Best Service Galaxy Vintage D
Best Service Galaxy Vintage D

Galaxy Vintage D, Virtual Acoustic Piano from Best Service.

Septentrion 05/01/2014

Best Service Galaxy Vintage D : Septentrion's user review

«  Underrated! is known too! »

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I do not understand that this bank Piano is also little known, and also underestimated!
I think I almost tried everything in the genre, and I found the Galaxy Vintage D the best compromise between weight / gameplay / realism / offroad / fun game
I used it in all conditions, and that on my old MacBook Pro InterCore2Duo with 4GB RAM ... which starts well ... tired but not with that bank. No cracking, no crash, even superimposed on other forums.
The sound ... it's obviously very subjective. But for me, better than Nordstage or NordPiano (more personality, more precision and shades), better than any hardware keyboard actually. Perfect playability, even inspiring.
Whether for classic intimate with headphones for jazz on stage to rock ... by repeating the piano goes everywhere, and very balanced in any mix.
I use it for 3 years and I always come back to him.