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  • Steinberg HALion Sonic

    Steinberg HALion Sonic - "requires eLincenser key"


    Steinberg Halion Sonic is affordable and runs at a high level. It installs quickly and does not take up much disk space. You can also run other programs on your computer at the same time because it does not take up much CPU. It comes with a tone of s…

  • GForce Software M-Tron Pro

    GForce Software M-Tron Pro - "Worth the money, Buy it"


    Gforce M Tron Pro is a virtual instrument that comes loaded with 3.5 GB of sound and you can use it on PC or Mac computers. On PC it will work with Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and on Mac’s you need to have OS 10.4 or higher to run it as we…

  • Native Instruments Kore Player

    Native Instruments Kore Player - "no longer available "


    Native instruments Kore player was a virtual synth that I downloaded for free years ago and still use it today. To actually get the module itself is free you can download it. But to have more packs and sounds you will have to pay for those. I downloa…

  • Steinberg Hypersonic

    Steinberg Hypersonic - "presets!"


    One of the things that made me fall in love with Hypersonic was how many sounds and presets it has. Not just that either, the quality of those sounds and presets and that it has them all broke down into proper categories so you don’t have to do too m…

  • Steinberg Hypersonic 2

    Steinberg Hypersonic 2 - "You need this.."


    Steinberg Hypersonic 2 is a great vst plug in to have into your setup. I run it on vista OS and have absoluty no problems with it. It hasn’t crashed on me not 1 time. It is loaded with a lot of presets that you can use right off the bat and don’t hav…

  • Digidesign Xpand! 2

    Digidesign Xpand! 2 - "Xpand 2 review"


    I didn't experience compatibility issues with this product, and i didn't use the user manual because the plugin is really easy to use. The main functions are easy accessible like choosing a preset, change its cutoff filter, add reverb, etc. SUITA…

  • Steinberg Hypersonic 2

    Steinberg Hypersonic 2 - "Good, but not in all cases"


    No incompatibilities with xp and cubase SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE It doesn't use much memory, we can add tracks and instances without problems OVERALL OPINION I've used it for several years now. Its main strength is that we can always find an easil…

  • Steinberg Hypersonic

    Steinberg Hypersonic - "All purpose VST with some flaws."


    The VST installed with no problems and was easy to initially configure. In my opinion this is the entry level VST of choice. Most people entering production want a plethora of sounds available to them in an instant and this VST has pretty much nearly…

  • Digidesign Xpand! 2

    Digidesign Xpand! 2 - moosers's review


    The Digidesign (now Avid) Xpand! 2 software is a virtual instrument that comes as part of Pro Tools software. This version first appeared in Pro Tools 8, but is also available in Pro Tools 9. There is an original version of Xpand! that was availabl…

  • Swar Systems SwarPlug

    Swar Systems SwarPlug - "Indian Instrument Sequencer plug-in with great sounds!"


    This is a plugin for Logic, Cubase, or other sequencers. This is a really cool plugin for creating Indian instrument sounds within your DAW. I didn't have any compatibility issues with the Logic setup at our studio, and it didn't give me any problems…