MOTU Audio Express
MOTU Audio Express

Audio Express, USB audio interface from MOTU.

lamouette/rck 06/28/2012

MOTU Audio Express : lamouette/rck's user review

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I needed a soundcard with a couple of inputs and MIDI. I wanted something simple and effective. I wanted an RME, but I preferred to save some money.
I use it to record synths, I also use it for MIDI, plus I use it as my every day soundcard for Internet, writing songs, a bit of everything.


Things start to go downhill when it comes to installation and use!

Even if you install the drivers supplied, the soundcard will make you deaf, forcing you to go to the Motu website to change that (but there is no indication of this anywhere, you must learn it the hard way...).

In terms of use, the software is pretty good, even if some parameters seem not to work. (volume control track by track?)

In terms of sound, I have loud crackles from time to time, which forces me to restart's very frustrating!


See above, but I don't think it's easy to use, no plug and play, even if the manual is pretty good.


I've been using it for six months.

I love the simplicity and the number of controls on the front panel. (the headphone/monitor volume management system is pretty cool). The sound is not too bad.

But I don't like the rest: It crashes, it crackles sometimes, you need to restart...

I had a focusrite saffire before which wasn't better, but at least it didn't crash. I could rely on it.

I don't recommend it. And I hope that MOTU makes some improvements in the future. In any case, they have lost a client for the time being. I'll switch to RME!