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Warwick Pro FET user reviews

  • Warwick Pro FET 5.1

    Warwick Pro FET 5.1 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by pink2506/translated from Audiofanzine FR) The Warwick Pro Fet 5.1 is a 500-watt solid-state amp (at 4 ohms). Very comprehensive connections: Line output, pre or post EQ DI output, tuner output, FX loop, 1/4" and Spea…

  • Warwick Pro FET 3.3

    Warwick Pro FET 3.3 - " It is clear ..." has images


    The price is the amplifier and speaker. A transistor (MOSFET) 300 W into 4 Ohms I plugged in a WCA 115 Pro and the sound is very good funk to round or heavy. Gain with trimmings clipping. Compressor switchable input, a switchable contour to sculp…

  • Warwick Pro FET 3.2

    Warwick Pro FET 3.2 - Duge's review


    * Bass Head, 300W RMS @ 4 ohms, 19 "/ 2HE * Gain + LED clip * Adjustable Compressor (recommended for grade gain) * Variable Contour * Switches Deep, Bright and Mute * Bass, Low Mid, High Mid and Treble * Effects loop * DI output, switch…

  • Warwick Pro FET IV

    Warwick Pro FET IV - moixjj's review


    Everything has already been said in the previous opinion so I will not drive the point home. Note that it is twice as complete as the new version 5.1. Warwick has made a big step backwards. These extras (boost treble-mid-low) are the main interest …

  • Warwick Pro FET 3.2

    Warwick Pro FET 3.2 - mordibass's review


    Head amp WARWICK PRO.FET 3.2 Type MOSFET (transistor) 2U 300W (4 Ohms) Jack and Speakon connectors, Line Out Settings: Gain with Clip LED, Master, a compressor and a switch Contour switch (adjustable with a knob assign), a switch Boost Deep …

  • Warwick Pro FET IV

    Warwick Pro FET IV - bubagump's review


    400 watt amp all trasistor type mosfet. between instrument jack, effects loop, XLR line outputs, tuner, headphones, HP speakon only. In short, a head relatively complte. limiter dbraillable; qualisation 8-band graphic dbraillable; boost / cut serious…