MOTU UltraLite mk3 Hybrid
MOTU UltraLite mk3 Hybrid

UltraLite mk3 Hybrid, USB audio interface from MOTU in the UltraLite series.

trokchonchon 12/14/2013

MOTU UltraLite mk3 Hybrid : trokchonchon's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I had chosen because it is compact and very versatile pm (I / O) / converters / preamps / SPDIF / DSP / full output bus.
But also fidelity to MOTU and fear of the unknown.

For a roaming registration and use as mixing at home. I took him various preamps variable quality (BlueTube, joemeek, audio TL ivory, spl GoldMike mk2) and a nice variety of microphones (again, no crap) and I've never been disappointed by the converters.
For monitoring, I used ADAM a7x + hifi + a crash test (computer speakers) + active PA speaker (mono), so 7 outputs used. Here it should be noted that the D / A converters are numerous AND quality, which is rare in this price range, it seems to me.


The drivers were stable under winXP, win7 and mac (I know what OS). That's the whole point of this machine, you can install the app super fast on the local computer (in a musicos example) and transform it into audio recording station in 5 minutes (well if when even already DAW software, which is what many musicos in their computer).

I have already recorded 8 tracks simultaneously using dsp (eq / comp / reverb), no problem.
Another important point is the low latency and direct monitoring can even say no latency. In any case if there are problems, it will probably because the PC because this card ensures that view.

The firmware has been updated correctly, I had a problem before or after the execution of the update.


The installation is really quick and painless, the CueMix software, it's been a decade that I practice so it's tricky, but I say it's still easy to understand and intuitive. It is regrettable that it is impossible to have both the IN, OUT and Mix windows must often pass each other, but hey, it is logical.
The manual is clear and sufficient paper version + pdf.

In contrast direct commands on the machine, it is tedious and not ergonomic at all, at the same time it is true that claim condense a mixer on 4cm2 is hot. MOTU tells us we can use the card without the interface, it's bullshit. Here can only serve as troubleshooting, and more.
I would say that, given the quality of the knobs, it is better to leave the volume knob to a stereo or other not to damage the poor little one or two years of normal use, ie listen to music daily (as convertos, again, are very pleasant to listen to our favorite music in good condition).


I used it for 4 years (2009/2013), after a motu 828 mk2 who farted after 6 years (2003/2009). The ultralight, it has not sold but I sold it (in perfect condition) for a map Steinberg UR824 more preamps.

I also know RME, and I also attended more expensive systems, but only as a musician.

MOTU defended well because it is compact and all in one, but it can also be a default because if used at the end of its capabilities, it almost pitied her with all these cables and returning coming out of the little black and green thing in the middle. And in terms of handling, everything is tight, it was difficult to find a connection with your fingers. I also find that the controls are very fragile and do not inspire confidence. That said, if all the control mice who cares.

The power transformer is blown, I changed it and everything worked again.

The backlight is very fragile, something that applies to all MOTU cards, so we must think of the contrast down a few points from the factory setting (and you can see very well anyway).

Must engage the XLR straight and cleanly as it can stay a little stuck sometimes short, carefully manipulate the connectors.

Absolutely sure of the power from the PC, it is not reliable at all if we want to exploit its capabilities (pad, 48v, preamp, dsp). From this point of view, this is false advertising. Against by the transformer, everything is reliable. On the original model, the Tranfo too hot, disconnect it when not in use. The new model of transformer does not have the same characteristics, which is not, in my opinion, not a chance (1A instead of 800mA)

Frankly and finally, the machine is very pretentious but it provides good from every point of view, if it is treated like a diva and you have the patience to accept the weaknesses related to its small size, to be gentle with it, etc. ...

It has the defects of his qualities.

This is a good quality / price ratio in my opinion.