MOTU Audio Express
MOTU Audio Express

Audio Express, USB audio interface from MOTU.

mrjason 03/06/2013

MOTU Audio Express : mrjason's user review

« Can be used as a mixer too! »

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I have used the MOTU Express a few times over the last few months while working a special project for a local band. It can be used as a standalone mixer as well as an interface, I feel that feature is great for a device in this price range. MOTU has made many great interfaces and I have use a lot of them but this one is suppose to be one of the lower end ones that they make but by the quality of it, you really cannot tell that it is not one of the better ones that they make.


I didn’t have to set this interface up because all of that was already taken care of but opening it up in Pro Tools and working with it was very quick and easy. All of the ins and outs are on the back of this interface which at the studio I was using it at was a hassle because I had to keep switching cables in and out. But the mixer that is built into it is very good and I feel it is the best feature that it has. Many other interfaces that are even close to this price range will not work as a standalone mixer.


The preamps are not bad but they do add a little color to the sound. They also had a footswitch connected to it for punching in and punching out with. It was one of the first times that I have used a footswitch to control those functions and I have grown to love it. They also had another interface working with it for more ins and outs, so it is also expandable. There really isn’t anything not too like about this interface.


Also, like some of the other MOTU interfaces you can use this one with an iPad as well which was a pleasant surprise being that this is one of the “watered down” interfaces that they make. But really this interface feels just as good as some of the higher end ones that they make. The only main difference is that the preamps do not sound as clean as the higher end interfaces that they make.