Toontrack EZdrummer
Toontrack EZdrummer

EZdrummer, Virtual Drum/Percussion from Toontrack in the EZ Drummer series.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 62 reviews )
 35 reviews56 %
 16 reviews26 %
 6 reviews10 %
 2 reviews3 %
 2 reviews3 %
Audience: Beginners

JoeW1's review

Toontrack EZdrummer
This drum pack works on MAC , Windows Xp and 7. No issued found while using it on different platforms like Xp , 7 and Vista.

The manual provided by Toontrack shares a lot of important information regarding the program and its features and effects in a very effective manner that allow the user to get right to work.

The general configuration is quite easy but it requires some time doe to the high size of the product that is sample based.

The typical functions are easy to access , very pleasant design , amateur friendly.


The software works good in its configuration , the level of stability isn't a problem.

I'm getting great performances in creating different grooves , beats and syncopations in my songs using this product.

I've been using it for about two years now.


What I really love about this product is the multiple microphone control which gives a better and more advanced perception in space for the listener , the stereo and multi-track routing is also a huge helper.

The fact that this library is based around real samples recorded in New York makes a huge difference due to its quality and real sounding drums.

You can also add your own midi files to the software or use some of the midi files provided with the product.

The humanizer function allows the user to create higher quality drum patterns that only a real drummer could.

My opinion about the value for the price is great , a very advanced drum tool that incorporates a very cool sound with different time features.

Precision and quality of the sound is extremely great , very good sounding kicks , snares and toms , love them.

Knowing what I know , I would buy this product if I'll need a drum pack.

tarrtime's review"Best Entry to Drum Samplers"

Toontrack EZdrummer
EZ Drummer is a sample-playback engine for drums. It can be used as a plug-in inside a DAW, or as a stand-alone application. Toontrack offers a ton of expansion packs that run inside EZ Drummer (or Superior Drummer 2.0), if you want different sounds. There are some pretty good deals offered throughout the year, so I definitely suggest watching the price for a bit if you are looking to purchase it.

Toontrack's installation process is straight-forward (no iLok). Everything about this product really is 'EZ'.

Once installed, the drum samples can be triggered from e-drums, a midi keyboard, or even from the internal midi library of midi drum performances. I think the midi files included in toontrack's products are the easiest to use compared to other products (BFD2, Addictive Drums, NI Studio Drummer, SSD4, etc.). The midi files can be easily dragged into the host DAW for sequencing.


The samples that come with the base EZ Drummer package are pretty stale in my opinion. The expansion packs have much more usable sounds, and I would recommend looking into the many options to find the pack that fits the style of music you are interested in.

There is one specific (but not completely intuitive) reason I would recommend EZ Drummer. Although the samples included in EZ Drummer aren't great for a final song mix, it is a perfect software package to use during tracking if you are using e-drums or a keyboard to record a drum performance. EZ Drummer is super light on the CPU, which means you can run it at low latency without problems. I always use EZD to track drums because I can use a 32 sample buffer setting to achieve almost no delay while recording. Other software that is heavy on the CPU cannot be run at such a lower buffer setting. That software can just be substituted during mixing when the latency of higher buffer settings (1024 samples) isn't an issue.


If you don't have access to really nice drums, a nice drum room, nice studio equipment, and a drummer that never makes a mistake, drum samplers are the way to go for recording. There are a lot better sounding drum libraries worth considering if you want to achieve 'semi-professional' sounding drums on your tracks. Toontrack offers some great expansion packs that need to run inside of EZ Drummer, so that is one reason to buy it. It is also a great tool by itself to use during tracking for low latency.

sw80's review"The Best"

Toontrack EZdrummer
I have used a bunch of different plug –ins for real natural authentic drums and there are a few of them that stick out to me. ToonTrack EZdrummer is one of them that will always be a part of my set up. The best part about it outside of the drum sounds is that it only cost 80 dollars. Or you can purchase the download only version that cost a little more than the boxed version. The Toontrack EZdrummer comes with over 8 thousand MIDI files. It has an internal mixer and you can edit each individual drum patch right in the program if you choose, that means you will not have to do any external EQ or effects when using the ToonTrack EZdrummer because you can do it all right in this plug-in. I have used the Toontrack EZdrummer in Cubase and FL Studio and it has worked flawlessly in both of those programs.


Setting it up was easy, it does take a while to install and load all of those sounds and patches but it is well worth the wait. The interface of the Toontrack EZdrummer is easy to work with, changing and editing drums are simple. You can also use this multiple times without slowing down your system. I have songs that I have done that have up to 7 different channels of Toontrack EZdrummer going at the same time and it has never stopped working on me.


If you are in need of a live drumming application VST, then look no further. The Toontrack EZdrummer is simple to use and it has professional real sounding drums that were recorded and sampled in a real studio. Forgot about all of the other programs and plug-ins that claim that they have the best sounding drum VST, because they don’t! The Toontrack EZdrummer has all of them beaten, and they also beat the competitors’ price as well. You cannot go wrong with this VST.

BeyondR's review

Toontrack EZdrummer
The Toontrack DFH EZ Drummer is a drum sampler with several type of samples.
There weren't any kind of compatibility issues, it works great on Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista, or MAC OS X.


The software work correctly in this configuration
THe gear is pretty stable, I haven't found any problems regarding the program.
I've been using this now, for about a month.


What I really like about it, are the kits, it has plenty of kits that allow to create unique drum patterns.
Some of the kits provided with the program:
Toontrack EZdrummer EZX Vintage Rock
Toontrack EZdrummer EZX Electronic and many other useful packs that can be incorporated in many genres.

Another great aspect of this product it's that it's very well designed and compact so it saves the music producers a lot of time in their process. However this product has a couple of issues, one of it, is the sound and the limited amount of effects available for sculpting the sounds and the eq provided by the program.

I like the humanize feature that allows to get away from the robotic feel of a certain pattern, the swing options works also as a great advantage.

However the quality of the sounds can't match Addictive Drums or BFD that's why I would suggest getting those products if you own the money for them.

However analyzing the balance between price and quality, the price is amazingly great for all those features and midi packages included in it.

I've tried several models and this one works great if you don't have or don't want to spend much money and still get some variety, but you should consider some higher quality drum samples if you're really serious about it and want to get a more deeper sound, but if you know how to make some good sounding parallel compression you can get away with it.


stompboxjon's review"Its not addictive"

Toontrack EZdrummer
The ToonTrack EZ drummer is a drum set simulated plug in that can be used in most DAW’s. I cant remember if you can use this as a stand alone application though (don’t know why you would want to anyways). Toon Track EZ Drummer Is often compared to Addictive Drums by NI. ToonTrack EZ Drummer is an affordable plug in if you are looking for those real drum sounds to add to your music. These types of softwares are really starting to push the live drummer of recorded music in today’s world because with programs like this you can do in midi what a real drummer can not do. You can just add all types of hits and drums when and wherever you want and that is virtual impossible for a real drummer to do.


The kits that come with Toontrack EZ drummer are pretty good kits, but I feel like it lacks in some areas. I really don’t like the Jazz kits at all I feel they could be better and this is where I feel like Addictive Drums excels better than Toontrack EZ Drummer.


Setting it up was easy, no different than any other standard plug in that you may use and the interface is right in front of you not a lot of menu’s and sub menu’s. Very easy to work through, I almost wish it was more indepth and a little more difficult to understand just so it felt like you could do more. The Manual wasn’t needed I have never opened it to know if it is clear or not which is a good thing because that means you wont need the manual.

Overall, if you like Toon Track EZ Drummer wait till you try Addictive Drums. All I can say is you don’t know what you are missing if you have tried Addictive Drums. If you havent purchased EZ Drummer then go right for Addictive Drums. You will see a Major difference and be way more satisfied with the abilities of Addictive Drums and the kits that come with it.

Wedges2's review

Toontrack EZdrummer
It's a very simple plugin to install and get running on your computer. There is just one disc, pop it in, install it, and then run it. It will ask you to authorize it which is easy - but for me hard. I got my copy free with an MPD24 and then didn't have my authorization code for all the expansion that came with. Their support was pretty bad so they actually forced me to get them from a torrant. (not condoning downloading warez software) Anyway other than that little hiccup I'm sure everyone else will not have a problem installing this plugin.

It's a very simple interface. One screen and then a mixer. You will learn the interface in a day.


It's actually very light on my CPU. It's surprising because of the sound quality but it's true. I've been using it for over a year with a 2.0GHz Dual core 2GB RAM Gateway that isn't even for music. So for a music computer EZdrummer will be very light. I use Windows XP. I use a midi controller with EZ Drummer and they intergrate pretty well. Sometimes I'll find that one of the sounds I can generate by clicking on the GUI of the plugin is not mapped to my 61 keyboard and there isn't a midi learn function that I know of yet so I'm just forced to record it from clicking on the GUI which is a pain.


I love the sound quality. This really is the best acustic drum kit simulation. Every expansion is quality. The claustrophobic kit is great for hip hop and so is the pop / rock kit. I have even found the 2 funk kits and the jazz useful. The way the sounds fit into beats is phenomenal.

Since it's such a simple plugin there isn't much room for error and that's why there aren't many. The plugin isn't perfect as I've listed some glitches above but overall it's great. I'd definatly make the choice again and I'm even looking forward to buy moring expansions for the plugin. ToonTrack really made a quality product.
Audiofanzine FR11/05/2008

Audiofanzine FR's review

Toontrack EZdrummer
(Originally written by gromeul/translated from Audiofanzine FR)

No problems with installation or authorization (via Internet).
No compatibility problems with Cubase Studio 4.
Very easy to use and clearly written user's manual.


EZDrummer works very good on my Mac Mini (Core 2 Duo 2 Ghz, 2 Gb) without any bugs or dropouts. Sample loading is a bit slow but you'll forget about it as soon as you hear their quality.
Update: I think the loading time is long because my projects are at 48 Khz instead of 44.1 Khz (and given that the samples were recorded at this sample rate they have to be converted).
The software has been working very stably for one week.


After one week, I am convinced of the software's quality and realistic sound. I had been a long-time Groove agent fan but when I updated to version 3 the sound was awful and it was also very unreliable, so I purchased EZDrummer (via download) and both optional kits (Vintage and percussions).
The value for money is exceptional, the audio quality is very good and the samples sound realistic enough for home studio applications like mine!
I wouldn't hesitate buying it again. I am actually thinking about buying one or two additional kits.
An excellent choice!

peepsaudio's review

Toontrack EZdrummer
Ezdrummer installs very easily, although it takes a little while since the sample library is a few GB's. You don't have to do any confusing sample copy and pasting though to random directories. The installer is all automatic and it's an easy process. I use a Windows computer with Nuendo and the VST version of ezDrummer, and I don't have any compatibility problems. After you get installed the configuration is very easy and lives up to its name. The manual is great and easy to understand.


I have a Dell computer with a dual core processor, windows XP, a MOTU sound card, and I'm running Nuendo. It works perfectly well with my system. The latency is not a big problem, ezdrummer is not actually all that heavy on CPU usage. It does eat up a lot of RAM though - usually around ~250MB depending on what drums you have loaded up. So you'll want to have plenty of RAM available especially if you're using any other sample based software at the same time. Ezdrummer is very stable, no problems here with crashes or anything.


I have been using ezDrummer for the past year or so. I absolutely love it. The drums sound very good right off the bat, and then you are able to customize the samples in the kit, the levels of each one, the amount of room sound, the bleed on the 'mics', and you can also route the individual channels to their own track in your DAW for further processing if needed. They also give you a large bank of pre-made MIDI grooves which sound very good and professional - I'm sure they were made by a pro session drummer. Another bonus is the "humanize" feature, which introduces slight timing variations to increase the realism of the track. They also have multiple sample layers to avoid the "machine gune effect" like you'd hear on a snare roll. I have tried most of the drum software out there, and this is usually my first stop when I need to make a drum track. Not only is it one of the best sounding ones, it takes you about half as much time to get up and running with an appropriate groove as it does with most of the competition. I am a huge fan of this software. Get it, you won't be disappointed.

TheStratGuy's review

Toontrack EZdrummer
No problem to install, you'll need an internet connection to authorize it. You can install it on two different computers at once but the number of swaps you are entitled to is limited.

The manual is a .pdf file which provides all the informations you may need.


I have a Intel Dual Core processor with 2Gb RAM. I don't yet have a proper sound card but using Asio4All makes up for that (yes it DOES work with a basic, default multimedia soundcard). I use it with Cubase Studio 4 and Toontrack's new tool "Toontrack solo" which allows to use either of Toontrack's compatible drums samplers (EZ drummer or Drumkit from Hell Superior) in standalone mode, with no incompatibility yet.

Depending on the available resources on your system you can choose to have the drumset come out either as a single stereo mix or 8 tracks (corresponding to the virtual microphones on your virtual drums room), which allows you to apply your effects seperately on each item from the kit (e.g. compression on the snare, distortion on the kick, flange on the toms etc) and to adjust the volume of each element (as in a real-life studio you can't isolate each cymbal but you can turn off the recording of the rest of the kit by the overhead). The most common kits eat up approximately 250Mb of RAM, but you can easily alleviate the burden to your system by unloading the individual elements which you don't intend to use.


I started using it a few days ago, I really like the way it sounds (both the basic pop/rock kit and the DFH extension pack are awesome) and the fact that its use is intuitive. I used to work with free drum samplers or drum machines such as Blue Noise's MyDrumsets, Loopazoid (a great tool but you have to find your own samples elsewhere) or Cubase's default drum machine (which name I can't remember), but EZ drummer is definitely way ahead with the number of different combinations it offers.

Spawn-X's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Sounds good, but not so EZ ..."

Toontrack EZdrummer
No special installation concerns, if not the perennial problem of the location of the VST DLL that is not easy to find especially if you install the software on a system with both 32 and 64bit. To look a bit much to know where to find the famous file and then the choice, either move it manually if your DAW does not allow you to add more VST folders, or to know what path to declare your DAW (Cubase allows declare as many subfolders as you want and that's good, but ... Live
Once the installation is completed in good and due form, the grip is childish view, simplistic (in the negative sense). Simplistic because in the end, EZDrummer is neither more nor less than a kind of tote grooves, albeit organized in a coherent and logical manner, but without any form of ergonomics which requires actually looking LE groove needed in a listing of the most indigestible. Fortunately, it sounds good, because side functionality related to the immediacy of use, it is unfortunately VERY far from the criteria previously imposed by Fire Groove Agent Steinberg, whose various three drafts have certainly taken the lead in the wing side sound quality, but the ergonomics was a success in terms of real-time game. And this is where my problem facing EZDrummer. Too accustomed as I was to this ease of use to actually play in real time with Groove Agent, I expected a system, if not identical, at least in the m ^ m mind. But not at all.
To understand what I mean, I need to develop a little about me.
With Groove Agent, it was possible to use a master keyboard to control almost everything in the interface of the app. Note that I am not talking to trigger samples with a kick to C, Hi-Hat on F #, DC on D, etc. .. Yes, of course, this mode of control is present in both GA in EZD . No, I'm talking about control levels of complexity grooves, fills, trigger different functions like "half-time feel" (of retaining the flow and phrasing of HH while the sentence Kick / DC is divided by 2) or a whole bunch of other funny things that make GA a joy to fly direct to build our song.
With EZD, nothing like that. M ^ m merely start or stop playback of the active groove in sync with the host does not exist. The tempo sync, of course, but stopping the host translates continuity reading EZD. Not exactly what you're doing more practice ...
A great thing Groove Agent was in fact transfer an instrument (eg, kick or CC) in the groove in progress, while allowing the user to play live to the master keyboard over the rest of groove playing. Huge advantage in a single pass, you could then choose a style, cut the kick with his left hand, change the complexity of live style or trigger different fills, however with the right hand, you could record live our own phrase kick on a MIDI track.
We can obviously reach the m ^ m with EZDrummer result, but not without a heavy combination of drag and drop a MIDI track grooves followed by a publishing rule to delete the row Kick, etc ... For the Suddenly, the immediacy takes a slap ... Farewell rapid implementation so important in case of sudden inspiration in the middle of the night ...
This is obviously not the only differences that I regret, but this little paragraph is normally sufficient to explain how EZD is very different from GA.
You can tell me that I may be misinformed before buying EZD, but the logic of GA seemed so obvious that I really struggle to understand that competition did not ultimately opted for m ^ m implementation.

Nevertheless, the organization of the library is perfectly logical grooves in EZD which still allows a fairly logical and intuitive work, but not as instantaneous.


My laptop from September 2013 I decided to take one that is relatively powerful for the margin over time. I currently running on an ASUS G750J the Republic Of Gammer series animated by a i74700HQ (i7 4th generation) with 8GB DDR Windows 8.1. I spend most often by RME BabyFace or sometimes directly by the sound interface my Roland VG-99 function. My main host is Cubase 7.5, and I occasionally use Live 8. In any case, no worries, it purrs ...
I'm not very consumer VSTi plugins, but when I use m ^ m quite VSTfx.


Purchased and installed only from a groin 15 days after the announcement of the free upgrade to EZD2 for recent EZD1 owners. Video AF test me with envy especially given functions announced in EZD2 and also pushed out by Steinberg that no longer supports Groove Agent 3 become partially incompatible with the 64Bit (GA3 can still rotate, but its MIDI outputs can not be recorded directly in Cubase which was one of the most important functions of the app), I am quite interested also BFD3 I plan to buy also additional EZD2 will be available in 3 days. BFD does not at all in the sense m ^ m "composer" qu'EZD, but rather in the logic "sound engineer", I intend to take advantage of both.
The "Ingé-its" EZD being, it must be admitted, largely forgotten. The EZD logic is rather no-brainer to mix settings, everything must be integrated live sound without taking cum in the mix in progress, this side is me certainly useful during of components. But phase mix, I stay on my hunger. Unable eg route toms separately in the console on their own respective tranche. We must sort the toms on a single stereo bracket. It may be suitable for least developed among us, but for total control, it will return ...
Originally, the number of grooves is proposed interesting, but quickly falls short of novelty. The number of drum kits is also frustrating compared to Groove Agent (yeah, I know it well to be used for almost 10 years), the price was nevertheless very similar. With EZD, if other banks of sounds you want, you must go through the box drawer. The app is already not quite given (there is obviously much worse, but when m ^ m ...), it is a factor to be taken into account for small budgets.

In short, with experience, I do not regret having bought EZD1 in optical EZD2 obtain more promising. But if I had to content myself with EZD for several years, I would have when m ^ m frankly had bad. Insofar EZD2 will definitely replace EZD, this review will no longer intended to guide you in a possible purchase as soon EZD1 available. But the promises of EZD2, including its function Tap To Find, are clearly indicative of a widely assumed evolution of Toontrack. Visit the OPINION of EZD2 therefore, a few days section. ;)