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MOTU USB audio interfaces news

  • [AES] MOTU adds iPad support to the Microbook IIc
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    [AES] MOTU adds iPad support to the Microbook IIc

    10/30/15 in MOTU MicroBook IIc

    MOTU announces that the Microbook IIc is USB audio class compliant.

  • MOTU ships new 8pre USB audio interface

    MOTU ships new 8pre USB audio interface

    09/04/13 in MOTU 8pre USB

    MOTU announces the availability of its 8pre USB 16x12 audio interface and optical expander.

  • Motu Track16 Review
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    Motu Track16 Review

    09/16/12 in MOTU Track16

    Track16 is the latest addition to Motu's range of audio interfaces. The numerous features announced by the manufacturer are very appealing. Let's see how they translate in the real world!

  • MOTU Track16

    MOTU Track16

    06/07/12 in MOTU Track16

    MOTU introduced their new desktop audio interface, Track16.

  •  MOTU MicroBook II

    MOTU MicroBook II

    05/07/12 in MOTU MicroBook II

    MOTU have announced that they have started shipping their new 'personal studio recording' solution.

  • [NAMM] MOTU MicroBook II
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    [NAMM] MOTU MicroBook II

    01/27/12 in MOTU MicroBook II

    MOTU unveiled the MicroBook II, an updated version of its audio interface.

  • MOTU 4pre Shipping

    MOTU 4pre Shipping

    12/19/11 in MOTU 4pre

    MOTU is now shipping the 4pre, a half-rack 6x8 hybrid audio interface and mixer.

  • MOTU 4PRE Hybrid

    MOTU 4PRE Hybrid

    11/09/11 in MOTU 4PRE Hybrid

    MOTU have introduced their new 4PRE Hybrid (Firewire and USB) audio interface.

  • MOTU 896mk3 Hybrid Available

    MOTU 896mk3 Hybrid Available

    10/04/11 in MOTU 896mk3 Hybrid

    MOTU is shipping the 896mk3 Hybrid, an enhanced version of their 896 audio interface that now provides connectivity to Mac or Windows computers via Firewire or high-speed USB 2.0.

  • MOTU MicroBook

    MOTU MicroBook

    07/18/11 in MOTU MicroBook

    MOTU has introduced MicroBook, a pocket-sized, USB-bus-powered audio interface for Mac or PC.