MOTU Track16
MOTU Track16
sw80 10/08/2012

MOTU Track16 : sw80's user review

« 16in and 14 out »

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The MOTU Track16 is a 16in and 14 out USB interface, and you can also use FireWire if you want. It will support full HD audio and each mic preamp has its own phantom power that you can switch on if you are using a condenser microphone. There are a few different controls on the top that will allow you to control input and output levels very easy.


You can use the MOTU Track 16 on Mac and PC devices with either 32 or 64 bit systems. This interface is well built and looks very nice sitting on your desktop. It is not rack able and its really not as small as it looks in a picture. Its actually pretty big in you have it in your hands. Which is a downside to me because you cannot rack it, and its kind of big so where are you suppose to put it if you have limited desk space? It is way to expensive to set it on the floor hoping it doesn’t get stepped on.


Installing this device was not difficult. It did take more than one install though for me because after I installed it the first time my Mac Book still was not reading it. It was like it never installed. So I installed it again and restarted my system and then it worked fine. The MOTU Track 16 is very quiet and makes not hissing noises at all.


I guess the major problem with this interface for me is that it cost over 500.00 dollars and it can not be racked, but it is a pretty big interface and takes up a lot of the desk space that I have out of (what little of it is left). It sounds great and it is a perfect fit for Pro Tools. All of the drivers for it have held up great and never had any problems after the first initial issue. I recommend this interface if you need that many ins and outs. But if you don’t need an interface with that many, and want to save some money then don’t get this interface.