the moment you understand how an amp and you know what sound you want.
The manual is very brief but adequate.
The sound is good right now for the first chords clean sounds are clear, in terms of the saturation you get very vintage result type 60's or 70's nice but a bit limited due to the limitation of the HP THD is oriented Vintage . Recently I changed the HP for Eminence The Wizard, which in addition to having a high 103dB (thus offers a much greater sound projection) performance is a clear pass in all its loud and clear and warm in distortion. Result amp sound crazy and versatile. 10 with the modification of the Wizard.


I play, funk blues, rock and I like to venture into highly saturated for solos or large palm mute and rhythmic sounds hard core ...
So I use a 12AU7 EH EH 12AX7 preamp V1 V2 and a 6L6 in Amplification. Input Rock
Set as follows: Volume 1h / Treeble: 11h / Bass: 2 h / Attitude: 1h / no noise gate at 10am Power Plate at home only then if the neighbors are friendly where missing !!! it is already hard ...
Sound without effect, attacked with a Fender Telecaster US 77 is a real treat: the sound is clear and deep with a sharp attack ideal for funk or rock rhythmic arpeggios.
For the effects of a Polysaturator Pigtronix for adding grain and gain were obtained pretty distorted sounds very musical and perfect for solo blues / rock and pushing the Polysat in more punk rock and heavy distortion territories that task. For a more metallic rhythmic Wampler Triple Wreck and then you reach there sounds would imagine that you do not get a small combo like that.
The modulation section is provided by a few Strymon ... Mobius is the chosen effect rendering is exemplary chorus, flanger, filter, phaser ... it sounds!
The delay provided by a part Pigtronix Phi Echolution version 1 RAS
For Reverb: a Strymon Blue Sky for me it has never sounded as good on this little combo rendering is a cavernous depth that invades the space in which you play ... PURE FUN!
Sometimes I also play with a Custom Lespaul which allows for deeper and fatter sound with more hold on saturated areas.
Short but good 10


I use it for about 2 months bought used for 750 € a bargain ...
I played on a Marshall JMC 2000 Triple channel, which never really satisfied me, I always play a Bassman 100 Cab Marshall on a 1960 sound great but I prefer my combo issue space / weight and therefore handling. The last amp that I was a separate vox AC30CC2 was a good amp but but less versatile in my opinion.
What is really great about this amp is the ability to change the lamps without having to adjust the bias by a tech ... result you want sounds more access replace the old Marshall EL34 and 6L6 by then c ' Britain is the 60's and 70's that is offered to you .... You want to do the Grind Death put a 5881 or KT 66 or KT88 tuck them in with a 7cordes and good pedal made for it ... . and I do not speak of lamps pre-amplification, which also have a role to play !!!
In my case the price / quality ratio is excellent.
And this is the amp you have to have when you are passionate about guitar and his 10 .... !!

JibG's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Thd Univalve
- Intgralement lamp
- Almost all of lampte pramp and power can
- Class A.
- Two between low and "high" gain,
- Rglage HI-volt and Low-volt,
- Attitude (that apparently vary the power driver)
- Power as lamps, large 15w,
- Fate to saturate the amplifier power Tage
- Line / headphone level SETTING THE transformer with the output power! gnial :-)
- The hotplate intgre comic a little sound, and does not decrease the volume normment)
- No SETTING THE mdium
- No effects loop (requiring low power)
- Rducteur noise (it's a gadget for that matter)
- Select a impdance

I put 10


Despite the many sonic possibilities, the receiver is simple to use, c'tait also the aim of the designers
It is also a small power amp to play at home, or even use it as pramp.
practical, functional and versatile.
a little lightweight in power (it seems that it's enough to play if the club is not Bourin drummer), I have not Verify the moment has enough.
has the robust transspire everywhere, done in small SERIES at mister Bush.
I got mine on e-bay with the port of aa cost me 800 euros (nine was a difficult era). Warning on e-bay they are 110v, you have to buy a transformer is a bit annoying to use.
the absence of rglage mdium do not ask me any problem.
for more power and an effects loop there is a bivalve, a little expensive but not much +.

10-1 for the lack of 110/220v switch (to get back at Niark Niark THD!)


Dcrire to sound the words do not tell me gnralement much, but I will even try. In any case, the samples from the site of Bob Savage and thd are ralistes I think.

3h push the volume is a joy,
I use the same headphone, with a 7-band EQ to compensate for the absence of HP.

"Spirit" of bousin is the saturation of the lamp power, the crunch, but with more gain.
I love his personal Plexi / Van Halen (the univalve is softer, probably because in class A, but remains even when pchu my taste), hard rock and 70's rock: AC / DC , ZZ Top, to give an ide.

I do not play a clean sound, but etween the roll, given the countless possibilities, I think there will be no worries.

The possibilities are endless, made almost a year since I, with the tube change, I have not seen even 80% of its possibilities.

The button with a Low-Volt EL34 can get a sort of "brown sound", turn the attitude increases the PCHE, grown and makes the sound more tight (or dry, I do not know how exactly) , sounded a "modern" my preferences is the attitude 12h, the dl has become too rough for me (I dtest in mesa)

I use a Les Paul with P90, the sound "crack" death, without being rough or hard. We keep the sweetness with the class A likely, these stories harnomiques odd, I think. However, the P90 is not for their gentleness rputs :-)

There is no high-gain, should be a pre-amp lamp in addition to having the advantages of 4 or 5 pre-amp saturation occurs in the famous linear lamps (well I am not an expert amp technique). But nombeux are those who came to the mtal-powerchord-chongchong-palmmute-punk music, with such a KT66 in power and a mtal-zone (I plan to test a SOON t, and also with a 6L6). The reserve of saturated standard is dj (3 Tage in pre-amp + the saturation power, it should not be far from a high-gain, but I'll put my closet in the complex The univalve is not a high-gain, if j'avaus absolutely wanted a high-gain I have a 5150 price I think :-))

I can not find it terrible blues on the other hand ... should I try with 6L6 or 6V6 can be.

10-1 for a pre-amp lamp plus 9 =


I find the design dgueu, but I could not do without this amp,

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