Korg M50 61
Korg M50 61

M50 61, Workstation from Korg in the M50 series.

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All user reviews for the Korg M50 61

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 12 reviews )
 6 reviews50 %
 3 reviews25 %
 1 user review8 %
 1 user review8 %
Value For Money : Excellent

yoTrakkz's review"Solid Workstation"

Korg M50 61
This is another one of those boards that comes industry ready right out of the box. It’s extremely easy to get it set up and ready to start making great music. The editing abilities on this board are easy to do and the workstation is easy to navigate. I love the pitch and modulation on this board, works great and is very smooth.


The manual is very easy to understand and is concise and in depth. But unfortunately the manual doesn’t come in a printed version. Some of use love to have hard copies of a manual and don’t want to have to pop in a cd just for a reference on something we might need to check or to do. Even with the ease of computers, I still prefer a hard copy of a manual so I can just index what I’m looking for and find it and understand what I need. I don’t like having to find the cd and put it in just for a quick reference.


This board comes stock with a lot of sounds that sound great and are very warm and clean. The brass sounds are really realistic in my opinion. I was very surprise with the quality of the brass sounds and presets.

The Piano sounds didn’t impress me and weren’t as good as they are on the other boards that are out in the music world today. The just didn’t seem as realistic and warm as I am use to with the Fantom and Motif. Choir and Organ patches are good and unique sounding patches, but nothing that blows other boards out of the water, just very basic sounding patches.


Overall this is a very good keyboard, the synths on this board have the weird feel to them, great board for techno or club music. This board is pretty expensive but not as bad as a lot of other professional boards on the market.
Audiofanzine FR03/15/2009

Audiofanzine FR's review

Korg M50 61
(Originally written by G. Hagen/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
I bought this Korg MS50-61 two months ago. It's a modern workstation (in September 2008):

_ Five octaves, 80-voice polyphony

_ 1077 samples in 608 fully editable programs

_ 32 user programs

_ One GM2 compatibe sound bank

_ 48 drum kits

_ 384 combinations (expandable up to 896)

_ Four assignable controls (volume, effects, filters, envelopes, etc.)

_ One classic pitch (but no ribbon controller)

_ Two assignable switches

_ Four pads assignable to chords

_ One drum track allowing the use of 600 pre-recorded patterns

_ arpeggiator

_ 16 track sequencer

_ 170 effects usable with five effect inserts, two master effects and one global effect

_ Two Midi connectors, two audio outputs, phones output, two foot controller connectors, damper connector for sustain pedal, 2GB card reader, USB port

_ Touch screen for more intuitiveness.


Easy configuration if you're used to Korg devices. It works like a computer: each screen displays one page with several tabs. I can still remember the time when we only had LCD displays, but modern touch screens make everything much easier.

Sound and effect editing is easy but the possibilities are so many that you can get lost pretty quickly. For example, after two months I stilt can't use master and global effects. But I can easily chain five insert effects to get a rotary speaker for an organ, an exciter for the drums (they need it), a distortion for a lead guitar and a chorus for a rhythm guitar, plus a reverb for the whole of it. That would be impossible with a T1!

I have a complaint regarding the user's manual: The printed manual isn't comprehensive enough. Why is the 400-page parameter guide only provided on CD?!


I first worked with the Yamaha PSR 410 then with the Korg T3. I wanted to change to a Yamaha S 700. But I finally chose the M50, which confirms that Korg is better than Yamaha regarding sound. Of course, it's all a matter of taste. I like orchestral music, rock, jazz, pop and techno. And for these music styles, the M50 seems to be more comprehensive and it has a very authentic sound.

_ It provides endless strings that complement each other. The A007 patch (Intimate Strings) sounds warm and lyrical. Tremolo strings are frightening. At least two string quartets give me a thrill due to the authenticity of their vibrato.

_ Brass patches are also surprising and convincing. It's true that vibrato is sometimes too present. But once again, you get very comprehensive sound possibilities: solo trumpet, trumpet duo or section, muted, with or without vibrato. Same thing for the trombone, French horn and tuba. Lots of different brass sections ranging from very synthetic to authentic jazz section.

_ Piano patches. Acoustic pianos have been greatly improved: just compare them with the M50 (A000) and the M1 (A049). The unit also provides many different electric piano patches (almost too many).

_ Plenty good-sounding choir patches. The classical chorus sounds amazing.The Mountain Voices patch sounds great: you can hear farmers taking their herds to high mountain pastures.

_ Liturgical organs: at last a synth that provides different and authentic sounding patches! It doesn't sound like a pathetic boosted accordion!

_ Electric organs: you'll surely find the right sound among the several patches. The rotary speaker effect doesn't sound that authentic because it's still too fast. But you can edit all effect parameters. From Hammond to DGWS organs, everything is possible.

_ Drums: 48 drum kits ought to be enough, from jazz, to rap, hip-pop and house kits. The keyboard layout of the main kit components (bass drum, snare, toms, crash, cymbals, triangle, etc.) is the same for all kits, following Yamaha's standard layout, which is very convenient. You also get ethnic kits (Brazilian for example) and orchestral kits. The Chinese gong is impressive...

_ Bass guitar patches: Huge number of patches, I haven't tried them all out. They subharmonics allow you to imitate Björk's style without sounding ridiculous. On the jazz double bass, you can actually hear the fingers moving over the strings!

_ Acoustic guitars: their attack sounds too massive. In spite of that the nylon guitar (A004) sounds wonderful. On the other hand, all 12-string guitars sound like a supermarket harpsichord. It's surprising because guitar patches were the highlight of the Korg T1. Luckily, electro-acoustic guitars sound better.

_ Lead guitars sound very good. The variety of patches is much better than on of my T3. You can mimic every noise a guitarist can generate with his instrument.

_ Synth patches are sorted in fast, slow and motions. I haven't tested all of them yet.

_ SFX patches: Great if you like to add weird sounds to your songs. Dogs, horses, car, door, storm, rain, lightning, train, scream, laugh, jungle, birds... Almost anything you can imagine. The T1 could even burp! The M50 is more polite... but it has no sampler anymore (it's big brother, the M3 does have a sampler but it's also much more expensive!). It's a pity...

_ Wood instruments: Flute patches sound warm (but the vibrato is too present) and clarinet patches sound beautiful. The M50 really makes a difference in respect to the T3 when it comes to oboe, horn and bassoon patches. Most saxophone patches sound good. They have a great groove when you play with the pitch parameter! On one patch you can even hear the breath of the saxophonist! But the sound is not authentic anymore when you play high notes. The synth provides different soprano, alto, tenor (wonderful) and baritone saxophones. The difference between each of them is clearly audible. And you also have saxophone section patches.

_ Melodic percussions: countless bells, xylophone, steel drums, vibraphone, kalimba, marimba, celesta, etc.

As a summary, I like the playing feel and the sound.


After two months of use, I'm still in love with it because the M50 keeps on surprising me. It's light (15 lb.), it looks good (but the bottom side is fragile because it's made out of plastic) and it's convenient. What do I like the most? The powerful sound engine even if it doesn't provide expansion possibilities (via PCM card for example) unlike the M3. I didn't choose this product for the Drum track or arpeggiator but these functions are powerful and might inspire me in the future.

I planned to buy a Yamaha S 700 to replace my T3. I also thought about the Korg PA500 (but it's an arranger keyboard not a workstation). And I discovered the M3... Beautiful, professional... and very expensive! Then came the M50. The first time I played it I knew it would be MY instrument. I don't regret having bought it.

Unbeatable value for money: you get the sound engine of the M3 without a sampler or the Karma and Radias systems, but it's still expensive.

I hope I can use it to create my songs the next 15 years!
DEEJAY MY'Z10/28/2013

DEEJAY MY'Z's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT"

Korg M50 61
The Korg M50 Workstation is released in 2008, making many think M1 and who gets the synthesis engine of the M3 without KARMA. At first impressions, it is quite nice especially in black with slightly sloping façade which makes reading the screen and is lightweight 6-7kg ... it changes your life especially when you still had Motif or Triton 17kg.

- 61 semi-weighted keys, hit a pretty average compared to the old worksation, but today it is the 1000th completed aftertouch.
- Output XLR Mono / stereo headphone jack, SD card slot, USB connectors, jacks for pedals ... well the bare minimum.
- 256 MB of memory waveforms (1,077 multisamples and 1,609 drum samples) .. short there is plenty to do.
- There are also four small pads to record four agreements and play with ... it is a little gadget.

For the rest I invite you to look at the data sheet


Navigation is made easy thanks to the touch screen quality. It is very simple to find what you are looking for in the different categories of sounds. There are several COMBI mode, PROG, SEQ ... etc. also have their assigned command impossible to get lost on this side ... Korg has always been rather readable at its interfaces even if for having a Korg Trinity Tritons and testing I have to say that the OS did not change much since then and if you have ever had Korgs you will not be out of place.

The manual is in French but a little light especially for the use of sequencer and editions and sounds and effects. A more comprehensive manual is available on the net but only in English. That said editing software is included with the M5O and make you the easiest and most accurate things like most modern synth. After this is not very complicated but not for those starting force yourself to study a little manual ... touch screen tends to make you fall in ease and then we easily magnifier important settings.

Consider having a SD card for backup and 2GB max to save all (Dial, editions, SETTINGS ...) because the M50 does not keep anything in memory.
Last remark it happens that sometimes the keyboard alone blocks which can be very annoying for those who do live ... In fact it is just necessary to update the OS


In terms of sound, it's pretty good, but there is a lot to say it anyway:

- For piano, Korg put the package ... there's really a lot of choice between pretty good acoustic pianos, organs, electric pianos some rhodes etc ... it is rather a strong point on the keyboard.
- Violins are also quite varied and
- The guitars I do not necessarily find thunderous but hey it is my personal opinion
- The electro sounds like the lead, motion ... are really prehistoric and must all re-edit from the outset whether or arpeggios sounds themselves ... I hallucinated because the keyboard is very electro and typed in this field is its weak point. I had a pattern with less than a one is light years.
- The rest is just the same leaning a bit overwhelmed especially if you are of modern music, anyway keyboard does not sound vintage so this is more for those who make electronic music (hous etechno, dub step , modern hip hop to electro sauce)
- I'd end up a good note so as not to discourage you, drum kits are very good and many modern, which allows for a bit of terrain.
You each class of sounds free beaches to multiply editions sound and increase your database. But hey when you know there are already a lot of work to do with those already available ... it's frustrating final

Combi mode is pretty nice, there a lot of pre-recorded patterns and you can choose the desired pattern on each program to play a rhythm. It is possible to edit its patterns.

Finally for the KORG sequencer is, I do not like too much logic and I use my Mac and software sequencing therefore share tell you that it is to record what goes through your head forget it .. it stops there. In addition, the sound loses a little in intensity and impact in the recording mode.
The arpeggiator is correct for the machine price ... or ... or fabulous top.


I got a little immortalized on the sounds but it is above all the plays on the M50.
I thought by buying like why not acquire a more modern worstation and indeed I am happy to have been for nothing because in the end I sold it quickly before it becomes a burden. In fact, it has everything, retro design, ease of utlitisation, Workstation réçente therefore in principle for the times ... But apart from the piano I am appalled to see that Korg did not give us a pannel Electro (Lead, Motion) ... more on page ... you have to rework all the source and ç'est still mad at that price it does not have the bare minimum ... especially for a well-typed electronic keyboard at the base as M50 ... it is the height anyway ... Basically you buy this kind of machine to the modern sound and save time ... where c ' Quite the opposite ... I feel that it is designed as a digital piano, but not as a true workstation. I assigned a 4/10 that is insufficient for a 61 or 73-key Workstation 2008. For M5O 88 it can be a very good digital piano ...

For those looking to make his drop ... it's a real waste of time and really poor side of Electro ... I also not understand the test audiofanzine unless c is me that is no, I would not call the M50 as a small but as a gifted handicapped by its glaring shortcomings. it reminds me of a beautiful 205 GTI Tuning that a diesel engine ... it looks like a racing machine but in fact it just needs work ...
I know this is a good entry level but there is a minimum ... Anyway A big disappointment.

major63000's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg M50 61
see website builder and Review AF


clean Korg easy configuration. It is logical


The rescue! when I read the reviews on the M50, I tend to think that my ears have fallen during the night.
Simply put, it is a disaster. Already, it is soft knee, no punch worthy of a band of octogenarians.
Having been the owner of a Korg X5 there ... houuuu .... more than fifteen years, well I have not been homesick! they are the same sounds! 2013 How can we still flogging stuff too outdated?
The pianos are average (at best), the Fender Rhodes nullissimes (well, let's say they are 20 years old at the very least!), The synthetic strings are to death, the tiny drums, brass and a level of sound card with three balls ... not leaving some asthmatics leads and some nice tablecloths ... if so ... anyway.
To have a Yamaha Motif ES, Korg I say (I do not even talk about Roland with sounds dating double those Korg) should regain control. They are the creators of the M1 anyway! They stayed there. The fender or Reason pianos are gorgeous, modern and realistic, as the violins, brass. And especially with a huge dynamic.


Tried following the advice on this forum, and sound on the headphones .... nothing works. Probably a keyboard to nostalgic sounds of the 80 or 90 without any modern or even pleasure in contrast to a vintage sound. Take a simple test if you have the opportunity to test the Fender Rhodes M50 and that of Reason .... it is final!
Probably best editing capabilities, but starting from a bank prehistoric sounds, it is unusable for me. I wonder how you can pay this crap (in Cygnus) the price of a pattern? this will remain a mystery!

charlesandre's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" satisfactory"

Korg M50 61
61 light touch,
5 octaves
pitch modulation sustain (supplied without sustain pedal)
Everything I need

great sounds and combinations specific to KORG. Easy to use arpeggiator. Sequencer very unfriendly, very little precision in the sequencer.


General configuration rather simple. Grip friendly.

Insufficient manual, a CD included with the synth, it must then print tons of pages.

The editions of sounds is relatively simple, combis more complicated.


Yes in general
Too short ... but techno
Correct expression
Realistic as a synth
Effects effective
I like almost everything


I use it for a few months and I am quite satisfied
Yes some
Sounds are bluffing
Quality / price ratio in interesting opportunity

I would rather not ROLAND, sounds are always reliable, posed, and the OS single
and I much prefer the sequencer system that can take over in a few hours.

Ditie72's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" TERRIFIC!"

Korg M50 61
Features already listed in prior reviews.

To amplify in my living room, I simply plugs into a Bose iPod dock.

Connectivity requirements for the moment because lack of space.


The grip is really easy. I had not touched the keyboard for several years, this is my first Korg and the interface is super intuitive. No nesoin man to start, it's great!

On hand ... I have had one in French, but the guide for detailed settings (419P) is indeed in English, damage

The manual is not super clear. I looked quickly and above all the parties arpeggiator sequencer, you'll have to concentrate. To see later, because the keyboard since I qq days.

In any case the potential of the machine is infinite.


Ah, the sounds!

From Yamaha (CS2x, MM6) and technics (KN1200), how to say it's nirvana!
My previous keyboards sound very pouet pouet next.

My favorite: pianos, organs with beautiful depth of sound, EP, Rhodes, strings, ground floor to fall, with the developments of sounds incredible, it's frankly mind-blowing!

The combination is very useful to start, easily changed (again, not even for a novice manual)

Also 2 Super arpeggiators simultaneously.

Not yet tested the bass guitar, but the demo songs that promises

At first sight, for my musical tastes ranging from sound new wave / cold wave, synthpop, electro, house, trip hop, to the universe typed Brian Eno or even symphonic (combis insane world, you can almost hear the lions roar .. . brrrr), I'll have fun!


Acquired nine three days ago, I'll keep it for years!

In one evening I had been able to make good small occasions, with sounds of thunder, frankly I was not as much fun with a keyboard since .... ooh la la.
Initially I had a Yamaha MM6, more entry-level, but had sold me the sounds of the pattern, well ... I returned to the store the next day because I felt on my back PSR36 of 1990 .... Which always operates at the greatest joy of my little ;-)

Frankly, it's the keyboard of my dreams since I was 15 ... So for the price (€ 915 vs € 525 for the MM6) I say YES.

NB: I am not pro, not to play in my living room, but still demanding!

senseighost's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very satisfying for fans musicos!"

Korg M50 61
It is a 61-key synth ... Lots of sound banks-ranked (ABCDE GM) and for all styles (in order from the harpsichord sounds very classic electro / techno to rock etc etc) ... Lots of usability ... It's really all that "wants", either for simple beginner / amateur / semi pro / pro;)! Opportunity to register and / or remember their own presets and tweaking with a simple SD card inserted in the keyboard (not included).


I just cast a glance in the large print book for a few questions I asked myself, if the grip is very good and if you like fiddling for hours to find unique features and so, great! (It is also possible not to touch and play directly without changes over a very wide range of different sounds! And that too is great!)

Access to the changes "sounds" is via a small touch screen, which is handy. Otherwise there is still the famous "wheel / caster" Korg (for settings) next to the fans.


I have no style "precise" music and just what synth is perfect for me because it is very versatile. We can produce audio tapes of rap, and back to his techno / electro / pop / rock / classical / etc in 1 minute.

The sounds are really very very good quality (with an output on good speakers or especially a good-performing big headphone brand insulation).

Some effects and sounds are truly breathtaking, close your eyes you could imagine in the middle of a symphony orchestra in full nightclub, a hard rock concert volume at Fort ...

I also appreciated the fact that there are a variety of different audio kits batteries that can be played by tapping the keys.

For cons, I think Korg really missed his simulations of guitars, because it looks like everything but the sounds of guitars.


I use it now for 1 year (bought in August 09).

Originally I am a self taught guitarist and I know better than synthetic environment. I had never played or synthesizers or piano and dreamed of having something good for things to start, then I would keep evolving level.

And it perfectly fulfilled Korg M50 all that! Neither too complex nor too easy, say that the novice / pro does what he wants from this synth.

A year later, I would have done exactly the same choice of purchase.

The only black spot is that for a 61-key, its price is around 900-1000 € nine, which seems rather excessive (for (e) (beginning) like me) ... But for its price, quality, for sure!

petitsynthe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" for computer components without"

Korg M50 61
The hit was average but not so horrible that it anyway: we made it quickly
The synthesis is complete, more complete than the Yamaha Grounds example:
There only to see the user guide PDF is over 400 pages!


The highlight of the machine: ergonomics!
The large touchscreen is of course for many: everything is easy except for editing the sounds of drums, I have not found it yet.
At this level, it changes my design are that it must be said is "taking head"
the sudden inspiration comes a lot easier (but no no no no, I keep my Reason is great: see my review above)


Oh the sound! bein there's good and less good as on all worksations.
It is pretty much complete but Korg typed my Reason and my Roland GW8. It reminds me of my ex obviously Triton "Classic" I had no regrets yet sold (owned between 1998 and 2002, replaced by a tyros 1 at the time) but the M50 is much better in sound, at least at the realism of acoustic sounds. I miss maybe the sampling, but this is a good "entry level".
strengths are ethereal and trippy webs, the synthetic sounds in general, and especially some acoustic bass, big surprise, electric guitars! Since I have it, I rediscovered the pleasure of dealing with the trio of electric guitar / bass / drums! (Ok, I know nothing beats the real instruments or some VST, but to make quick mock-ups ...)
the acoustic drums lack a bit of "body" but they are still correct.
As for the acoustic piano it is excellent (3 levels of speed and 128 MB in memory required) I think it lacks a level of Velocity "Strong" for more realism.
Overall the sounds are inspiring though the sound color typed Korg can not please everyone. Like me!


If I had had this synth 15 years ago I would be crazy!
To choose between this one and a Roland Juno-G, my preference will go towards the M50: 4 times the waveform memory, more effects, TRUE sequencer, etc. ... but no sampler, certe (anyway that is confined to the Juno loops and drums because it makes no multisampling)
Compared to my Motif ES, I prefer certain features of it because of sampler, Cates PLG synthesis and acoustic sounds good but i was not the entry level in 2003. In fact they are complementary!

I have only been three days so my opinion may change in one direction or another, but overall for now I take great pleasure in doing my songs on it.
He just arrived home so there may be the attractive novelty?
Anyway, the price / quality ratio is excellent, especially used.
I recommend it so ...

jeanphisax's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg M50 61
I just ACQUIRE M50 ... very pleasantly surprised by the quality of sound, but disappointed for two things:
- THE INSTRUCTIONS IN GERMAN! best in English on the CDROM
- The fact that this keyboard does not correspond at all has a use-oriented style passes across (varieties), it is however very good at his vocation: RnB hiphop modern music dance techno trance ....... there was nothing wrong

brass sounds FRO ..


German manual


I prefer my side piano ROLAND FP4 .. organs are also fairly guitars flute super

Brass pa terrible at all


I've had unesemaine and I watched the demo su internet, I thought initially bought a MOTIF XS6 QUESTION BUT PRICE
Menestrel de malheur10/10/2009

Menestrel de malheur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg M50 61
I've had two weeks, and the sounds are fabulous.

Dpart purchased because I was hired in a group of death / black metal, I realize the potential of bte, be it to play live with a group, composed for my hip hop, film scores, orchestrations or ect ... I had stopped compltement the "piano" APRS have had hard times and a dgout advocate for that instrument, I t really won over by this keyboard cool to the touch (version perso j ai 73 keys, the keys with 88 when he was a heavy touch) and gives me a taste to the keyboard.

Prfrs my stuff on this beast are: the sound of piano, trs convincing, in gnral organs, bells, violins, percussion, the possible combinations (mode combi) ect ...

I did not look at the squenceur and arpgiateur, functions which I do not use. (to follow)

thanks to the VLOC of this keyboard, the motions go through the keys with a thundering report.

I am satisfied with TRS, as a big fan of music from horror films, death / black metal, death rap, screamo / hardcore, hip hop, hardcore techno and drum n bass, I can have sounds bttn I was looking for.

From all good!

(To follow)