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MOTU MicroBook Interface

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MOTU MicroBook
News MOTU MicroBook

USB audio interface from MOTU belonging to the MicroBook series

MOTU has announced the MicroBook, a USB bus-powered audio interface that turns a Mac or PC computer into a personal 4x2 recording studio with the audio I/O and mixing needed to make professional recordings.

Personal recording and playback
The MicroBook gives users a personal recording solution for a Mac or PC laptop or desktop computer, with four simultaneous inputs for a microphone, a guitar, and a keyboard or other stereo line level device. The mic preamp is designed to deliver neutral coloration and sound, with 20 dB pad and 48V phantom power for condenser mics. Programmable analog, digital, and headphone outputs provide flexible monitoring options.

Audio quality

Born from MOTU’s line of FireWire, USB, and PCI audio interfaces.

According to MOTU, other audio interface brands (even expensive ones) cut corners with unbalanced analog inputs and outputs, which can result in compromised performance below an equivalent balanced circuit. Not the MicroBook, the company assures: its balanced inputs and outputs are designed to ensure protection against RF interference, AC hum, and other noise-producing environmental factors.

Audio I/O
The MicroBook’s mic input is a balanced quarter-inch jack. If a user would prefer to use a mic cable with an XLR plug, the MicroBook package includes an XLR-to-quarter-inch adapter. The mic input preamp and A/D converter are designed to deliver pristine sound and transparent coloration. True 48V phantom power can be enabled, powered by the MicroBook’s USB connection to the computer.

The MicroBook’s Precision Digital Trim feature provides digitally controlled analog trim on all analog inputs. Users can save and recall trim settings on their computer.

The “mini” eighth-inch analog input can be used to connect an iPod or other stereo line level signal. Audio input can be mixed with other inputs and routed to any output pair. For example, a user could plug in a guitar and rehearse with a mix from his iPod. Or the input signal can be routed to the computer to be recorded or mixed in host software.


Pricing & Availability

The MicroBook will ship in July, 2010. Price is $269 USD.

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