MOTU Track16
MOTU Track16
mrjason 03/06/2013

MOTU Track16 : mrjason's user review

« Sleek and stylish »

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The MOTU Track 16 is a 16 in and 14 out USB/Firewire interface. It is very compact, sleek and stylish. It works with just about any DAW and has latency free processors. I had to install the drivers for this interface a few times though on my Mac for some reason. I am not sure why it took so many times because after installing it didn’t recognize the interface at all. Even after the second time I tried to restart and see if it recognized it then and it didn’t. It ended up working fine after I did an uninstall and did everything all over again. I have run this with Pro Tools 10 and it works great, I have not tired it with many other software’s or DAW programs yet but so far so good. The microphone preamps sound pretty good for the price but I have heard a lot better out of other similar interfaces.


The design of this interface is the main selling point of it though because it looks amazing. It doesn’t even look like an interface when sitting on my desk. Controlling this interface is simple because the main part of it takes care of all of the levels you may want to adjust.


This interface can work on a Mac and PC in both platforms running 32 or 64 bit. My Mac is running a 64 bit system and it works fine after the few install attempts which I am still unsure why it didn’t work the first time. There are also MIDI connections (IN and OUT) and phantom power.


This interface is affordable and has a great design but it seems very delicate. It seems like it is made out of glass and if it drops it would need to be replaced. With no warranty on it available is a major concern for me down the road.