Steinberg HALion Sonic
Steinberg HALion Sonic

HALion Sonic, Virtual Sound Module from Steinberg in the HALion series.

sw80 12/17/2012

Steinberg HALion Sonic : sw80's user review

« requires eLincenser key »

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Steinberg Halion Sonic is affordable and runs at a high level. It installs quickly and does not take up much disk space. You can also run other programs on your computer at the same time because it does not take up much CPU. It comes with a tone of sounds and patterns and you can even integrate it with Cubase 5 very easily. That was one of the key decisions for me because I use Cubase a lot.


The layout of Sonic is easy to work with, it makes everything faster because it seems like all the options are right in front of you on the main screen. You will have infinite possibilities to edit and shape your sounds in this program because it gives you all of the parameters, and you can even tweak those using a MIDI controller or keyboard.


You will get over a thousand different instrument sounds with this program and a ton of effects to use with those sounds. Now not all of the effects are that great, but they are useable and better than a lot of effects that come standard with most DAW’s. You can use this software on a Mac or a PC, you will need to have at least 2 GB of RAM, if you have that much you will be fine and it will run great.
Another thing to take note is that the activation process can get daunting because you need to have internet connections to do proper activation. For me that was an issue because my studio computer has no internet connectivity (on purpose) to keep all viruses and malware away from it. I thought I would be able to activate right out of the box but boy was I wrong. It was a headache trying to get it activated online but we figured it out. It does also require an eLicenser key and that is not included