MOTU 828 mk3 Hybrid
MOTU 828 mk3 Hybrid

828 mk3 Hybrid, USB audio interface from MOTU in the 828 series.

mrjason 03/06/2013

MOTU 828 mk3 Hybrid : mrjason's user review

« control it from an iPad »

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The MOTU 828mk3 Hybrid is a interface that has 2 mic preamps and 8 TRS inputs with 8 TRS outputs. This interface can work either with USB or Firewire which is a huge plus for me, being able to have the option to work with either Firewire or USB connection is a nice option to have when it comes to this type of interface because not all systems/computers have a Firewire connection. I have used this interface on 2 different computers in the past one with USB and one with Firewire.


I was also able to use CueMix (the software that comes with it) with my iPad via an app that can be downloaded from the App store. I pretty much had full control over this interface via the iPad as long as there was a WiFi network available to use. This came in handy because I didn’t have to keep going and grabbing my computer mouse each and every time I wanted to adjust some volumes and that was a lot easier than having to run to the computer from the other side of the room. The iPad app was a huge plus for MOTU with this interface and it is a huge selling point.


The preamps sound pretty good, but I wish they were a little more “natural”. They do have a tendency on certain microphones to lightly color the sound a little bit. It was hardly noticeable to me but I could still tell. This interface does not get its power from USB connection and needs to be plugged into a wall.


But it looks great in my rack and I have been using it for a while now. It is pretty much still being used as one of the main interfaces in my personal studio and has been for some time now. I have plenty of outputs and cool features with this interface. It just depends on which microphone I use with it.