MOTU 896mk3 Hybrid
MOTU 896mk3 Hybrid

896mk3 Hybrid, USB audio interface from MOTU in the 896 series.

Prices starting at $995 Average price: $1,421
Greg L Pro Tools 03/26/2012

MOTU 896mk3 Hybrid : Greg L Pro Tools's user review

«  FINALLY SOUND CARD FOR TECHNO PRO SOUND AND MUSICIAN exciting to report quality-price! »

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Audience: Beginners
I was looking for a REAL sound card for techno sound is - say with buttons and flashing lights all over the place! And filled with connections !!

More Seriously, I recerchais card among 8 combo XLR / Jack Mic / Line / Instrumentation, whose gain can rgler for each channel with -20dB pad and phantom power per channel and a peak indicator dBFS and clips consquent per channel faade before ... and for my budget less than 1000:
MOTU did!

Hybrid His name comes from the fact that you can work via USB or FireWire. Moreover one has even 2 FW 800 ports to be able to cascade MOTU (3 max per port FireWire).

Yes, having an indication via numerous LEDs per channel that enters or leaves in terms of level dBFS, not on all maps found that, even in 2012!

the rear certainly no MIDI, but it was his one small default user for a musician, not a techno sound. MIDI has is added when you want (not that midi ...).
For rezte, the connection is complemented:
8 Line XLR outputs,
1 output XLR Main ST,
1 output Main in Jack stro 6.35 (prvoir Y)
1 + 1 between AES / EBU XLR ST,
1 + 1 between S / PDIF RCA,
1 + 1 between S / PDIF TOSLINK optical,
2 + 2 among ADAT optical outputs (2x 8 channels)
1 + 1 output between WordClock,
1 output ST headphone.


All this 44.1 kH 192 kHz! 16 and 24 bits.

BUT THE TOP is this: Routing willingness!

We can separate out 8 stro mix:
- 4 distinct ST mix on 8 XLR Line Out.
- And the mix 2x Hand Out (2 XLR Line Out, 1 ST 6.35 Line Out)
- 1 ST distinct mix via headphone jack ST 6.35 Line Out
- And 2 other mix ST (AES / EBU, S / PDIF, ADAT).

Internal DSP can calculate the effects EQ, Comp / Lim, and Reverb.

Voil enough to supply the facade FOH, monitors the returns, and the capture, plus a radio, tl ... our lovely mix stro.

A virtual console controls the MOTU 896 mk3 Hybrid, via software.
We can save / recall presets and configurations.

And all this is possible since BE Virtual Console software, IE from the buttons on the front facade of the MOTU MOTU making autonomous stand alone: ​​no computer needed on stage!


The MOTU 896 mk3 Hybrid is perfect to use, very ergonomic, easy access, a jewel for its techie whose budget can frler 1000 to 8 analog tracks between (and many other digital).

Drivers very stable.
The CueMix console launches in 3 seconds or less.
Sometimes I have to restart the software of the virtual console "CueMix", but it happens rarely VERY close to zero eventually.

I use the MOTU 896 mk3 Hybrid Pro Tools 10, and it is ultra stable, no problem.
The buffer can be rgl with Pro Tools in increments of 64 samples. 128 or 256 samples, it is still playable musically without too much latency.

USB recording 32 Concurrent tracks and playback, Pro Tools 10 and MOTU 896 mk3 Hybrid will not budge. The t test was done with a series of SOnY VAIO VPC, based on Intel Core i5.

Latency is good, 128 as in 256 samples: admarre as dry finger and the eye, and is playable for musicians live.


First install the drivers for the MOTU, then restart.
Then install Pro Tools 10, and Restart.
And voil a rotation as a new truck engine.

Paramtrage of the characteristics of the MOTU can be done in Pro Tools as out audio app. It is simple and straightforward, almost no need doc, even for beginners.

No incompatibilits meetings.
The manual is only for the Frenchman MOTU 896 mk3 Hybrid version not, but that does not change much.


I use the MOTU 896 mk3 for 3 months.

I used to use
- A 888/24 for Pro Tools TDM
- A Mbox2 Pro
- An MBox First release: say it!

I like the very simple ergonomics of the Motu, the possibility of rgler all parameters via the computer or from the front facade, its ultra rich connectivity, its LEDs for each input channel and out, of course its audio quality, its strength, srieux A Z.
The guts of the front facade could be greater than those 2 lines of characters, but you would do without problem.
Above all, the virtual console CueMix could be larger, resizable: it is the only default of this MOTU.

The rich connectivity is robust, pro, nothing cheap.

The price quality ratio is unbelievable, unbeatable.
Go for it, you will not be due, in all objectivity.