MOTU Audio Express
MOTU Audio Express

Audio Express, USB audio interface from MOTU.

stompboxjon 01/11/2013

MOTU Audio Express : stompboxjon's user review

« MOTU is taking over »

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I was using the MOTU Audio Express back in 2011; it is a 6 by 6 USB interface that can also be used via Firewire. It is compatible with both Macs and PC’s and can be used as a standalone mixer. Setting up this interface was very easy and quick. It is pretty small and not rackable so it will just had to go on my table top which I was not a fan of but it was not that bad. The preamp is pretty clean for it to be in this price range, I would have actually kept this interface for a long time but I needed to have more inputs so I upgraded but still stayed with the same MOTU line just a bigger interface.


The built in mixer was something that I did not expect to get with an interface of this price and size. Right after I purchased this interface that the controls on the front of the interface did not seemed to be built as well as I would like them to be which is pretty common in smaller interfaces because they tend to lack quality especially when they are at a low price.


The manual do does come with this interface, and walked me through the set up process on both my PC and Macbook. I only had to refer to the manual for my MacBook though because I ran into some small driver issues. I have recorded vocals and guitar tracks with this interface and I was really impressed with the quality of it. I would have kept it but I needed more inputs and also wanted a rackable unit so basically I purchased the exact same unit but it is rackable and has more inputs.


MOTU has really changed the interfaces that they have come out with recently. They are much better than some of the other ones they have come out with and the preamps are probably the best thing about them. I have used many MOTU interfaces and some good and some bad, but these ones are awesome.