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ESP V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitars user reviews

  • ESP DV8

    ESP DV8 - "ESP black V thats also a signature"


    Back when everyone was jumping to ESP guitars Dave Mustaine was one of them. ESP was grabbing up all the endorsements along with Krank amps but thats another story. Dave had a signature ESP made that was very similar to the Jacksons he had been playi…

  • ESP Snakebyte

    ESP Snakebyte - "Hetfields new ESP"


    Hetfield is back with the Explorers, but with a slight twist this time. James Hetfield is the frontman for the band Metallica. He is known for his Explorers and Les Paul shaped guitars. Playing with ESP mostly he has had dozens of signature models th…

  • ESP KH-1

    ESP KH-1 - "Very similar to the JH-1"


    Kirk Hammett had been playing ESP guitars for a lot longer than Hetfield. I guess ESP decided to put out two Metallica signature guitars together with very similar features on each. Even though Kirk had been playing ESP guitars this was his first sig…

  • ESP JH-1

    ESP JH-1 - "One of the earliest Hetfield signature guitars"


    This is the guitar Hetfield played in the Whiskey in the Jar video. It is one of the earliest Hetfield signature guitars from ESP. You do not see these much and the production was very limited. It was a pretty basic guitar as well. It is a Flying V d…

  • ESP DV8 SE

    ESP DV8 SE - "ESP Dave Mustaine model with a special edition finish"


    This is one of the few variants ESP got to make of Dave Mustaines signature guitar before he left to go to Dean. A lot of people were switching guitar makers back then. Mustaine went from Jackson to ESP to Dean all in a couple years. It seems now tha…

  • ESP DV8

    ESP DV8 - "Dave Mustaines shortlived signature ESP"


    A few years ago it seemed like all the famous Jackson players seemed to jump ship and go to ESP guitars. I guess they didnt like the fact that Fender had purchased Jackson. This is Daves first ESP signature guitar. It is pretty much an ESP copy of hi…

  • ESP Alexi Scythe

    ESP Alexi Scythe - "The most basic Alexi Laiho ESP signature guitar"


    Alexi Laiho switched from his beloved Jackson guitars to ESP when his Jacksons were stolen and they couldnt make him replacements in time for his touring duties. ESP was able to make a similar guitar in a quick time so now he plays ESP's. These guita…

  • ESP Alexi Scythe

    ESP Alexi Scythe - "Alexi Laiho's ESP with Scythe inlays"


    Children of Bodom have always kept a Grim Reaper motif around with them so it is only fitting that one of Alexi's signature models carry this motif. This guitar has Scythe inlays which make it special among his signature guitars. Alexi is the frontma…

  • ESP Alexi Sawtooth

    ESP Alexi Sawtooth - "ESP Alexi signature with Sawtooth inlays"


    ESP has been making a lot of signature models for Alexi Laiho recently. I guess he has been a good seller for them. Alexi is the frontman for the popular metal band Children of Bodom. He was more known for his custom Jacksons but when they were stole…

  • ESP Alexi Arrow Head

    ESP Alexi Arrow Head - "Alexi ESP with the paintjob of his old Jackson"


    Alexi Laiho is a well known guitarist nowadays. He is the frontman of the popular band Children of Bodom. Back in the day before the band was huge he was known for playing his custom Jacksons. After those guitars were stolen he switched to ESP guitar…