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USB audio interfaces reviews

  • Keep the IDeas Rolling

    Keep the IDeas Rolling - Review of the Audient iD14 USB audio interface


    A little over two years ago we reviewed the iD22, the first ever audio interface manufactured by Audient, an English brand well-known for its consoles and mic preamps. Considering the crossover to the digital world went fairly smoothly, these Brits have now decided to take another step in the same direction with a smaller and less pricey second in…

  • A Versatile Audio Interface for iOS and Mac/PC

    A Versatile Audio Interface for iOS and Mac/PC - Review of the PreSonus AudioBox iTwo


    More and more audio interfaces are hitting the market that are capable of connecting directly to an iOS device or a computer. PreSonus recently released two such units, the AudioBox iTwo and AudioBox iOne. We’ll focus here on the iTwo, a 2x2 interface sporting two mic preamps.

  • 22? Show Me Your iD!

    22? Show Me Your iD! - Audient iD22 Review


    The interface market is very crowded, but who cares. Audient, the English brand renown for its consoles and preamps, decided to take the plunge with a desktop interface that has caught our eye. Let's see what's the iDea behind it…

  • One Two

    One Two - Apogee One for iPad & Mac Review


    When it came out four years ago, the Apogee One delighted us in several ways. Elegant and compact, it established itself as one of the best audio Swiss knives to use with a MacBook to do some music or a podcast while traveling light. But even if it exhibited undeniable qualities, the bellissima was not without defects.

  • Return To The Fast Track

    Return To The Fast Track - AVID Fast Track Duo Review


    The M-Audio Fast Track audio interfaces used to be one of the most successful series, with its ideal price and ease of use for beginners.

  • The Antelope Turns Into A Predator

    The Antelope Turns Into A Predator - Antelope Audio Orion 32 Review


    At Antelope, they are passionate about clocks and converters, among which we can find their famous atomic clocks that are supposedly 100,000 times more stable than a normal clock. Audiophiles became very interested from the beginning, but now the pro audio market might start to turn its attention to the brand thanks to the Orion 32, a €2500 32-cha…

  • Red or Black

    Red or Black - Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 Review


    It's almost two years since the Scarlett audio interfaces from Focusrite saw the light of day and the manufacturer has been introducing new models in the series ever since. The newest family member, the 18i20, which was introduced at the last NAMM, has just been launched, so it was the perfect opportunity for AudioFanzine to put it to the test. At…

  • UR so small

    UR so small - Steinberg UR22 review


    Steinberg introduced the UR series a little over a year ago with the UR28M and the UR824. They’re back with an entry level unit priced at under $200 with two D-pre preamps included. Verdict?

  • 2 Duet = 1 Quartet?

    2 Duet = 1 Quartet? - Apogee Quartet Audio Interface Review


    A little more than one year ago, we reviewed the Duet 2, the second generation of Apogee's mobile USB audio interface with two mic inputs. With the Quartet, the Californian engineers have produced the missing link between the Duet 2 and the large Symphony I/O, that is an interface with four mic inputs and ADAT.

  • Be Forte!

    Be Forte! - Focusrite Forte Review


    One year ago, Apogee introduced the Duet 2, a digital audio interface with remarkable sound and finish, but only available for Mac computers. Focusrite realized that it was an opportunity and presented the Forte, a direct competitor with comparable dimensions — plus Mac and PC support! But can it really compete in terms of quality?