Warwick Pro FET 3.3
Warwick Pro FET 3.3

Pro FET 3.3, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Warwick in the Pro FET series.

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papatours 03/13/2011

Warwick Pro FET 3.3 : papatours's user review

«  It is clear ... »

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The price is the amplifier and speaker.
A transistor (MOSFET)
300 W into 4 Ohms I plugged in a WCA 115 Pro and the sound is very good funk to round or heavy. Gain with trimmings clipping.
Compressor switchable input,
a switchable contour to sculpt the sound,
four tone knobs, bass, mid low and high, sharp,
Two switches: for deep bass,
bright for slamming,
and especially to avoid the clash at startup, mute.
Single rear connector, 1 x Hp (in jack or speak it), effects loop and an output line to the tuner.
Therefore not effective but a preamp section that allows complete sculpt his sound easily.

I want to start or what not all switches.


I'm not a pro but I find the sound I want quickly.
Each setting is intuitive and I get to ring my EDB 605.
Only downside, I did not grow at high volume to play with the group.
Seriously I found a little sub to add a 211 or 410 u above Warwick history ringing 300W announced.


Yes, I can have all sound except the input distortion, it is very right, if I want to distort or saturate jy put a pedal, in fact I tested it with one or two guitars, and gives as well.
Since it is very direct and not too colorful, it takes good chorus or reverb effects that I can add to the bass.


I use it now for two months and I would put the edits as you go.
In any case I think it already sounds better than I have in the amp Repeat ': a combo Ibanez SW 100 which saturates quickly because it plays against a battery with two guitars
But do not spit in the soup Ibanez lent me.
I look forward to the opportunity to take her to the local.
I've played on other amplifier under test at various stores with my bass. I saw this one on e net, one or two comments on its predecessor, as well as videos of games on it, I'm not disappointed.

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