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lodesbeefee's current gear

Computer Music

Steinberg Cubase 5
General Sequencers
Morevox Drivedrums
Drum/Percussion Samples
Soundcards PCIe

Studio & Home Studio

Focusrite ISA 828
Solid-State Pre-amps
RME Audio ADI-8 DS
Analog/Digital Converters
Sennheiser e 902
Dynamic Microphones
Sennheiser e 906
Dynamic Microphones
Shure BETA 52A
Dynamic Microphones
Shure Beta 57A
Dynamic Microphones
Shure Beta 58A
Dynamic Microphones
Shure SM57
Dynamic Microphones
Shure SM58
Dynamic Microphones
AKG C 430
Small diaphragm condenser microphones
Oktava MK-012
Small diaphragm condenser microphones
Shure Beta 87A
Small diaphragm condenser microphones
Sennheiser e 901
Boundary microphones

Other musical instruments

Korg MA-30

Misc music/audio gear

Furman PL-8E Series II
Other Misc. Products


Sony MDR-7506
Studio headphones


Marshall JVM410H
Tube Guitar Amp Heads
SPL Cabulator
Guitar Power Attenuators
Orange PPC412C
4x12 Guitar Cabinets
TC Electronic G-Major
Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
Isp Technologies Decimator
Noise Gates for Guitar
Gibson Les Paul GT
LP-Shaped Guitars
Gibson Les Paul Junior Faded
LP-Shaped Guitars
Ovation 1869
Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitars
Korg DT-10
Tuners/Pitch Pipes/Tuning Forks
DiMarzio DP222 D Activator-X Bridge
Humbucker guitar pickups
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