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tjon901 10/18/2011

Edwards E-AL-128 Scythe : tjon901's user review

« Same problems as the ESP model »

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Edwards is an offshoot of ESP guitars. They are a Japan only maker and their guitars fall inbetween ESP and LTD models. They are mostly assembled in China then finished off in Japan. This model is pretty much identical to the ESP model. It is the Edwards version of the Alexi Laiho signature ESP guitar. It is white with the double black pinstripes down the side. It has an alder body in the offset V shape. It has a maple neck with neck through construction and an ebony fretboard. The fretboard has 24 jumbo frets with the cool Scythe inlays that carry on the Bodom theme. It has a locking nut up top and a Gotoh Floyd Rose down at the bottom. The electronics are sadly typical too. It has a single passive EMG H4 pickup with a single volume control. The fit and finish on these Edwards guitars are typically good since all the final finishing is done in Japan.


The offset V shape usually lends itself to good upper fret access but since the V shape on this guitar is so broad they had to add an extra cutaway for you to reach the upper frets on the smooth ebony fretboard. The shape balances well and makes itself very comfortable when you play it. The back of the neck is unfinished so it feels nice like a bolt on guitar but since it is neck through it has no heel. This no heel helps a bit because the upper frets are kind of hard to reach.


The pickup is the weakest part of any Alexi Laiho guitar. I think his ears are broken or something because he uses the EMG HZ passive pickups. This is supposedly the passive version of the EMG 81 but it has none of the balls the 81 has. Its just a little fuzz box in your guitar. He might like this since he uses a ton of high end in his sound but for everyone else it sounds like junk. These are the same pickups you get in like 200 dollar budget ESP guitars and Epiphone Zakk Wylde models. These are not the kind of pickups that should come in a big signature model.


ESP makes guitars with the same shape but come with 2 active EMG pickups that sound great. If you are just looking for the cool Alexi shape I would recommend getting one of those SV models. With this guitar you are sacrificing sound for having Alexis name on the guitar and I dont think it is worth it. This is an Edwards model that they should have not copied so exactly.