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MOTU USB audio interfaces user reviews

  • MOTU Audio Express

    MOTU Audio Express - "Very good card"


    I bought this card to use it with virtual instrument plug-ins of acoustic pianos, to have a better sound than with the headphone output of my latpop. I also wanted MIDI to connect my digital piano to the soundcard. I went for Motu due to their good…

  • MOTU MicroBook II

    MOTU MicroBook II - "I wouldn't take it for anything in the world"


    Which technical specifications motivated your choice? Small, portable, MOTU, Enough for a beginning. What do you use it for? To record condenser MICs, analog and modular synthezisers and DAW. What's your setup (motherboard, CPU, RAM, hard dri…

  • MOTU MicroBook II

    MOTU MicroBook II - "It is good, but I would not purchase it again"


    The MOTU Micro Book II is very small and compact. It works via USB with a computer and it is an 8 bus digital mixer as well. This mixer is plug and play, even the install is very quick and easy. Loading up the drivers is really the only thing that ne…

  • MOTU Audio Express

    MOTU Audio Express - "Can be used as a mixer too!"


    I have used the MOTU Express a few times over the last few months while working a special project for a local band. It can be used as a standalone mixer as well as an interface, I feel that feature is great for a device in this price range. MOTU has …

  • MOTU Track16

    MOTU Track16 - "Sleek and stylish"


    The MOTU Track 16 is a 16 in and 14 out USB/Firewire interface. It is very compact, sleek and stylish. It works with just about any DAW and has latency free processors. I had to install the drivers for this interface a few times though on my Mac for…

  • MOTU 828 mk3 Hybrid

    MOTU 828 mk3 Hybrid - "control it from an iPad"


    The MOTU 828mk3 Hybrid is a interface that has 2 mic preamps and 8 TRS inputs with 8 TRS outputs. This interface can work either with USB or Firewire which is a huge plus for me, being able to have the option to work with either Firewire or USB conne…

  • MOTU Audio Express

    MOTU Audio Express - "MOTU is taking over"


    I was using the MOTU Audio Express back in 2011; it is a 6 by 6 USB interface that can also be used via Firewire. It is compatible with both Macs and PC’s and can be used as a standalone mixer. Setting up this interface was very easy and quick. It is…

  • MOTU 896mk3 Hybrid

    MOTU 896mk3 Hybrid - "controlling it with my iPad"


    The MOTU 896mkII Hybrid is a rackable unit firewire or USB interface that has 8 channels and comes with solid preamps and effects. You can use this as your interface with either a Mac or a PC. You will get no latency with processing effects with thi…

  • MOTU  4PRE Hybrid

    MOTU 4PRE Hybrid - "Standalone and studio use"


    The MOTU 4 PRE is a 4 channel Firewire preamp interface. You can use it with Mac’s and PC computers, I have used it with a simple DELL laptop and my Macbook and it works great with both operating systems. You can connect it to your computer from eit…

  • MOTU MicroBook II

    MOTU MicroBook II - "Use it on the go"


    The MicroBook II is a 4 in and 6 out interface that connects to your computer through a USB cable. It is one of the smaller and more portable interfaces that MOTU makes, it is also one of the more affordable ones as well. This interface is small and…