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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 2 reviews )
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sw80's review"More effects and make it PC compatible please"

MOTU MX4 is a virtual synth plug-in with some really good presets, it can only be used on Mac computers and it is currently on version 2.2 (at least). This is a “hybrid” synth that basically brings together every type of synth you can think of from FM, to AM and Subtractive. This version of MX4 has some really good factory presets in it that the previous version did not have. There are not a lot of new presets that are worth bragging about but there are some that really shocked me. There are a lot of reverb options and even phaser types in MX4 v2.2 that were not in the earlier versions so it was a huge bonus to get some new effects along with the presets. Editing your presets are still pretty much the same with the new version, even working with the arpeggiator is still basically the same.


This version has two filter modes that will give you all control over the high pass, low pass and band pass. There are a total of 16 filter effects that you can use at the click of a mouse with no effort needed. This synth is very easy to work with and program. If I could make a change to it, I would suggest some more ambient effect presets that are outside of your standard reverb effects. I think that would take this synth to another level. Maybe they will include some in the next upgrade.


Though this synth is very good, I do not think it is worth the 300 bucks that it cost when there are about 25 other synths that are out for both Mac and PC that will give you a lot more presets and effects to work with. This program is very stable but it feels to limited to me, they should get some more effects in it, make it compatible for other platforms then maybe it will be worth that price.

moosers's review

The installation of the MOTU MX4 wasn't hard at all and only took a matter of minutes to have the virtual synth up and running.  Since I am running the synth in MOTU Digital Performer, there haven't been any compatibility issues and I haven't had any other problems relating to getting the software to work either.  The interface of the MOTU MX4 is pretty user friendly, but it did take me a little while to figure out exactly what everything does as there are a lot of parameters and features to this virtual synth.  In fact, I'm still learning things every time I use it as there seems to be endless possibilities when it comes to this versatile synth.  The manual is put together well and it is probably a good idea to have it around while learning it just in case you have any questions about what something does.


I can't say that I've ever had any problems running MOTU MX4 as it seems to run pretty smoothly.  I tend to only run one at time, but if you needed to do more depending on your machine I think that you could do it.  I'm currently running the virtual synth on a Mac Book Pro that has a 2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 4 GB of RAM.  I run the software in MOTU Digital Performer 6 and since they are made by the same company it always runs stably for me.


I've only been using MOTU MX4 for a short while as I'm only starting to get into using MIDI, but I've come to really like this virtual synth in short time that I've been using it.  This is overall a great sounding synth and is capable of getting a ton of different tones.  The presets are great and the endless amount of parameters assures you that you will have total control over your sound.  The price of the software is reasonable and since you can get so many different sounds you are getting a nice bang for your buck.  If you are looking for a great virtual synth to use in Digital Performer or otherwise, the MOTU MX4 is one that must be considered.