Best Service Galaxy Vintage D
Best Service Galaxy Vintage D

Galaxy Vintage D, Virtual Acoustic Piano from Best Service.

songboy 01/17/2012

Best Service Galaxy Vintage D : songboy's user review

« Not very impressed. Lacks fullness and volume. »

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I bought this sampled instrument to run in Kontakt 5 as I needed something less demanding than Synthogy Ivory for my live performance. I use a lot of software so I was concerned about CPU, and since I already use Kontakt with several instruments, I thought adding one more would be better than trying to run Synthogy. Overall, I have been disappointed with Galaxy's Vintage D. First off, I run Kontakt with Scarbee's Rhodes, Whurly, Clavinet, and three other various instruments at around 126 samples. This gives me near zero latency and makes the setup playable. When I add the Vintage D to that mix, everything continues to work fine but Vintage D is extremely prone to Pops and glitches. It seems to occur most when I disengage the Sustain pedal. If I bump up the Buffer samples significantly, I can reduce this, but then the latency turns this into a real unenjoyable playing experience. I run this on a Macbook Pro i7 with an RME fireface. I have had no problems with other intensive plugins, so I am at a loss on why this is happening. They did release an update, but that did not fix anything for me. The other reason I don't care for this instrument is basically its lackluster sound. It has a decent low register, but the mids sound weak and the high notes sound like a toy at some points. This is all of course in comparison to Synthogy which does offer quite a lot more sampling technology so I guess I am slightly biased. Unfortunately there is nothing I can remark positively about the Vintage D. I recommend forking over the extra cash for Synthogy ivory 2 and purchasing an external FW drive to handle the samples (I get the disk too slow message running it off the internal drive occasionally). I definitely would not make the same choice again in purchasing this plugin. What I can't understand is the company NORD can make a 300mb or less acoustic piano sample for there keyboards that will blow your mind, yet a several GB sample set can sound so weak.