Best Service Galaxy Vintage D
Best Service Galaxy Vintage D

Galaxy Vintage D, Virtual Acoustic Piano from Best Service.


Best Service Galaxy Vintage D : Anonymous 's user review

«  A very good piano »

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From the moment of playing Vintage D and discovering the previous opinion, I can not help but make a judgment otherwise against history-balance the negative is issued.
I would not compare with the Synthogy, I do not know but the American D tempt me much.

The Vintage D that interests us it is a very good piano.
Some found him sound a bit too compressed, perhaps justifying the aspect of "dull" in the city further notice.
It is that there are many possible setting and in this case more than enough to leave an impression of his "dull".

He still has the advantage of being a little cheaper than the competitor Synthogy and especially it does not require a key addition to the price ilok (I think).

A good piano that does not deserve to be lowered, perhaps not the best course (but there really "the" piano in this area), but it more than justifies its price.

(Note that section has a "synth" the "Warp" which may be of interest to hackers sound is very powerful.)