Best Service Galaxy Vintage D
Best Service Galaxy Vintage D

Galaxy Vintage D, Virtual Acoustic Piano from Best Service.


Best Service Galaxy Vintage D : Anonymous 's user review

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Samples of Steinway D for Kontakt.

The sounds are beautiful, soft, felted (hey it depends on the presets! But my favorite is "jazz club").
What I love is the natural side. This is my favorite virtual piano plugin currently (I have the big two and alicia keys. I liked them I find them useless since I have the vintage D. Good galaxy at the same time I always liked the sound of Steinways, alicia keys is a Yamaha C3, the two great I know but it's not a steinway and it looks like a yamaha too .... Kawai can be?)

what I like most is its playability. You do not need a computer to use it comfortably phew.

But what I love even more ..... This is as it sounds! The sound is not "made" it is super well balanced (neither too dull nor too bright). It really is the virtual piano that I prefer.

What I like least: I do not use the reverb built, I have not found it very enjoyable (distorts the sound a bit), at the same time I have not tried very hard to settle because the j ' reverb plugins have high quality on cubase.

That I think is flattering because I love it, but it's also because I compare it to other virtual pianos. If I compared him to a real grand piano ... it would be another story. It's samples played on a digital piano, and for this it does well the job.