MOTU Track16
MOTU Track16

MOTU Track16 : Anonymous 's user review

«  I expected better »

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More inputs and outputs than its competitors in the same format, Motu is much less stingy than RME example ...


Some crunches, forced to widen quite buffers to be stable but it remains correct even if I knew more stable sound cards much cheaper.


The installation is done in 10 seconds without any problems. Having already worked with the 828 MK3 grip CueMix is ​​immediate.


When we see this case is expected to have an ingot in his hands, but it is super light and a little cheap, the beaming him is huge, the base is well thought out, the switch can have all the levels in hand but no numerical value can be a disadvantage, when the quality of conversions and pre-amp is true to Motu.
I do not think motu needed this format which paradoxically is bulkier than the ultralite and even the 828 because epanoui is worthy of the EDF network, the ultralite mk3 is cheaper and offers more opportunity, or adding a little you can afford the 828 mk3 which is well above the track 16,
More my product had a defect and sizzled from the box that alter the sound recording microphone. I tested a few days before returning it, and I will not repeat that choice.