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Best Service Virtual Instruments user reviews

  • Best Service Poetic Acoustic Guitars

    Best Service Poetic Acoustic Guitars - JoeW1's review


    This software has no compatibility issues with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 32bit & 64bit , and of course MAC. The manual that comes with the program covers in depth the features and functions of the the software. The setup is pretty f…

  • Best Service CLASSICAL CHOIR

    Best Service CLASSICAL CHOIR - "Sounds amazing and easy to use.."


    Classical Choir has been out for over 5 years now and I have been using it every since it first came out. It is hands down one of my favorite “choir” plug ins because all of the patches are very realistic and thick. Not like all of those freeware plu…

  • Best Service Galaxy Vintage D

    Best Service Galaxy Vintage D - "Not very impressed. Lacks fullness and volume."


    I bought this sampled instrument to run in Kontakt 5 as I needed something less demanding than Synthogy Ivory for my live performance. I use a lot of software so I was concerned about CPU, and since I already use Kontakt with several instruments, I …

Translated user reviews
  • Best Service Titan

    Best Service Titan - " Not easy to install on the !, !, PC for me"


    They're songs of all shapes synthesizer ... ect 36 Gigs of song, it's a monster like software, a bit like: Komplete 7 Elements of Native instruments. 200 synths, 5500 multisamples, over 100,000 individual samples. Not easy!, Of installaler! on …

  • Best Service Galaxy Vintage D

    Best Service Galaxy Vintage D - " Underrated! is known too!"


    I do not understand that this bank Piano is also little known, and also underestimated! I think I almost tried everything in the genre, and I found the Galaxy Vintage D the best compromise between weight / gameplay / realism / offroad / fun game …

  • Best Service Galaxy Vintage D

    Best Service Galaxy Vintage D - " A very good piano"


    From the moment of playing Vintage D and discovering the previous opinion, I can not help but make a judgment otherwise against history-balance the negative is issued. I would not compare with the Synthogy, I do not know but the American D tempt me…

  • Best Service Galaxy Vintage D

    Best Service Galaxy Vintage D - " My favorite right now"


    Samples of Steinway D for Kontakt. The sounds are beautiful, soft, felted (hey it depends on the presets! But my favorite is "jazz club"). What I love is the natural side. This is my favorite virtual piano plugin currently (I have the big two an…

  • Best Service Klanghaus

    Best Service Klanghaus - " Not bad, but ..."


    Quack during the install, but rapid response assistance Best Service, so problem solved quickly. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Works ok on PC P4 3.0 GHZ, 2GB Ram, Win XP OVERALL OPINION Klanghaus for me is mainly a set of unusual percussion, especi…

  • Best Service Galaxy Vintage D

    Best Service Galaxy Vintage D - " GPs!"


    Samples Piano in very very good quality. Uncompressed wav. I put 9 because I think we can always do better in terms of sound quality but I think it's the best piano sound I have acqu RIR until this day (and I'm not ill to:) The quality is superb…

  • Best Service Chris Hein Bass

    Best Service Chris Hein Bass - mhch's review


    Instrument samples, Kontakt Format, which can be played from a MIDI keyboard, or in my case from a partition cre in Sibelius (live or file Generation of all noon). SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Sounds excellent, with many joints REPRESENTATIVES almost …