Warwick Pro FET 3.2
Warwick Pro FET 3.2

Pro FET 3.2, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Warwick in the Pro FET series.

Duge 03/03/2009

Warwick Pro FET 3.2 : Duge's user review


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* Bass Head, 300W RMS @ 4 ohms, 19 "/ 2HE
* Gain + LED clip
* Adjustable Compressor (recommended for grade gain)
* Variable Contour
* Switches Deep, Bright and Mute
* Bass, Low Mid, High Mid and Treble
* Effects loop
* DI output, switches Pre / Post and Speakon jack for closets, ground lift, line out, tuner out, headphone (very good and not so frequently proposed)
* Weight: 12 kg
* Dimensions (L / h / l): 19 "x 2HE x 30 cm (34 cm With rack-lease)
* Volume control adapted
Not very noisy fan.


This head, we often read and especially here, is simple to use.
I think it's a real advantage because correction deviate too quickly to the gas plant.
Eden with upscale such!:-D
Quality potentiometers is good, both to the touch and effectiveness.
Only default setting in the dark difficult because no identification or notch on all knobs.


The sounds are true to his envoy in the amp without modification or extra grain. Love the warm sound American, go your way.
However, with a tube preamp or amp simulator type Bass POD XT ...
For my part, it is combined with WCA 411 Pro 600w brand.
The tweeter adjustment allows you to play sounds without ostentation to "Hartke" quickly tiring for everyone (even the bass player.
Compromise is very efficient and provides a big sound pressure.
Adding a 15 "is recommended to increase its size.
I play everything with a Jazz Bass neck mapple and funk as well as Marcus in medium to Pasto found his happiness.


I use it for a few days as an adjunct and admits to being somewhat satisfied.
The purchase is not expensive, especially on sites like Thomann (bundle amp + speaker) which delivers a 10zaine days a serious amp that could be compared to BMW motorcycles.
No frills but a professional to run all day in safety.