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Edwards V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitars user reviews

  • Edwards E-AL-128 Scythe

    Edwards E-AL-128 Scythe - "Same problems as the ESP model"


    Edwards is an offshoot of ESP guitars. They are a Japan only maker and their guitars fall inbetween ESP and LTD models. They are mostly assembled in China then finished off in Japan. This model is pretty much identical to the ESP model. It is the Edw…

  • Edwards Explorer-105E

    Edwards Explorer-105E - "Edwards Explorer"


    Edwards guitars are showing up more and more in America and around the world. People are realizing they are a great alternative to getting a Gibson. Edwards is ESP's budget line of guitars. They are kind of like their Epiphone. These guitars are tech…

  • Edwards E-FV-85D

    Edwards E-FV-85D - "Edwards version of a Flying V"


    Edwards is a small off shoot of ESP that makes very familiar looking guitars. Edwards is a sub division of ESP kinda similar to LTD but their guitars are in between the quality of a full blown ESP and an LTD. They are also a Japan only company offici…

  • Edwards E-EX-125E

    Edwards E-EX-125E - "A familiar shape"


    Edwards guitar is a line of ESP guitars that are getting more and more common as more people import them from Japan. Edwards guitars is another line of ESP similar to LTD. They are Japan only so they can make really accurate copies without getting in…

  • Edwards E-AL-128 Scythe

    Edwards E-AL-128 Scythe - nickname009's review


    BODY : Alder Made in Japan. Edwards electric based off the alexi laiho V. NECK : Hard Maple 3P FINGERBOARD : Ebony, 24frets w/White Binding INLAY : Scythe SCALE : 25.5 inch (648mm) NUT (width) : Lock Nut (42mm/R2) JOINT : Neck-thru-body TUNER : GOT…

Translated user reviews
  • Edwards E-AL-128 Scythe

    Edwards E-AL-128 Scythe - " A very good metal guitar"


    Made in Japan by the makers of the series standard ESP, we have a guitar of the same quality as a standard Eclipse or Horizon. Handle thin u like all ESP, 24 frets, EMG-HZ a micro-H4, a Floyd Rose 1000 series, one volume. The side of the wood was …

  • Edwards E-AL-120 Saw Tooth

    Edwards E-AL-120 Saw Tooth - " God plays the guitar!"


    In which country was it made? Japan. How many frets, what kind of micro as well as their configuration? 24 frets, EMG HZ-H4 a position Brige. What type of bridge (Floyd, Wilkinson ...)? Floyd Rose Original. What are the settings (volume, …

  • Edwards E-AL-120 Saw Tooth

    Edwards E-AL-120 Saw Tooth - Majafunk's review


    //**************** ATTENTION THIS IS THE EDWARDS E-AL-128 (white scyte )************** * / / What country does she makes? Made in Japan by ESP, it is handmade in the workshops of ESP. ^ ^ Level finish is perfect! Everything is very well worked…